I'd like a plain omelette. No potatoes, tomatoes instead. A cup of coffee and wheat toast

>I'd like a plain omelette. No potatoes, tomatoes instead. A cup of coffee and wheat toast.

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who the fuck eats eggs and tomatoes

you get whats on the menu sir

why the FUCK didn't they just charge him extra for a piece of toast?

As opposed to non-wheat toast? What is that about?

>okay hun you want those tomatoes diced or sliced? light or dark roast?

I'll have a plane. No Bane, no masks, no loyalty for hired men

Gluten free? Hello?

rye? lmao

for me, it's chocolate chip pancakes with whipped crème and extra chips on the side.

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>City slicker comes to a small town and thinks he's at an upperside fancy city restaurant and hassles the waitress
Also, if he was a woman and the waitress a man, you guys would be siding with the waitress

And they regularly have such a selection in yank shit hole diners? I have never in my life ate anywhere with a toast selection

if anything a small town diner should be more open to custom orders

Yes, they do. Obsessed, by the way.

>As opposed to non-wheat toast? What is that about?
In the civilized world (America), toast typically consists of toasted slices of white loaf bread. Not wheat.

based 7 year old

>nigel's obsessing over americans again
Why are you like this?

In any American diner, you can get white toast or wheat toast at least. Some have larger bread selections. When you're the sole superpower, even your shittiest diners tend to be opulent.

Yes you have. White vs. whole wheat, for starters. Not to mention rye or sourdough.

Did he tip?

For me, it's Denny's Hobbit Hole breakfast followed by second breakfast consisting of all the other Hobbit menu items.

>stupid Americans and their... multiple bread options

He's just assmad because this is a breakfast thread and Brits' idea of a delicious breakfast is canned beans and cakes of pig blood.


>so paranoid about your country you imagine an insult to a diner is an insult against america
lol, lmao even

lololololol how are Bongs even human

why are there 2 sugar dispensers on the table behind him?

Who else /smoothiegang/ here? Unless I'm mad hungover and super hungry I love starting the day with a smoothie, feels fucking great.

>hes never heard "white, weat or rye sugar?"

Touch grass, bro. That's what things look like in the real world.

As an American, white bread is for poor people

t. Literal Homosexual

Real men have three breakfast choices:
1. Waffle House or something comparable
2. Liquor
3. Nothing

>As an American, white bread is for poor people
Nobody actually likes wheat bread. A few faggots like you pretend to because you think it's healthier than white bread, but it's not.

This is why commas are important, ESL-san. There's less confusion over intention when you say
>yank, shithole diner
as opposed to
>yank shithole diner

It appears you're the one with paranoia regarding America, Bongbro


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Man, America was awesome when it existed. Now it's just fragmented.

Dude you can even get Wonder Bread toast at a diner near my house in South Carolina.

I'd rather be that guy than a smoothie-drinking faggot

>You have avocados, right?
>And you have toast?
>Sir, I don't make the rules.

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>And they regularly have such a selection in yank shit hole diners? I have never in my life ate anywhere with a toast selection
>More menu choices means it's a dive!
This is the perfect example of the character and contrarianism of some Yea Forums posters. How do people like this exist?

I've literally been eating whole grain bread my entire life because my parents aren't niggers who fed their kids wonderbread. I'd rather have whole grain toast than white based on taste alone.

Who was.in the wrong here?

>ashtray on the table

imagine smoking in restaurants

It's healthier for diabetics because it has more fibre and causes less of blood sugar spike.

lots of people?

>I've literally been eating whole grain bread my entire life
I'm sorry your parents abused you and turned you into a faggot.

second hand smoking fucking slapped, fr fr

Is this the power of midwit reading comprehension?

but white toast is weat toast lol wtf
i think you guys mean wholemeal toast, its that brown bread, it still fucking wheat though ya plebs

I'm old enough to not have to imagine and now I'm remembering how fucking hilarious it was that smoking and non-smoking sections were a thing. The entire establishment fucking reeked, it was just a matter of having smoke literally blown directly in your face or not.

>t. obese nigger who thinks sandwiches should be made out of pastry dough

>eating before noon

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They had english muffins, it's toast in a different shape. If jack wasn't such a KAREN he would've just ordered that.

so how did they make chicken salad sandwiches? with English muffins?!!

heh, do subhumans really?

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They had bread for sandwiches but not for toast why is that so hard to understand?

i think in usa the bread is mainly corn syrup (regardless of rye etc) so specifying that you want wheat in probably means you can sue or at least call the cops or something. thats why they refused

I miss it too bro

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can't they just toast the bread?

A proper chicken salad sandwich is made with sliced, toasted loaf bread. Wheat, potato bread, and rye are most commonly used.

Right, but if they run out of bread for chicken sandwiches because some asshole wouldn't just eat their english muffin with butter on it instead then the diner would look like buffoons.

I didn't say anything about sandwiches. Toast should be made of white bread. The only people who eat wheat toast are mincing faggots who take dicks up the ass.

Wheat toast is so gay that only bottom queers like it. Even top queers are still semi-normal enough to avoid it.

>but white toast is weat toast lol wtf
Umm, no. White toast and wheat toast are completely different things. White toast is made with white bread. Wheat toast is made with wheat bread.

I believe he said weat toast, dumbass. Learn to fucking read.

they already looked like buffoons because they can't toast some bread

>He's never had scrbled eggs loaded with butter with a side of cherry tomatoes sauteed in olive oil
Live better.