Good morning. any kinos from here?

good morning. any kinos from here?

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so much

it's unreal

this song goes very hard

Turkmenistan is more underrated

huh? wym?



What goes on in Kyrgyzstan

user from Kazakhstan here. Almost all movies made here suck ass. There is some movie industry resurgence, though. They finally found out they can make comedy after comedy (local actors, local celebs, very simple, tired, unfunny, family friendly, etc) and earn decent cash, so at least we get that going now. They suck but they are competently made, so it's some progress.

What's interesting is that a couple of years back state started to sponsor web series for their own interests that are too long to describe here, and those are can actually be unironically enjoyable. Those go to their kazakh youtube and to regular youtube one week later (so if S1E1 of some series is available on Youtube, S1E2 will only be available a week later, but you can watch S1E2 today on state sponsored kazakh youtube). The quality wildly varies but there some that can be unironically enjoyed (like Sheker, available on Youtube but im not sure if it has eng subtitles) and I'm glad the industry at least exists. Even if it's complete shit they're producing something and the quality will improve as time goes on.

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Ty kind kazakh

the US failing to regime change so they ran off to do it in Pakistan?

On a side note, what is your favorite food to eat while watching kino? Is popcorn the universal snack, even in Kazakhstan?

Yeah we just eat popcorn in cinemas lol. When I was in USA people were always surprised how normal and similar life here is compared to an average american. People imagine borat shit or some sandnigger country when it's a normal soviet satellite country with some national traditions and islam thrown in. There are differences but at the end of the day you go to a mcdonalds or starbucks

Neat. Now you have another friend in burgerland and I have one in Kazakhstan

what happens in the city of Oral?

blow jobs

Is Kazakhstan very religious or did the Soviet influence largely do away religiousness?

hes not gonna invite you over to fuck his sister user,
nice try though

Well I've got the method for you right here! To remember the Stans, simply say TUKKTAP! It's easy! It sounds like you're saying something in their guttural, barbaric language! Just start from the North of Iran and go clockwise!


Now you too can remember the geography of the worst place on Earth! TUKKTAP!

Have you ever heard of a kazakh jihadi?

It was worth a try

A lot of Kazakhs are religious (muslim) but mostly not fanatical zealots. Russians (about 15% of population) are Orthodox Christian. It's all over the place in terms of religiousness, but naturally rural people are more religious and urban zoomers don't care about that stuff at all. Compared to Russia, Kazakhstan feel a little more religious overall imo.

I know they had a war with Uzbekistan after the fall of the USSR but I think otherwise it’s fairly similar to the other Central Asian countries in that it’s a dictatorship and under a fair amount of Russian and Chinese economic influence.

i didnt even know kyrgyzstan and tajikistan were countries until i saw this map

I already know all of them by playing so much Victoria 2 in my younger years.

That's honestly pretty cool. I often wonder what life is like in countries that most of the powerful don't care about, seems like if could be comfy. Kind of like the Shire.

The only things on the tv are Russian and Iranian.

do you know a corky buchek? His song go like this bing bong bing bong bing

very based

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What mods because they're not in the game

Yeah Ive grown to like it over the years. It's cheap, chill, everything is available. Salaries are low but if you're in IT or freelance for europe/US the life is easy. $1500 a month is more than you'll ever need here.

>I often wonder what life is like in countries that most of the powerful don't care about,
I don't think that applies for those eurasian ex-soviet states unfortunately. They're sandwiched between Russia to the north, middle east to the south, China to the east and Turkey or some shit to the west, imo that's a pretty goddamn unlucky hand to be dealt.

are you guys still seething about Borat?

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Yeah and no. If one of those countries attack, we're fucked. Luckily people in charge try to play it cool with all sides rather successfully and being sandwiched by superpowers offers trading opportunities.

Not really I guess, it's been too long. Borat jokes kinda feel reddit tier desu, but maybe that's just me. I'm not seething, I always liked Borat

bald and pedo doesn't seem to mind traveling there, but he does speak Russian which many of them understand

Stalker, Battleship Potemkin, Come and See

(Ukraine is not a real country)

They made some boxing kino

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Kazakhstan doesn't even border Ukraine you ignorant nigger, what you're doing is like showing a map of Peru and complaining about Argentina.

The videos of Ukrainian chicks getting raped are pretty kind

I wonder why western conservatives side with putin on the invasion. It was always interesting to me ever since it all began two months ago. Even Kazakhstan, Russian ally, are very careful about their position on the war, and seemingly not condemning it just because our economy depends so much on Russia.

Aya is kino.

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Look who Israel sided with.

Honest answer: most conservatives in the West don't. The ones that do are just really, really contrarian and will jump on any excuse to hate their countries, they're reactionaries. There really aren't that many of them though, the media makes it seem like more of them exist than actually do.

Most that I know hate russia and just didn't want the US sending shit to Ukraine.

Why did France and Germany export arms to Russia? Because all (((Western))) govts are ZOGs

Is this an average khazak femoid or an exception?

Average kazakh girl would probably be a semi trad muslim hapa

sounds like the perfect woman

a big part of our country is retarded because they spend all day on the internet. not really political but there you go.

i don't care about putin i just hate the western oligarchy and it hates me

Idk. It's shocking to me, as an American conservative. I believe they are just being contrarian.

But bear in mind, it's nowhere near the majority of conservatives. It's just the schizo subsect, really.

bride-kidnapping, of course!
(this happens WAY FUCKING MORE than anyone is comfortable admitting)

If I, as a white American, goes and performs Ala Kachuu in Kyrgystan and brings her to America will the bride's family be okay with it or will they try to behead me?

Kazakh guy directed the Day
Watch/Nigh Wwatch movies.

>white American
her eleven cousins will throw rose petals on the runway as your plane takes off and her dad will fedex you black market viagra and a literal mule

That's literally every poor family in a poor shithole's dream, to have their daughter marry an American. I've traveled a lot and literally had old people try to force their daughters on me. It can be downright annoying. Conversations often go like this:
>Old dude: Where are you from?
>Me: The USA
>Old dude: *perks up* Are you looking for a wife? I have 3 unwed daughters, I can introduce you to them. They're very beautiful.

Okay, gonna marry a foreign chick when I'm 35, I want my freedom for a few more years.

>be me
>in (european equivalent of) high school
>local girls are alright
>kazakh girl joins our year
>fucking absolutely mogs everyone
Based Kazakhs, you niggers are okay

Most conservatives I surround myself with are simply fed up with being forced to have an opinion on the oligarchs geopolitical games and are frustrated at the blatant propaganda in general. Some throw out the contrarian opinion just for a laugh. It’s like throwing a rock at a beehive but the bees can only post ad hom insults on Twitter

e-e-even armenians?