Barry season 3

he's back

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This show survived two buyouts

I really dislike the fact that Barry shot those two guys. I dislike Barry more now.

So wholesome

How did Hader do it, bros?

I love Barry so much it’s unreal

Oh fuck nevermind

>that ending
fuck this show is always good

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completely forgot this show existed

trash show not surprising Yea Forums tastelets like it

It has been three years. With all these shows coming back and covid restricts ending, feels like I've woken up from a two year nap

>bill hader is convincing as a hitman
>hitmen exist

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I am seriously concerned about what Barry is gonna do

Since you finally watched S3 episode 1, can it be settled if Mr inbetween is better?

>new episode of new season came out less than an hour ago
>after 3 year hiatus
>only thread has 11 replies and is on page 3
I guess no one gives a fuck about this show, huh. For anyone who does - did I miss them telling us how much time has passed between seasons 2 and 3? Seems like it could be anywhere from like 9ish months to the full 3 years but I didn’t hear any specific mention of it

I am undecided on Barry Berkman

Nothing. Mr cousnou can't forgive him but what can you do

>3 year hiatus
Holy shit has it really been 3 years

Wasn't that funny of an episode but fonzie continues to be the best character

This whole episode seemed to be a pretty extreme tonal shift for the show, way less focus on comedy than the last two seasons. Just seems a lot heavier, not necessarily a bad thing

>did I miss them telling us how much time has passed between seasons 2 and 3?
Cops told Hank they've been building the case for six months

That’s too bad, its shit.

>contrarians be like

His girlfriend is going to find out by the end of the season, that's why she also has the symbolic bullet wound that Henry Winkler's character had.

>be super excited for s3 of Barry after waiting so long
>show it to my family this weekend, we end up binging the whole 2 seasons
>season 3 premiers and it’s good but everyone looks old and depressing as fuck except for hank
At least hank is eternal and ended up “50/50” with cristobal

I feel like the thick lady from the good place is gonna get fed up with being sally's assistant, go on craigslist and order barry to kill sally not knowing that barry is a hitman

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only retards think contrarianism is real

Would make sense, Sally has become arrogant and egotistical thanks to her show.

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Thank you.. still weird though because that doesn’t seem like enough time for Sally to have a successful TV show out of nowhere

That really does seem like something the show would do, him taking off jobs in the area definitely feels like it's going to lead to him taking a job from someone he knows.

decent episode. was happier than i thought i'd be seeing noho hank again


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Yeah, that threw me off too. At first I thought it was some kind of flashback to his early hitman days but nope it was just an odd job. I think the idea is that he feels he's beyond forgiveness for the things he's done, hence why the guy forgiving the other guy really set him off.

I imagine she got hired onto a pre-existing show shortly after the events of season 2, her show seems to be on a tight filming schedule anyway.

redpill me on this show
will I like it?

Right, just hope they clarify some of this stuff at some point very soon. I found a lot of the narrative leaps in this episode to be pretty jarring to be honest, though it’s all still intriguing

It's a fun show with some really good moments, best thing I can say is watch a couple episodes, you'll know pretty quickly if it's for you or not

Forgiveness seems like it's going to be a theme for this season; there's the opening scene, the scene in which Barry goes to Hank looking for work, the scene at the end in which Barry makes a big deal about earning Cousineau's forgiveness.

It feels weird. It's been such a long gap since the last season, everyone has aged and looks like shit. Henry Winkler looks awful, they should have killed off in the episode.

I think that's kind of the point. Everything has gone to shit, Gene and Barry in particular have lost everything so of course they look like shit. Most of the other characters look largely the same.

just watch the first episode

pretty much nothing happened this episode but im still hyped

It’s been so long since I’ve heard anything I was surprised to see the episode out tonight. Interesting, but reminded me that I probably gotta rewatch the last two seasons to get back into it.

100% certified kinoa

It's kino. I hate that it's only 30 minutes but I suppose it's a good thing because there's no filler

Hader wrote season 3 and 4 during Covid. We won't have to wait long to get season 4

wow I really want that to happen the episode that broke Yea Forums

30 min shows are just so much better than hour long ones these days

that's good guess and I hate that I read it
stop making good posts, you son of a bitch

why did Gene have to shut down? I can't remember. Anons help me out plz

true true it feels so tight and well paced. not one scene that doesn't need to be there

I felt the same way haha if user is wrong he might not be far off, I could see the dark web thing connecting to someone he knows

Fuches is so fucked, no pun intended.

mr inbetween is uncomparably better

>seeding Barry S3E01
>see only other downloader is in Isreal
>Stop Seeding

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>comments on dead career in earlier scene
be his agent, probably

dropped this shit after that reddit cartoon monster girl episode. fuck you faggots ITT

>9.8 on imdb


I really missed NoHo Hank. Hader's acting and directing is just insanely good. I hope he does movies after this.

highly rated like heckin rick and morty
episodes. reddit bitch

bro, he just found his girlfriend's body...