About to watch this, what am I in for?

About to watch this, what am I in for?

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A very depressing movie with brief moments of very light humour.

One of the most depressing movies of all time

The mopiest, most neurotic film ever made.

If you want to feel bad, watch it. If not, I'd advise against it.

peak Jewish neuroticism

but is it good?

Depression. Especially if you're in your late 20s.




i dont know

>with brief moments of very light humour.
It's literally a laugh a minute if your brain isn't soaked in the bleach of popular culture
It should inspire you to get out and not waste your life. The main character is absolutely pathetic and if your life is in any way similar to him this movie should shock you to your core and beg you to be different

you never actually get to see the big blimp inside the dome, it's only on the cover.

It's fairly interesting and really well made, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

very high brow. not necesarilly fun to watch. a big "what am i what are we why are we here film"

No, the humour is surrounding by very bleak scenarios, that's why it's "light" humour.
There were only a couple actual laugh out loud scenes that I remember.

It's a story about how Jews are uncertain about their identity. Mostly because they are underhanded and Jewish

I laugh constantly, because yes the subject matter is dark, but life is absurd and it invites you to laugh at its absurdity.

It's extremely funny, but black gallows humor

What did he mean by this

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why is everyone making this film about jews? i dont understand.

Welcome to Yea Forums

Do yourself a favor and leave now

It was written by a very jewish jew.

im not jewish nd this is easily top 10 greatest film of all time

very good but grueling


He's the quintessential Jew
>overly analytical
>reluctantly nihilistic
>abnormally terrified of death
>looks like a caricature

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and yet not the most jewy film (a serious man)

You forgot
>genius 200+ IQ
>fearless artist
>able to stare into the abyss and laugh in its face

>spontaneously subversive

Take a close look to the title. I work in Final Cut Pro 7 and only geniuses uses that kind of font.

I'm sure Kaufman has a high IQ, but I think he's rather foolish.

I wouldn't call him a fearless artist. His films aren't offensive in any way.

OP here, I'm an hour in and this is unironically one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen

How so?

First movie that I thought about for days afterward.

Well, the fact that you were watching it with this post in mind means you probably missed everything. Why the fuck would you post here halfway through a movie? You're not really watching it.

maybe it is you who is stupid

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it's incomprehensible, boring drivel. no redeeming qualities whatsoever

>it's incomprehensible
bruh that just means "yes, i am stupid."

you're a pseud

entry level surrealism is "incoprehensible" to you... just stick to IMDB bud

This film becomes pretty incomprehensible towards the end whether you have a high IQ or not. It's basically just Charlie Kaufman spraying the audience with his mental diarrhea.


fuck off kike, we get it.

>This film becomes pretty incomprehensible towards the end
Do you happen to be one of those people that finds the burning house some kind of inscrutable mystery that's utterly impossible for the human mind to solve?

You get what? That you want a merit based society but can't accept that jews beat whites, every time, at their own game, out of pure mental superiority, despite being 0.02% of the global population?

the ultimate pleb choice of word.

it gets really confusing to me when he has a woman play his wife and then an actress to play her playing her and so on and so on

It's been a long time since I've seen the film. From what I remember, the burning house represented his mental deterioration.

I'm not saying the entire 3rd act was beyond me, but it becomes exponentially difficult to follow.

One scene has cp in it

Lel are you a football player? What's confusing? You really can't recognise the actresses?
I'll let it slide because you haven't seen it in a while but the house has nothing to do with that.
What's bewildering to me is, the film is easy to follow. The events can be described in a handful of sentences. What's left up to the audience is how to feel and what to make of these representations of reality, and it shouldn't be hard for any adult to explain what it means to them, because it's what they take away from it.

But people are terrified about being wrong, I guess, and will do anything to avoid having to say what they think even if there are no wrong answers.

>I'll let it slide because you haven't seen it in a while but the house has nothing to do with that
Hit me with your critical analysis. Just please try to keep the fedora tipping to a minimum, bud.

The reason I bring up the burning house is because people see the house on fire and their brains explode.

It literally has one meaning explained in-text, by the woman selling the house. I guess people don't pay attention to the movie while watching it?

>It literally has one meaning explained in-text, by the woman selling the house
Ok, cool. What was it?

Pseud bait

That the house you buy might be the one you end up dying in; You could be determining how or when you die just by choosing one house over another. This applies to every action in life. A line from later in the film explains this:
>There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make. You can destroy your life every time you choose.
The character dies of smoke inhalation at the end of the film, obviously because she bought a house that was on fire.

It's actually a very funny comedy, strange that you couldn't figure that out. Maybe a few less superhero movies next month?

yeah thats the point untill you get to the end and it all makes sense...take your adhd meds and continue friend

>trying to make Bane jokes to girls irl

Ok, so I wasn't exactly wrong.

The path he chose in life ended up leading to his downfall.

He's my favourite jew and I would gide him in my basement. Maybe make him do puppet shows once in a while.

>being offensive is the only thing an artist can fear
CK has made some of the most brutally honest scripts. Most people can't even stand to think lightly about such matters while he pours his heart both into those scripts and out to the entire planet. Is he whiny? Perhaps but he whines in an extremely efficient way.


My post didn't come from a malicious place. I actually have a bunch of Jewish friends whom I'd hide in a heartbeat.

>what am I in for?
Kino of the highest order.

I don't consider honesty inherently brave, especially when your films are universally relatable in many respects.

If neuroticism and existential dread was something most people found shameful, I'd think Kaufman was the bravest artist in history.