Why do ww2 kinos always portray him as a screeching raving maniac?

Why do ww2 kinos always portray him as a screeching raving maniac?

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Who makes them?

>why do the jews portray hitler negatively


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inb4 our resident tel aviv NAZIS R TRANNIES spammer

by most accounts of the Wehrmact general staff little Adolf did have a habit of sperging out after Britain wouldn't sue for peace and worse later when Germany's advanced into the Soviet Union was checked.


Unironically satanic Marxist jewish pedo Leftwing white genocide communism NWO

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I (((wonder)))

Watch Das Boot (1981) and the TV mini series (2020). The Germans go from naval soldiers to raving First Order ranting and raving Nazi lunatics.

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holy shit, that's rich

Why don't we get Napoleonic war kino?

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As a jewish person, I support open borders of israel


>*thousands of tweets of jewish people telling "fellow white people" how they should act flashes across my mind's eye*

don't forget the forced lesbian antifa subplot that takes up 60% of the runtime.

I don't know how he really was but you can see a similar thing now with Putin. Mainstream media portrays him just as pure evil, a demon, with no logic... that is what propaganda is.

Same with Trump. They constantly showed pics of him "yelling" even though he was pretty subdued. Public opinion is formed by repetition.

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Yeah, there's lot of depth in that well. I'd really love to see more stuff about the Opium Wars or the Boxer Revolution though.

Did Putin invade Ukraine because he was pissed he failed to help Trump win a second time or was it because he had a micro dick?

>dude trump is totally a Russian asset Putin hacked the election for him he's just a puppet of the Kremlin
>no Putin waited four years to invade the Ukraine because trump would totally have done nothing

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>invades Georgia during Bush years
>invades Ukraine during Obama years
>annexes Crimea during Obama years
>invades Ukraine during Biden years
Why do you guys still do this? Are you just embarrassed that all your proof of Russian collusion turned out to be internet trolls mocking your stupidity, so you're just doubling down?

You see, Putin only invades other countries when there's a strong leader in the White House who he's afraid of!

Putin didn't need to invade anywhere when Trump was in office, because Trump kept calling the other NATO countries freeloading treaty-breakers, and demanding they massively increase their defense budgets!

Ridley Scott is making one right now IIRC

Yeah it really bothers me so I never watch anything WW2 related anymore.

>most photos taken of him are either pre-WW2 or right at the onset
>no photos taken towards the last month when he was so high on drugs he couldn't even function and was just an insane lunatic ready to snap at anyone

Because Hitler literally was a screeching, raving maniac, especially as his cocaine addiction careened out of control from 1935 onward. Hitler was literally a homeless-black-guy tier drug addict.

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You forgot demon loosh feeder

Goddamnit, if Hitler won, whites would have colonised the Moon and Mars by now. Fuck kikes.

Downfall shows him as being a charming guy who is constantly coked out and has a poor grasp of reality because of it.

Trump was unironically right though, the only non-freeloading countries in NATO are America and Turkey and Turkey just kind of does its own thing anyway. I wish Russia could have joined NATO to isolate China.

I'm the exact opposite of Hitler: a carnivorous, womanizing alcoholic.

I'm all that plus a severe Adderall addiction. So I'm basically you + Hitler.

A Boxer Revolution kino about chink retards who think bullets can't harm them would make China seethe, so I'm all for it.

I'm trans btw


Poland was pretty close IIRC, but yeah, everyone else was happy to let the American taxpayer pay for their defense

That’s photoshopped, and guess what, not actually yelling, Putin is his Nutty Buddy

He was the worst guy ever
Reviled and despised
But even Hitler had a girlfriend
So why can't I

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that maniac murdered millions of innocent jews

If you go to Japan you can find a girlfriend

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Hitler liked to hang out watching movies with his friends. (Source: Inside the Third Reich).

Because he was a winner, going from a hobo to the most powerful man in Europe and almost the world (just behind the president of the USA). Women like winners, not losers like you.

Yeah, maybe Pooland as well because of its bad blood with Russia.


Pick one and only one.

What a fucking horrid looking image. Genuine schizoid stuff.

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Watch how they try to pin the war on only him to make him look like some lone madman even though his approval ratings went up by a lot indicating the Russian people are also for it and he isn't alone. Or they show protests of a few thousand people in a country of over a hundred million as if to say the people aren't for this war and it's Putin alone. Russian people seem to like Putin but if you listened to western media you'd think they all hated him.

You know why...

$500 a month is cheap, do jap girls mind if you only speak English?

there are threads on (whatever the russian equivalent to facebook or gab is) basically demanding that putin glass the hohols.

>oy vey!

If you make an effort to learn the language
Besides. Where would you rather be, America or Japan?
You think Japan is causing billions in property damage in a summer of riots?

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goering coping about being a boring faggot

Because moustache man bad