Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park

Reading the book and seeing what the franchise is now is just sad. The two books were truly amazing, even the second one is better than the whole World trilogy.
>JP1 novel
>Here's why a dinosaur amusement Park is a stupid idea and it will never work
>JP2 novel
>here's why a "lost world" island filled with dinosaurs will kill itself in a few years
The dinosaurs were terrifying, not heroes or monsters, just scary creatures. The whole book was so dark, and cynical. Now we got an action movie with dinosaurs when it was supposed to be a horror story with dinosaurs. I don't understand why Hollywood didn't just remake the franchise with a loyal novel adaptation. It would be better than the new trilogy.

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Michael Crichton is a great author
Tom Clancy is as good. I miss techno thrillers
You should read/watch Andromeda Strain

>I miss techno thrillers
Have you read pic related? It's pretty fucking wild

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is this a real cover lol

Jurassic Park: the attempt to recreate what once was is dangerous, futile, and vain. monstrous.
It’s a lot like the idea of “you can’t go home again.”

Yes retard the book was wrottenlong before you were born and covers in that style were very common decades ago.

i was alive at that time and that is not a common cover for 1990

give me more recommendations my brother in christ
bonus points if i can pirate them

that's the Italian cover apparently
this is the first cover which is more traditional for the time

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It very much was. Especially in horror/romance novels. Of course there were alternates too that varied widely in styles.

first movie lived up to the first book.great adaptation. but second books movie was shite

>Tom Clancy is as good. I miss techno thrillers
I miss Tom Clancy in general

What a crappy cover art. I bet the soibeard who made it thought it was so le heckin retro. Why are they on a ranch in Florida with a mini T-Rex? Doesn't the book take place on Jurassic Park?

Is that supposed to be Ed Regis? Couldn't even get his hair color right ffs

>It’s a lot like the idea of “you can’t go home again.”


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Its heavily implied at the ending of the first one that the cat is out of the bag and the ecosystem in costa-rica will be majorly fucked by these new creatures
Also, I'm pretty sure its implied that the survivors will never be allowed to leave military surveillance since they fear the information will leak to the press

Jurassic Park is just watching people get eaten:the film. That's all anyone wants to see. Nobody would watch these if nobody ended up sliding down trex gullet.

What was the point of having a site B or second island at all?
Why couldn't the same exact story just have taken place on Jurassic Park?

3 people actually get eaten in the movie, and only one is visibly seen getting eaten. The other deaths are just implied.

Yeah, Crichton talked about how he wanted to leave it there, but the success of the book and movie took them by surprise and he had to bring it back, it was his first sequel, here’s a quote from him:
>(a sequel is) a very difficult structural problem because it has to be the same but different; if it's really the same, then it's the same—and if it's really different, then it's not a sequel. So it's in some funny intermediate territory.

Because Isla Nublar was bombed to hell at the end of Jurassic Park. No sequel was planned. "Site B" was a way to keep the park story after JP exploded in popularity. Same thing with Malcolm's death being implied (but not outright stated in JP) and basically retconned in Lost World.

It's old art, fag

Why wouldn't they glass site B too.

*first and only sequel

it was secret


He was right. But if the director had knowledge of Tom Clancy he would have brought up Red October, where the stealth system of the Russian sub is defeated.

>The dinosaurs were terrifying, not heroes or monsters, just scary creatures.
Sorry can't agree with you on this one.

You can't just create dinosaur-like creatures and just let them go extinct again.

From the beginning the dinosaur fans hijacked the franchise and they would demand survival.

True that the books were there to debunk both the park and the lost world, two enduring imaginations about survival. But the fans won't have that.

what actually happens to malcolm in the first film after the dinos get out. i cant remember. i need to rewatch this.

>if human intelligence exists, yeah
Come on, Tom.

I agree and I have that very edition of the book. I love it, it feels like an horror story with complex yet very down to earth science thrown in the mix

Why can't it be both? The dinos surviving and ruining the ecology is thematic. They're not le heckin heroes because they live.

In the first movie he gets nosebumped through an outhouse and spends the rest of the movie shirtless reclined in the visitors center. He’s in the jeep that picks up Grant and the kids, and is seen on the helicopter.

That font is horrid holy shit. Whoever made this should kill themselves.

You should also read his book timeline one of the only time travel books that stays true to the rules it sets out.

In the movie he distracts the T-Rex with a flare, and while running away from it the T-Rex ducks it head and bashes into him sending him flying. He breaks his leg, they take him back to the visitor center, and he spends most of the rest of the movie on a table. I think he and Hammond get to a jeep after that but they don't show it. I can't remember.

In the book he gets attacked in a different way but still ends up with a broken leg and ends up slipping away into unconsciousness/death before they escape at the end.

I just got that book for my birthday.
Don’t watch the movie though.

Specifically InGen acquired the lease for the island from some German mining company that had owned the island for like a century and they basically didn't tell anyone (including the Costa Rican government), and the local people were too spooked by the islands to go anywhere near them. When InGen shut down they literally just abandoned it and didn't tell anyone.

My biggest question though is how/why all the workers at site B (and the ones who survived JP itself) never said anything in between books. Any ND agreements would turn into toilet paper when InGen folded and there is no way some random site B janitor ISNT going to start showing off illicit photos of dinos he took or whatever.

You don't like that J and P, do you? =)

Jeff Goldblum in his prime was pretty hot ngl

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Crichton was probably the best “science communicator” besides Sagan. Read through his books and you’ll see the most accurate presentation and prediction of modern science and business anywhere, we’re living in the world he was warning everyone about.

People always get filtered by the first bit of Westworld and its autistic protagonist, but once the shit hits the fan and Yule steps in it's pure goddamned unfiltered balls to the wall kino.
Crichton can direct, too.

In the book he also gets all high on morphine and talks about crystals.

I learned what a fractal was because of the Jurassic Park books. It's an excellent primer on the concept.

Those are bad but the rest of it isn't very good either. It's just a weird font.

>That part in the Lost World where Malcolm starts ranting about how mass media and the internet are going to be the death of mankind since they kill all diversity of thought
Literally prophetic

If Hollywood would take this advice we might not have Chris Pratt chasing down dinosaurs on a motorcycle in the streets of Malta while the T-Rex acts like it was cloned specifically to act as the living deus ex machina for humanity
They may as well have Dr. Wu come out and say that he modified the T-Rex and Blue with Budgie DNA which made them friendlier to humans or some shit

The first Jurassic Park movie was ground breaking and amazing, even Crichton said it was far beyond anything he could have even expected.

The books said ecology cannot be ruined by humans. It's a big system that eliminated dinosaurs using some factors that regular people don't think to be mattered.

It basically said that dinosaurs had their chance

What fans, the ones i imagined, want is a kind Mother Nature that allows life to find its way.
The motto may sound stupid but it is the very thing by which fans hijacked the franchise away from the original vision about the system

In reality life didn't find way. The second book took time to explain that the rise of humans came from some factors humans themselves don't understand. Humans tried to attribute it to creativity or something, but such attribution loses the sight to the big picture. This is closer to reality and just opposite to "life finding its way"

Damn it's in the first book

>Now we got an action movie with dinosaurs when it was supposed to be a horror story with dinosaurs.
as a kid who watched it in the theater at the time, it was scary. It was also intriguing and most of all mind blowing. I went into that movie expecting claymation, imagine my shock.

I learned what I know about binary from Andromeda Strain.

I saw that movie with my bro and my dad. I was on a big dinosaur kick back then. And honestly I think my dad was more excited than I was. He had probably seen dozens of shitty claymation dinosaur movies and this was something new.

There was another rant, by Malcolm or someone else, about how we're hijacking science for our political, economic, and social needs and letting idiots influence scientific growth. It kind of struck me in the middle of covid when I was rereading JP.

I think it's more that human arrogance thinks we are a far more important part of a system and yet we are not. In JP, it was related to how we try to build systems that have all the fallbacks and checks and balances but they will still eventually fall apart when enough pressure is applied. Remember the Park gets up and running again MULTIPLE times through JP, but then something else happens due to a small detail here or there and knocks everything back three steps.

So much of TLW is about adaptations and environmental responses- Harding's comments of Savanna life or Malcolm talking about the evolutionary arms race. Sure, we can do a lot of damage over a short period of time like what InGen did on Sorna or Dobson's fuckeries, but at the end of the day Earth, nature, will swallow everything back up and the world will move on.

Honestly Thorne probably makes Chrichton's real point at the end of TLW:

>“A hundred years from now, people will look back on us and laugh. They'll say, 'You know what people used to believe? They believed in photons and electrons. Can you imagine anything so silly?' They'll have a good laugh, because by then there will be newer better fantasies... And meanwhile, you feel the way the boat moves? That's the sea. That's real. You smell the salt in the air? You feel the sunlight on your skin? That's all real. Life is wonderful. It's a gift to be alive, to see the sun and breathe the air. And there isn't really anything else.”

Same. I was like 11 when it came out, so I wasn't a little kid or anything. But riding my bike home from the theater in the dark... yeah, I was a little creeped out.

Malcolm did not survive. The second book waves it off as a miscommunication. It is anything but.

His death is literally the hammering of the final nail of his argument. Chaos will win and systems will fail because they never could have succeed in the first place and mankind has no power to control its destiny. Hammond only cracks and accepts that things might be going wrong when his most hated foe is literally breathing his final breaths before his very eyes, and when he goes storming away in a huff about it, he gets eaten alive to further prove Malcom's point right.

They talk about Ian's burial and how they need to communicate to his family that he's dead in the last few pages. Ian was deader than disco.

Then Michael got word from Spielberg that they were going to do another Jurassic Park; he could do it, or let them do it.

He cranked out Lost World as a final exploration of the concept and did a great job, but it's undeniable how glaring that handwave was.

I didn't read the book but the ethos of "messing with nature is bad" in jurassic park never made much sense to me. The worst that can happen is that the dinosaurs escape and kill people which is le bad, but not substantially worse than a bunch of tigers escaping their enclosure. It's not like they can leave the island and ruin the ecosystem.

>how we're hijacking science for our political, economic, and social needs and letting idiots influence scientific growth. It kind of struck me in the middle of covid when I was rereading JP
One of these threads inspired me to go out and buy a copy of the books last year, and I noticed the same parallel.

The dinosaurs in the first one were scary, but the new movies have zero fucking threat. I think and hope that's what OP meant.

The question is why use Malcolm again? Is it just because he was a chaotician or Crichton's self insert?
It seems like TLW would have gone the same if it was Grant instead.

They got Jeff back and not Sam. It had to be Ian.

>They talk about Ian's burial and how they need to communicate to his family that he's dead in the last few pages
I didn't remember that. I thought his last mention was one of the characters saying "...Malcolm?" and Grant shaking his hand silently or something like that. But I believe you.

Right, I forgot about that.

Unless they breed like mad and become an invasive species

>Remember the Park gets up and running again MULTIPLE times through JP, but then something else happens due to a small detail here or there and knocks everything back three steps.
That’s something I had forgotten about before rereading.
I liked that just when everything was back online and those few smaller setbacks were being corrected when they realized they were going to lose all power in the park and there was nothing they could do about it. I hadn’t gotten a sense of dread like that since (further spoiler for The Terror) they realized tunnbaq had already been tunneling into the ship

Dinosaurs might be able to invade Europe, but if they tried that shit in America rednecks would have a fucking field day.

not really. TOO much Spielbergism

>Unless they breed like mad and become an invasive species
one small problem, it's called the ocean.

Like if they were brought to the mainland or something

That’s why that whole subplot about raptors on the boat exists. Though how many could really get out that way? Then again, compys are already killing babies in Costa Rica.

Yes. It's the Italian cover.


Scroll to the bottom. Cover art gets wierd in different countries. The OG artwork for the US edition is the white one with the black outline of the T-Rex.

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In the book, some dinosaurs have escaped the island before the story even begins. It's implied they've been stowing away on the boats/ships (some raptors are discovered doing this during the story).