Watch rise of skywalker

>watch rise of skywalker
>turns out this planet isn't endor
How did the death star remains get there?

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The novelisation explains that the explosion of the Death Star triggered a few hyperdrive engines, which launched parts of it across the galaxy.

If you need a novel to explain plot holes, you have made a bad movie.

It's a different moon of the same planet.
You can't believe that some floating debris collided with a nearby moon, but you can believe that some sith lord managed to make a dagger containing the coordinates of where the wreck was, the outlined shape of the wreckage which somehow never shifted or settled over the past 30 years, and where inside this debris the map to planet palpatine was hidden, which also didn't move in 30 years.

>Good, good, let the hate flow through you.

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Wrong. It's Disney fan fiction with SW content slapped on it. Dont look for sense.

and it was in his throne room in a safe
the first place you would search

and he managed to create this while being supposedly dead

>How did the death star remains get there?
Better question would be "How did any remnant of the Death Star that large even survive?"

>The novelisation explains that the explosion of the Death Star triggered a few hyperdrive engines
And even then, if the remains were ejected through hyperspace, wouldn't the ensuing impact have blown up the ocean moon, going by the lore-breaking logic behind the Holdo Maneuver?

>and it was in his throne room
>in a safe
...what "safe"? I don't remember seeing that in ROTJ or the old visual dictionaries.

>which launched parts of it across the galaxy.
And yet, not a single piece of the station crashed in the forest moon it orbited?

Disney really doesn't understand how far apart planets are.

endor is a moon

uhhhhhhhhhh ignore that

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retard, farthest moon OF endor, the planet is endor the shield generator is one of it's moons

I think this is the worst scene of any Star Wars movie, trumping "I don't like sand" in every conceivable way. It's just a maelstrom of continuous plot-convenient brain-damaging stupidity every passing second. It's this + what follows.
>somehow, part of the Second Death Star survived
>somehow, it crashed on an ocean moon that happens to be in the same system as the forest moon
>somehow, the impact of an object that size didn't create a magma crater blowing up part of the moon
>somehow, the stupid Sith Dagger has a retarded measuring stick made specifically for viewing the exact location of the macguffin in the ruins of the somehow intact Emperor's throne room
>somehow, Palpatine and the Sith made directions specifically for finding the coordinates to the vault on an ancient dagger
>somehow, the ruins survived 35 years of water erosion, gravitational anomalies, and not sinking
>somehow, Rey knows how to operate a skiff despite growing up on a planet with no water for most of her life
>somehow, the ruins have intact stormtrooper armor, working electricity, and a vault that never existed back in ROTJ until now
>somehow, Kylo Ren didn't come here earlier until Rey arrived
>"This dagger did terrible things," said the lady wielding a lightsaber used to murder younglings from before her time.
>When Rey views the throne room with the dagger, the viewing tower is upside-down. When she gets to the throne room, it's conveniently right side up.
>pointless Dark Rey sequence
>The throne room doesn't have stairs anymore, yet somehow, the rest of the room survived?
>Kylo ends up breaking the second macguffin, rendering the entire last hour of the movie completely pointless.
>terrible fight choreography
>Rey only wins her duel because Kylo got distracted
>Rey healing Kylo helps turn him back into a good guy again
>somehow, Rey knows how to pilot a TIE
>somehow, Kylo found another TIE and escaped the ruins...........OFFSCREEN

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>that's no moon

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I will never watch this movie for as long as I live.

god I envy you

I remember hoping they’d go back to the Death Star and it’d just be some haunted husk that maybe palpatine’s pure evil had possessed and when they went inside they’d hallucinate shit and it’d be like a mini horror movie, palpatine would still be dead but he’d be like so pure evil he somehow still existed as some kind of tortured sith ghost that could not move on.

you really might as well watch it once, for free. make your own opinion on it instead of listening to Yea Forums

"i don't like sand" is only bad out of context

>The novelisation
You lose.

it's one of the moons in the endor system, it literally says it in the film

Don't forget the pointless and nonsensical Harrison Ford force ghost.

Which according to TLJ means it should've blown this planet in half.

Damn that really does sum up the movie. Did they literally write it in an afternoon? Like holy shit a new Star Wars trilogy should have been an easy slam dunk.

I only watched it a few months ago because it was on TV for free. I still could barely finish it. I actually had to watch it in segments over the course of several days.

I don't need to. I sat through TFA and TLJ and they were god awful enough. There is not a single thing this one could offer to undo the hatred I have for the sequels.

Fuck off nostalgiafag, that movie was mediocre at best and doesn't belong in the Star Wars canon.

the only question is why does disney think they can salvage this? they bought a house, burnt it to the ground, bulldozed the area, and are now trying to rent it out for more than what they paid for it.

"i don't like sand" is bad in the context of jedi as diplomats/negotiators.

>that movie was mediocre at best
Anakin's segments on Tatooine are an artistic masterpiece. Even if it is the weakest movie out of the original six, it's still better than any of the movies outside of those six.

>Even if it is the weakest movie out of the original six, it's still better than any of the movies outside of those six.
Fair point, the sequels are complete dog shit,

The Mandalorian turned to shit in S2, Boba Fett failed, the new comics and novels are complete flops, every single video game has been a giant disaster, and the theme park was a half billion dollar loss.

You know what they're doing now? Letting Dark Horse publish comics again letting Legends stories continue.

Imagine how much more impactful seeing the wreckage of the second death would be if they didn't make us fed up with Starkiller base and then the fleet of star destroyers with them.

>The novelisation explains

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What context do you need to make this dialogue less terrible? "He hates sand because it reminds him of his shitty childhood as a slave on a desert planet." His gripe was specifically about the texture of sand and how it gets everywhere. Otherwise he would've just told Padme, "it reminds me of my mother, who I couldn't rescue from slavery because I was too young." Prequel defenders, man

>Letting Dark Horse publish comics again letting Legends stories continue.
oh so now they'll have "source material" and "comics" to base the second sequel trilogy off of.

Out of the context of his childhood and the fact his mother just got raped to death by sandniggers. He doesn't have to say that to Padme because she met him as a slave child. Retard.

Look, if they gave the Devilman guy Legacy and told him to make 3 movies out of it I wouldn't complain.

you're admitting the scene can't be salvaged.

what about in context of jedi as escorts?

look, i was mostly making fun of the "we don't have source material, we don't have comics" quote from kathleen kennedy

the context of padme being smooth like water, not coarse like sand
do i really need to explain a children's movie to you

I've noticed this was a thing with the jj Abrams trek movies as well, there was a graphic novel prequel and one I between each movie to fill in potholes. I'm sure Hollywood thinks "great! More merchandise to sell and its a multimedia experience to such in fans and keep them," but it read that shit in disgust for free at Barnes & Noble without paying.

The bayformers movies did it too. I do like transformers comics overall but these made me mad.

... like man-whores? the hell you trying to say?

>The bayformers movies did it too. I do like transformers comics overall but these made me mad.
You do realize both iterations were soulless cash grabs trying to sell you pieces of plastic, right?

>soulless cash grabs trying to sell you pieces of plastic
so transformers?

threadly reminder that palpatines return was annoucned in fortnite and was alluded to at the beginning of the movie

LMAO, imagine trying to high road or criticize a Transfoomers nerd buying toys. It's literally their core

so what were the logistics of that? is fornite centrally hosted mmo-style or was there a soundfile in an update just set to play at whatever time in all active games?

They thoroughly ruined star wars

No, that's also retarded.

i retroactively dislike the original star wars because these stupid movies.

absolutely everything about the sequels was utterly retarded.

That was me until I rewatched the prequels. I think the whole series is mediocre now, but not good. That's how bad the movie was.

hey man, at least right now you can either get theatrical cuts or the versions you grew up with.

imagine them shoving disney sequel shit into the prequels and OT and systematically destroying all the unaltered copies.

That was the intention of the kikes. Ruin a pillar of culture we all loved and turn it into partisan politics. Literal pedophile troon will disagree with me.

I checked out of Star Wars during TFA when Rey beat up those muggers in the desert bazaar as Finn ran to help and the camera cuts back to him after she beats them down and he just makes some dumb face like "oh guess I'm not needed here at all"

never attribute to malice what is sufficiently explained by incompetence.

The sequels made me neutral to the OT but my love of prequels skyrocketed.

It played at the beginning of matches.

... like, more than once?

this movie is even more of a wreck than I thought

Jews are equal parts malicious and incompetent

Frankly I can't believe any of that.
I can't even believe the death star retaining a recognizable shape after exploding and falling from the fucking orbit.

nah, this is pure incompetence. no one working in hollywood has any idea how to draw an audience, and they suddenly needed to know how to draw an audience when the internet went mainstream.

they actually thought they were making exactly what would put asses back in seats, forever.

dude it was like... really really strong. like extremely.