How did Louis manage to embarass Nick so badly in this documentary?

How did Louis manage to embarass Nick so badly in this documentary?

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why was louis seething?

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how did a guy with ass cancer manage to embarass him?

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Nick is just an embarrassing little homo. Proudly flies the zoomer card, yet he has big boomer energy, is obviously gay, etc

simply putting a mic in his face.

simply by not being a manlet

Honestly Nick's very clearly gay mannerisms do more damage to his brand and message than anything a documentarian could try to say about him.

Oh, and he gunt gaurds Ethan Ralph for no fucking reason.

Louis went to Oxford, he's a sharp guy.

He didn't. Also, go check out

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This. You can Put a gay Tamarin in a suit and mimic an MSM anchor(gay mannerisms included) but it's still just a gay little tamarin in a suit

he thought teaming up on Jim would help.

Imagine embarrassing yourself to not only protect Baked Alaska but Ethan Ralph.

This. Even if Baked isn't a fed he's a fucking fag, and a grifter that jumps on whatever shit he thinks is gaining traction on /pol/, like believing Yang Gang would have ever been a thing.

Imagine being a fucking groyper in 2022. It's like being a Hasan Piker fan in 2022, shit is gay and retarded and makes no fucking sense. Two transparent grifters coasting off of past success, fortifying their hugboxes to contain the spread of information inconvenient to their empires, insisting that they aren't upset as they ban, block and false dmca anything they don't like. Sad!

>big boomer energy

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Show me an alternative.

It's not for no reason. Nick courts unstable people like Baked and Ralph, and he "goes long" on them hoping that they repair or redeem their public image in some way. If they ever do, Nick has plenty of favors he can call in for the loyalty he showed when they were at their lowest point.

Stay mad Gayper

Elizabeth Cheney, the queen of based

Heck off, Commie!

thinking for yourself and having no one above god

It can't be that difficult, can it? It's like Richard Dawkins debating some bible-thumping mong who thinks God made us with his big ass hands.

Brits seem to enjoy going after the lowest hanging fruit in the US. It's an easy way to inflate their massive egos, I suppose.

Developing your own worldviews and not watching retarded e-celeb faggots

One debate with Metokur and suddenly a large portion of this website is finally willing to admit that Nick is a hypocritical faggot sped.

Why do internet people hang on the nuts of the cancer patient so much? It's strange.

it really is all so tiresome.

Doyle is fine and him and Fuentes are cool. Doyle is 99% Groyper lol

Nice political movement, retards.

The worst part is the way he couches it in some kind of altruism, or some appeal to some esoteric higher ideal.

>...even if they undermine your entire movement, snitch to the feds, prey on barely legal girls and release fuck tapes of them and rape them!

He gets to say "yeah I'm being hypocritical, but that's BASED and TRAD because I'm being LOYAL and loyalty is HARD!" and that's all anybody in his audience hears. I used to be one of these retards.

Alternative what? Talking head to tell you what to think about literally everything? Have you considered just keeping up with current events and forming your own opinion?

Yeah, the american far right has this really gay infatuation with all things boomer.

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i'm pretty sure most already thought zoomers were faggots at least.

Do you really think Ralph would play that tho.

He really isn't, and Fuentes hated Doyle up until it was convenient not to.

Imagine simping for Nick fucking Fuentes in 2022. What does this guy actually do? AF grift has been coopted and done much better by others in the mainstream like Doyle, so what is AF for? They aren't wignats, they aren't civnats, they aren't neocons, they aren't isolationists, they aren't globalists, they aren't lolberts, they aren't capitalists, so what the fuck are they?

They are whatever Nick needs them to be to suit his needs at any given time. Simple as. Leaning into irony does nothing to disguise this fact.

How could they ever redeem their public image without distancing themselves from him? Shit doesn't even make sense.

Nick is just like Ralph, terminally online. Nick would be much better at blackmail than Ralph.

You're naive, HOCbro.

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Ralph would probably blackmail him, or just straight up tip the feds for making jabs about his appearance.

No, Nick.

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>para-social e-daddyism nick fuentes thought
>a political movement
Very drool.

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That event was a fucking joke, are you kidding me? As well, several of those speakers have since disavowed AF. Gosar's speech wasn't even intended for the AF conference as well, and Nick claiming that Gosar disavowing him was an "april fools joke" was pathetic.

>so what the fuck are they?
Paleocons for the most part. Christian political movement.
>dysgenic freaks

Doyle is a groyper and went yo AFPAC dummy.

i hate nick and PPP

Probably cause he's the oldest fag on the internet. He essentially started gamergate which, despite it sounding silly, was the internet's 9/11. It's kinda like a hushed room of people listening to the words of a WW1 vet because they're the last living testimony of how things used to be. Physical proof, not just looking at archives or reading from a textbook.

Did he Out him?
That's literally all you need to do.
Don't tell him anything about it with the pre-screened questions just air the interview live and ask him about his catboy bf, show the evidence & watch him lose a good 30% of his fanbase.
That simple.

to be serious, they just seem like civnats, but nick is a cringy sperg who sees himself as joker or something?

>One debate with Metokur and suddenly a large portion of this website is finally willing to admit that Nick is a hypocritical faggot sped.
>Why do internet people hang on the nuts of the cancer patient so much? It's strange.
Because he’s entertaining. People like watching a dumpster fire and retards getting goaded into taking bait. That’s what really happened here. Nick showed himself to be petty and willing to engage with low effort bait he showed he is willing to compromise himself for his personal self interests. Especially in defense of 2 of the least defensible back stabbing retards online because they’re hanging off his coat tails currently.

I don't get it man, i really don't.
It's the same with people that still simp for Trump nowadays even though he stabbed them in the back blatantly in his last days in office.
It's sad to see how people stick to their sunken cost fallacies so easily.

Lmao @ all the fat losers still seething over lil Nicky.

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growing up I really thought Nick and all were really funny guys
now I have a gf and I find them cringe as fuck. all the incel-tier jokes, the hating on everything to be edgy, the fake piousness they all hold just because its not mainstream....

politics, especially radical politics, is a cope for people with nothing better to do

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>Durrr I am a moron who can only think in memespeak like "lolbert" and I cant neatly pigeonhole AF as being civnat or wignat that means they don't have a salient identity...

Have you ever consodered that you just arent very smart and you don' t have to get angry with things just because you fail to understand them?

Will Nick Fuentes ever come out of the closet?


>politics, especially radical politics, is a cope for people with nothing better to do
Pretty much this. Caring about issues doesn’t make you cringe but if you invest a significant amount of time or money into unironcally neck yourself

Oh no they "disavowed".... that is so important. I guess thats why the media has stopped attacking Gosar since the "disavowal" right? Gosar disavowed after last years AFPAC and then got dinner with Nick the same night.


Turning off the computer

>don't try to change things politically
Okay, glowie.

Say what you will about him but he looked good at least in the instance of this doc.

His problem is more those he surrounds himself with likes of baked Alaska, Ralph etc and going out on a limb to unnecessary defend them. His show in a vacuum is very good, he is very talented.

>ask him about his catboy bf
You mean like has happened 50 tomes already? You act like Kami, who was pretty fucking famous in the latter part of 2020 is some obscure figure that no one knows abput

>increasingly nervous man says this will finally destroy Nick Fuentes, for the 100,000th time.jpg

Politics is for edgy 17 to 21 year olds. Beyond that it's just sad.
I used to browse /pol/ for many hours a day from 2014-2016 and was extremely fervent in my views. Now I realize it's all just bullshit for lack of a better word.

What are you realistically changing? Stop putting so much mental energy into things out of your control and start bettering yourself. Caring about issues and paying attention to news and talking points isn’t but if that’s a significant portion of your personality you need a fucking hobby.

>Baked Alaska, Ethan Ralph
Non-issue and the Metokur debate was a publicity stunt. He knows what he does and has proven so time and time again.

Stop seething

Who owned Nick harder, Louis or Mister Metokur?

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Imagine letting some fat bitches goo hole control ypur thoughts. You know, normal men are able to both have sex with women and have their own thoughts and opinions, you weak little fag.4yvtx

I’ll watch the stream snipes on youtube instead

They had AFPAC III with over 1000 attendees and multiple senators, you doofus. They have a streaming platform which is its own ecosystem of counter culture material.

Hasan is based. Fuck off.

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how did a cancer ridden boomer destroy nick so badly?

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Metokur simply stuck on point and focused on flagging. He didn't have to do anything. That alone made Nick sperg out with his archcriminal larp and being more of a faggot.

Louis is controlled opposition to them Jim deflated them and has colored fence sitters opinions of him for at least the next 6 months.

He's incredibly ugly looking. Like some caveman hybrid.

Spicnat cope

Who? Sorry granpa no one knows who that is fr fr

Didn't this guy get in trouble with the IRS?

Pathetic. I'm 100% white and you have no response.

Take it from experience of others you are not as important as you think you are. See Sargon of Akkad

Honey pot me once, shame on you. Honey pot me twice...

>gamergate was the internet's 9/11
I truly hate zoomers.

Okay, fat millennial.

The libertarian movement is 1000x bigger then you and are still irrelevant. E fame is not real fame.

You are quite literally american ergo not white but a nigger blacker than tar.
This is indisputable.

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Are you dumb?

Libertarians don't believe in anything. They aren't a movement, they are a whore house full of pozz-ridden boomers and cucklennials. Old, sickly and low IQ.

Based isn’t millionaire communist turkucks. Make up your own term for “people” like him. I’ve banged 12 black women.