Unironically Kino

Unironically Kino

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Do I need to play 7 to understand the film?

There's nothing you can do to understand AC.

yes but you’ll be confused either way, so it’s up to you

It's basically a fan service movie in the purest sense of the term. I can't imagine it being a good idea to watch it without having played the game. It won't reintroduce who the characters are, nor re-explain the world building that was already developed in the game.

otherwise it's meaningless
but was mainly made for people that played FF7 as kids, loved it, and wanted more

>fan service movie
>fucks up fan favorite characters

In the mobile game Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Kadaj saves Aerith from a monster and then joins Cloud on the search for Sephiroth.
It's p. neat.

dilly dally shilly shally

It's a sequel, so yeah.

>not advent children: complete

everything after the 1997 game has been garbage.

unironically garbage

this, might as well just watch it, its pretty cool.

it's shit.


Brainlet alert

good music. cool action that i liked as a cringy autistic teenager. cool emo assthetic that i liked when i was an cringy autistic teenager. horrible cringy dialogue and nonsensical plot that i liked when i was an cringy autistic teenager.

Same here.
It's difficult for me to judge this movie because it was so important for my childhood.

The out of place music in the final battle kind of ruins the ending. Shit would have been 10x better with a proper score to match the god tier visuals.

>wouldnt have nu tifa
gonna have to hard disagree

based, it's kino as fuck

Great movie. The complete version fixes some of the animation and adds some good scenes too

>久しぶりだな クラウド
you have to watch it in nip for purest kino

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Pretty sure it was shit. But it looks nice.

This movie sucks. Spirits Within was better but still pretty dull aside from visuals. Kingsglaive is the only enjoyable Final Fantasy movie but the plot goes unresolved until Final Fantasy XV, which has a terrible story.

>Spirits Within was better

No...just no.

You now remember nips thought they could create a virtual actress they could lease to other studios which they believed would be the future of cinema

>have a great cast
>only really show Cloud, Tifa, and the Turks
Advent Children was the biggest missed opportunity. It brought Rufus back from the dead though, so that's nice.


my favorite scene

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I enjoyed Deus Ex even though it aged horribly

Favorite scene is when bahumut flies up to the top of the city and charges up a huge blast. Clouds team starts to throw him up into the air to reach him, and the soundtrack had these trumpets playing. I swear my soul was about to leave my body and enter the astral plane because it felt so soulful and epic.

We don't hear her much in the movie, but choosing Maaya Sakamoto as Aerith was a godsend. Excellent decision.

>complete edition actually subtracts from the viewing experience (besides the better fight with sephiroth)
nice going squenix

No one believes me that i saw this premiere with Nobuo and Nojima at a private showing.

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All style, no substance.

tsuru tsuru tsuru tsuru


Tell me about them, was Nobuo happy to work on it's excellent soundtrack?

They sat a few rows behind mine. I didn't know who Nojima was at at the time. Cool movie.

Actors are currently selling away their likeness to be used even in their absence, ala Young Luke in the Mandlorian. The Japanese were right, they just pulled the trigger too soon.

the music is actually too good

straight kinos

it makes no sense and is complete shit

>No Final Fantasy VI movie
probably for the best they would just fuck it up, my favorite FF gets no love though, just shitty mobile ports...

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Well, they weren't entirely wrong, as user said, we already are in digital rendition of past actors. And they were also right when it comes to the Vidya industry, though that one is more obvious/easy. See Fortnite and Smash Bros.

The "remake" was horrible too, it's part 1 of probably 4 or 5 parts and there is so much unnecessary padding and idiotic story changes. I can't believe it reviewed so well.

I bet the full remake won't be finished in my life time.

Here's your Final Fantasy VI love bro

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Yeah that looks cool. Fund it.

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FF VI is really boring and overrated, all it has is a good villain and the opera segment. It's bottom half of the series and worse than both IV and V.

>FF VI is really boring and overrated
I feel this way about VII
>worse than both IV and V.
obviously false, don't be absurd.

>Unpopular opinion
Give me your ranking of the series so I can decide whether or not your opinion is genuine.

ayo imma fuck this whole world building we done for the past 25 hours with the world of ruin, never seen an RPG shit the bed so badly before

Kek mobile game. Are you havin' a laugh IS HE HAVIN' A LAUGH??

>X>VII>IV>V>VIII>I(GBA remake)>XII>VI>XIII>II(GBA remake)>III(DS remake)
Never played any of the MMOs and never will. For whatever reason I never played IX, I hear it was good. I was mostly done with the series after XIII, but I still hope its ship will right itself someday. I'd play the VII remake but I don't have a PS4 or a PS5.

How is the WoR not a continuation of the world building?

Honest question, why do you hate VI that much? Have you only played a mobile version or something? Is it too easy? There is a romhack for that which fixes much and leaves the story alone.
I can't imagine anything not enjoying VI, it is just phenomenal. It's like hating Mozart's Requiem or something.

>X as the best
>VIII better than VI
I know you're being genuine but your opinion is just absolute shit. X's story and characters are fucking unbearable and VIII though it has it's moment feels undercooked.

you just need to leave bro, this thread is for kino advent children not your horrible fucking takes

You need to leave putting 6 that low bitch ass nigga

I really liked IX, but I also like VI and thought VII was overrated so chances are you wouldn't like it that much.

>Honest question, why do you hate VI that much?
I played the GBA version. There are several reasons I didn't like it (I don't hate it though). One big thing was the way increasing stats worked, I constantly had to shift summons from one character to another depending on who was close to leveling up. If a character leveled up without the proper summon equipped it was a loss, ultimately it became more of a chore than anything.

The next reason is that I really didn't care about most of the characters. I didn't give a shit about Terra, I didn't give a shit about Locke, I didn't give a shit about Celes. I was wrong in saying that Kefka was the only good character though, Cyan the samurai guy was also pretty cool and I cared about him. But that's only two characters in the cast who are interesting.