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Is he a time agent, or just unaffiliated?

bravo vincent

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did someone say BCS bread?

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Is anything going to actually happen this season or is it just going to be a repeat of seasons 1-5?

Lalo definitely know something about Jimmy's capabilities

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read then read picrel & listen to this: vocaroo.com/1nxFmKNi3eka

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timesisters what are we predicting for tomorrow's episode?

and then this

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Quick cameo from old Jane, “can he reverse time?”

are we sure howard is wendy in that timeline? maybe there are 2? bravo vince seems to be hinting at kimmy also being wendy????

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We'll we didn't have any Lalo on episode 2 so its only right that ep3 is 50% Eduardo

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I stop lurking for one day and now the alt timeline meme is getting shitposted

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dear god I hope to fuck this isn't true

>discussing time travel
what were you fags discussing during the weekly wait times between the season 5 episodes?

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discussing travel wire

timeline zeeeeta

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guys I think that cinnabon guy might be jimmy

fucking kek

time travel wire

Wer-ner Sneed-ler

you best believe it

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Shit meme. Kill yourself.

/bcs/ cope is now just hoping they turn the series into Steins;gate? Am I reading this right?

Holy shit they literally travelled in time to see the episode before it's out. Timeshift confirmed

Time travel exists around BCS in our reality too. This goes deeper than any of us could imagine

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I think he's a lone actor and nobody knows what his endgame is. man's a wildcard but if you really pay attention to subtle clues in S5 you'll realize how sinister he really is...

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It is a widely accepted theory. Keep coping loser.

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Timeline meme is just sneed but for BCS. Made for thread derailment. But this time I'm on the receiving end and I don't like it.

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>camera focuses on a time travel book for way too long
oh my fucking god please dont do this

Lalo is Sneed but for BCS
Timeline is something worse

Die screaming.

Dude Gene is going to dig up a time machine and go back to the bathroom outside the courtroom in episode 1. Simple as. Reliving his life and watching Chuck fucking suffer forever.

This. Their constant sinful temporal border hopping endangers the entire continuum. Trust me when i say the continuity won't be the same when this season reaches its midway point aka the bottleneck, which we're able to identify as early as season 2 of breaking bad

>the gap in the seasons broadcast is going to be a gap in the series timeline
I'm ready bros
The diamonds are key. They're probably fuel for the time machine

filtered. they've set this up since episode 1 of breaking bad. dilate.

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>why is kim being evil now
>why is kim manhandling saul?,is this SJW propaganda?
>why is gus being retarded now?
>why did hector hint lalo to gus?
>why is nacho getting thrown under the bus?
this is what Yea Forums discussed in here for the next 2 days post premier prior to the time travel BS

>die screaming
is this a reference to when kim yelled at howard and was mad at him for telling jimmy his brother "died screaming"? bravo!

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So Nacho knows not to kill Bolsa otherwise it would cause a time paradox?

I've never actually eaten at a Cinnabon. Are the cinnamon buns there good?

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explain the three nachos thing to me right now or i'll kill you. don't dumb it down into some vague shit. explain the three nachos to me right now or i will fucking kill you.

>amino acids dna myth
fucking LMAO

I kinda lost interest in seeing how the show concludes after the season 6 premier. It was just kinda heavy handed and had some less-than-ideal decisions.

what is *this* supposed to mean?
the time travel "BS" is something I've been working on for years and waited patiently until you lot were being more agreeable. it's an honest to goodness theory of mine that i believe in wholeheartedly

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Well, there's cool ranch, nacho cheese and spicy nacho.

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>he doesn't know how to use the 3 nachos

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what the fuck

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alpha, beta and gamma Nacho

Alpha Nacho WILL kill himself tomorrow but that's not the end of Nacho

In BB (beta timeline) Saul mentions Ignacio aka Nacho who is still alive and well in this timeline

The third Nacho is a bit more vague as there is no mention of him but it is assumed he will appear again in the gamma timeline with Gene, presumably under a new alias

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kim became more risky after dealing w lalo. the danger and conning excites her

i read on the subreddit (fuck you discussion here is just shitposting 99% of the time), that the story on the time machine book is about the divide between the rich and poor and how it should be demolished, the MC does this by building a time machine(like how jimmy and kim scheme to fuck over howard), at the end of the book the machine gets stolen and the MC cant go back, possibly foreshadowing on how jimmy gets trapped to the con and has no choice but to fully become saul

aer more pisodes out?

thank you

timetravelbros...we are done...


I just need a break.

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>the time machine protagonist being stuck in his attempt to better society parallels that of user forever becoming a redditor in his plight for better discussion

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Why is everyone calling it a 'bottle cap'? It's a cork.

What's actually his problem?

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yeah but why didn't gus just use sleeping gas on nacho?

>It's from "Back to the Future." For Christ's sake guys...
Subtle, but I see what they were going for now.

I almost forgot how much I hate waiting a week for a new episode. Glad old tv is dying

i like the discussions the happen during the weekly wait time

the wild and retarded speculation is half the reason I come to this god forsaken board.

Why are redditors like this?

>Mike's granddaughter paradox

they like their upboats

They'd rather scramble to be the first to identify and post surface level symbolism and metaphor rather than dig into what really matters.