The Purge is a retarded idea

It's such an absurdly childish idea to think that not only is everyone a potential criminal, but that people just commit crimes for no reason whatsoever other than some automatic impulse. Criminals commit crimes because they want something and they don't care about the law. Keywords: DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LAW. Anyone capable of deferring gratification long enough to wait for "The Purge" rather than just taking what they want when they want it would sooner just work for something than steal it. Likewise, an average criminal won't care that crime is legal for a day. If he didn't care that what he was doing was illegal, why would he care now?

Yes, I'm talking about the thirteen percent.

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Yeah, these movies have always been retarded and always will be. Funnily enough, I think blacks are the main viewer base for these movies.

i dont think you understand the fundamental premise of the movie

Because they practically live it. They don’t follow the rules and commit crimes like they’re not crimes.

I've noticed that soibois love it.

>You just don't get it maaaaaan
Shit eating pseud.

ah yes the classic user has trouble making the distinction between fiction and nonfiction thread, truly a tale as old as time

I think it’s an interesting enough idea for a horror movie but found the movie to be cynical, nihilistic, and gross.

In the original, the whole Purge thing really only came off as little more than a convoluted explanation for why the family couldn't call for help or just leave despite being in a nice neighborhood.

I never got why that faggot was supposed to be menacing. If the dumb fuck is going to stand right outside your door, you can literally spray bullets out at him and his fellow preppy faggots.

They're all going to fucking bolt at the first sign of actual danger because they've got shit to go back to in the morning.

>Criminals commit crimes because they want something
People commit crime because it's fun. There's no logical reason to ever break the law, so clearly they're getting entertainment from it. The Purge is just everyone having fun like Halloween.

We saw a mini-version of the purge when some retarded democrats released all the prisoners and said they wouldn't arrest anyone stealing anything under 1000 because muh covid, because somehow making crime legal makes covid go away.
We saw niggers and drug addicts do exactly what you would expect them to do.
The only thing purge got wrong is that it would be normal looking white people in suits wearing masks doing the crimes.


The point of the Purge isn't to give criminals a time to vent, it's to get rid of poor people you retard. Try paying attention.

Ok premise for a b movie. Unfortunately it's incompetent, so the message on society doesn't work.

in the original movie, the purge was just a reason to keep the doors locked for the family, it was supposed to add to the danger of them having someone in their house. Then it was a way to show how the elite/rich and powerful was abusing it for themselves, by paying teams of people to go around and round up degenerates to bring back to their mansions so they can perform their rituals and purge themselves. Honestly, out of all the shit that has came out these past few years, the purge movies are better quality than most movies they have been shitting out.

I have never broke a law in my life. Dont even plan on it. However if purge night was real I would totally take advantage of it to rape my neighbors smoking hot wife.

So like... after the purge ends what would the dynamic between you and your neighbor be?

I wish the Purge was real, while you're worrying about the 13% it will be Bill from next door murdering you and raping your 10 year old daughter, not before making you watch though. You're incredibly foolish if you believe people are good inside because they don't break the law, most people don't break the law simply cause they don't wanna get caught and go to jail.

You're right, he should wear a mask and a voice changer when he cucks his neighbor.

I've noticed that as well, and just generally low IQ ghetto types love it. It's the only dystopian piece of fiction that appeals to them because "wouldn't that be crazy if I could rob the bank and not be poor anymore? Aw SHIEEET."

Never saw any of these movies, how did they turn such a simple premise into like 6 fucking different movies?

Including people within that vaunted 13%. It's like these fuckers don't even peruse the Wikipedia article.

>most people don't break the law simply cause they don't wanna get caught and go to jail.
it's this and OP is a 14 yo moralfag

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>all crime is legal for 24 hours
>file my taxes and claim 1 billion dependents, say I gave a billion dollars in charity last year and that I qualify for every tax break
>send death threats to every tranny I can get an email/mailing address for
>pull all the tags off of my mattress
>eat a silica packet

The law isn't some magical force that keeps us from doing bad things. If everyone wanted to kill and rape they would because it happens everyday, except it's be on a much larger scale and there'd be no point in laws. Most people don't do that because they have empathy. Even without laws they wouldn't do that because they care about the people in their community.

This. The thing is for most people the prospect of jail vastly outweighs any desire to commit crime. If there was no prospect of jail you can fucking gurantee a ton of people would be willing. Itd basically be the fear that you might get killed preventing crime. Thats actually my big issue with these films. They are all basically murder fests, I feel like in reality it would be people trying to do more white collar crimes or theft and shit like that. Maybe try to rob a bank or some shit (although presumably bank defences would be insane).

>Yes, I'm talking about the thirteen percent.
As if the majority of killers wouldn't be White Supremacists now free to act without punishment.

>this will get them to reply to me!

>Most people don't do that because they have empathy.
yeah keep thinking that. We aren't far removed from lynch mobs, witch hunts, genocide, human sacrifice, slavery. If the thin veneer of civilization is peeled back even for a day all of that stuff returns right away, in some places in the world it never left.

This series is amazingly silly

Who said the law is a magical force? It's backed by an entire system of dudes with nightsticks and guns and they are real consequences and retribution for breaking it, that's why people avoid doing so. I've interacted with my fair share of people who described themselves as empathetic and only turned out to be miserable cunts.

It would be a lot of people taking out their competition. I think the majority of crime would be carried out by paid hitmen. Most people would still be afraid to do things themselves since it's one day. But to pay someone else to take out that boss they hate? Or that bitch that cheated on them, there would be an entire economy around that lol, it's something they never explored in the films that they maybe could have.

It's a jewish masturbation fantasy about killing gentiles and gentiles killing each other

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>a 12 hour period where all crime is legal
>this somehow causes america to be "virtually crime-free"
so are there never any revenge murders or anything? like does everyone wait for the next year to kill the people who killed their friends and family?
>your neighbor rapes and kills your daughter
>he sits on his lawn taunting you every day for a year

a woman typed this.

it's predictive glownigger shit so that you'd attend your government approved burn loot murder runs for those 3 months(the criminals) and go die fighting for the jew in ukraine(the redditors)
did you really fall for pedowood programming OP?

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If I could one day a year kill the contrarians who shitpost and derail my threads and get away with no consequences I would do it every year



You'd really have to pay attention to a concept if it's featured/highlighted by a rick and morty type of muh most popular show. That means they REALLY want to put the idea in your head and can't afford to not utilize every resource that they have
>haha purge morty
>it was in you the whole time burp

It's as dumb as old flicks like Onions Green or the one where people were being promised heaven and were instead being executed. I forget the name. The premise is just there to tell a story and nothing more.

It's a unique idea that only gets by for being such. It's absolutely terribly executed in almost every other way. I'll give them credit in that it isn't an easy thing to pull off without being eye-rolling, but they far from sticked any sort of landing.

it sucked, but that guy's a good actor and had the only good scenes. was he in anything good?

>file my taxes and claim 1 billion dependents, say I gave a billion dollars in charity last year and that I qualify for every tax break

This I would just commit white collar crimes nonstop for 24 hours.

Statists unironically think that if there were no laws, everyone would just fucking murder each other on sight.

It's just a silly movie. Relax, bro.

>People commit crime because it's fun

This. Crime is more about fun than necessity. If you've never committed a non-traffic related crime, I highly recommend it. There's truly nothing else like it and you will feel so alive.

They explain in the prequel movie that in the first purge no one committed crimes so (they) had to force them to

Did you miss Chaz or the Jogger Riots?

Logan's Run?

But they are not crimes during the purge. So the fun from the thrill of possible repercussions is not there

The purge is the dumbest shit,
I let them get away with the first movie, because low-budget, thriller/slasher, cool neat concept whatever.

But okay, It's purge night, I go steal my workmates car. Just take the keys and drive it to my house. Monday morning i show up "How is everyone doing today?"
He gets police involved,
Do police just shrug and go "Purge night buddy thats fine" Even if he produces bill of sale, license and insurance for the car?

Or you rape that hot girl you've always wanted to from work.
Everyone at work now fucking hates you and is actively going out of their way to make your life hell.
Then turns out she's pregnant and hits you up for child payment?

It seems if the crime isn't just "You can murder whatever for 24 hours" it doesn't seem to work.

>Likewise, an average criminal won't care that crime is legal for a day.
What are the BLM riots retards?

>most people don't break the law simply cause they don't wanna get caught and go to jail.
This is literally the basis of why Jesus didn't stone people.

It's like Pokemon, you're not supposed to actually think about it beyond the premise only this time you can't make the excuse that it's for kids.

>John Brown, Burning Kansas
>Weather Underground
>Helter Skelter
It's agitprop directed at boomers and reinforcing it in their children.

Deliverance and everything resembling it is the product of a bad, centuries shtetl-inbred bad conscience ingratiating itself with yankee WASP upper crust it bought into, but knows it doesn't belong to absent of $

and a tv show with 2 seasons, which I like better than the movies

theres something called "fiction".

You got it exactly right. And even if there was a purge, niggers and mexicans would still be violent and crazy all the other 364 days of the year. It's ridiculous.

I think it was a superficially fun, novel idea (not deep like NPCs thought it would be) but they ruined that potential at every turn. Even at 15 years old I saw it and was disappointed.

>i dont think you understand the fundamental premise of the movie
That's because the fundamental premise is really fucking retarded.

if The Purge was real, you'd just see neighborhoods forming security groups in preparation of the event. also there woul be snipers in the neighborhood and gun ownership would sky rocket

>crime is legal
>Everyone kills rather than stealing

Agreed. Le do whatever I want without consequences is such a typical NPC wet dream

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It's a pretty fascist/authortarian idea that people would just start mass-murdering each other if there were no laws against it/police preventing it.
Ultimately people would just prepare and band together to protect each other and anyone identified as a murderer would have 5 people on their ass one year later at the next purge.

they can build on the purge 2 tone
>desolate urban hellscape
>gangs of all stripes roaming
>very The Warriors, so lean into it with people hiding in dark alleys and in bushes and subways
>government conspiracy take or leave
>series of neat concepts thrown in for worldbuilding (burt gummer style gun nut compounds, murderous disaffected melanated urban youths cosplaying in neon outfits)
>a 5 minute intro with two people debating and thus lampshading all the weird little legal questions that are never addressed, ending with one guy killing the other as the purge begins
>minimal touchy feely woe is me bullshit

true, I imagine there would actually be LESS crime on that night because opportunistic criminals who just want to steal shit don't want to risk being made an example of by some neighbourhood patrol who can do whatever they want to them and only the most suicidal wack-job would be out hunting people for sport since any edgy cunt in a mask is getting shot on sight by the local militia

although it's revealed in the second movie the purge is just a cover for population control and the government has death squads on the streets to up the body count since the citizens weren't doing it enough on their own accord

All of the movies are thinly veiled propaganda pieces but the retard did show that life in America dramatically improved with less poor and minorities.