KDrama thread! ive been watching hotel del luna recently and finished episode 15

KDrama thread! ive been watching hotel del luna recently and finished episode 15

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how have you been?

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What do we think of AppleTvs "Pachinko" ?

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Pretty kino desu, still have to watch the seventh episode

There is a new owner coming! Do you think it's going to be someone we've seen already?
Also, hello.

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yejibros we got wiped out in /kpg/

kdrama only!

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irene is cute when she puts away her bitchiness

not kdrama.

right!! i didnt expect a new owner lol i thoguht they were all going to go away and life happily ever after lol
doesnt the owner have to have a huuuuuge grudge on someone for them to be owner?? i wonder how many owners there has been lol
and hiii

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kek we wanted a few days off anyway

is it done yet?

mogged by henlo

yejibros what krama are we watching?


just finished this. it was ok.

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What happened?

so you made this thread here because your pedophile friend is banned on Yea Forums? how pathetic are you guys?

which one is that??

the ones on pornhub brother

theres one more episode i think

>mogged by a toddler face

STFU pedo cumdump

ive been making threads here because kpg didnt like us talking about kdramas there i didnt know anyone was banned sorry ill talk about any kdramas i know about!

Hyunjoong asking them to pinky promisse was funny in a cute way. I also loved that scene where she got back and everyone was hugging. They are like a family.
>that picture
Iu was so cute during his vision of her!
They are going away but they won't be living lol.
I think they do. That's why they have to drink the wine that tastes bitter than their life or something like that. I think only Iu. Wasn't mago the one at the hotel when we see at first? Maybe mago realized it was better to leave someone to take care of it so she can be free to do whatever it is she does.

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yejibros posted where reddit were talking about /kpg/ and the yejibros and then they decided to come to our thread and mass report all yejibros and we were wiped brother bad jannie'ing

do you have something to recommend me to watch? i've only watched popular ones here like kingdom and squidgames. can't really stand how they used lightning in kdramas, they all look really bright

how new are you? kpg has always talked about kdramas. the only reason there was some backlash is story groomer. people will follow him here to bully him the same way because he is a creepy pedophile

My Liberation Notes again with the three shot (or whatever they call this)

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why are you ban evading you little bitch?

brother that looks interesting we will add this to our watchlist brother

delusional, shes one of the most beautiful women in the world who everyones seen
no one knows who that goblin lookin henlo bitch is

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nobody is making threads because of that idiot fucking get real
but the ban shit for so-called off topic posting is ridiculous these days
cant talk kdrama in one thread, can't talk kpop in another
wtf happened to the chanz

My mister is cool.

youre right all the daydreaming scenes of iu were so cute!
>they won't be living lol.
LOL i mean in heaven haha
hmm maybe even gods need a break lol maybe the hotel del luna owner isnt supposed to be around for 1000 years lol
the time travel segments were so cool!! someone yesterday said they liked the time travel episode and was like whaaaaat? i guess it was this episode haha

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imagine going to a coffee shop and talking to someone and when you change topics the waitress comes over and tells you to move to another part of the shop

id say my mister! its a darker kdrama i think emotionally and actually lol

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kek brother a perfect analogy bravo brother bravo

why does cbs and co. use Yea Forums like it's discord

in the mood for a supernatural kdrama... what is there?

lol he manipulated you yet again and you didn't even notice. he must be laughing right now because it's so easy.
who do you think this was?

ikr but who cares
just ignore it

>nobody is making threads because of that idiot
are you serious? the only reason these threads exist is because storygroomer thought it would be easier to flirt with his little comebecky here since he gets bullied nonstop on Yea Forums

hotel del luna is about iu who has ghost super powers! its mostly about the characters though but its cool when she uses her powers!

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That's cool. I haven't watched it yet. I think I'll finish hotel del luna first. I should finish it by tuesday. Then I'll try to watch one episode a day and 2 on the weekend to catch up. Then we can talk about both episodes on sunday or something like that.
Would you be interested?

Other scene that was really was when she opened her arms and asked him to pick her, he does and she wants to go to the bedroom but he just puts her on the couch. Cutesy manwol can't win against serious chanseong.
>someone yesterday said they liked the time travel episode and was like whaaaaat?
Same. At first I thought the time travel would play some huge role but no it was more to show us that mago was giving a chance to chanseong to stay with a past version of her but I was happy he didn't think that much and just went back after doing what he needed.

she's so lonely she doesn't even care that story groomer is a genuine pedophile

sure, I'm usually here so just post away

kill yourself pedo

idk maybe sorry i hear what youre saying! idk what to say i just what to talk about kdramas

Have you watched Master's Sun? It's very funny.

Then I'll try to watch so we can start talking about all episodes including the ones release that weekend by sunday.

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i like the costumes and the outfits!! the iu gambling part was hilarious haha her cheating with a ghost!! lol and the poverty mago is sent as punishment haha
do you know how to play go?? i dont
AND WHENchan seong said she had too many horses LOL actually laughed out loud at that hahaha ma go mustve known because right when chan seong got back iu did, im glad the her losing her memories came up! she didnt lose anything important so thats good

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I'm not even trying to shit on you here but don't you have any pride? to talk to someone who obviously tries to manipulate you a little more every day... do you seriously think that he will be satisfied just talking about kdramas? sooner or later he will get you to do something that you will regret for the rest of your life

how are all of these mentally ill retards not banned yet?

mods will probably delete this thread soon once they realize what's going on here (pedo grooming general)

They looked quite good in the traditional clothes especially iu. Hanbok iu was so lovely!
And it was chanseong who made her be a foodie and go to famous restaurants.
I do but I am not very good. You could even say that I suck a lot at it. I tried to improve at it because it's one of the 4 arts a scholar-gentleman was supposed to master in ancient china but I'm still bad at it. Talking about scholars, we learn that barman grudge is because he was a scholar but was expelled because he wrote porn? I wonder who he holds his grudge against and what he wants to happen so he can leave. Explains why he has been around for so long (500 years!)
I laughed at that too. He even says that she can only keep 3. Past iu was also a lot more comprehensive and nice. Didn't try to argue with chanseong as much. I guess she really didn't want to be poor again.
I laughed when bellboy says that he thought iu didn't remember the guy and she's just "... move on from that" and keeps talking.

writing like a little girl doesn't make you appear any less dangerous, pedo

i too like holocaust survivors

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this group hug was so cute
right!! we even get a backstory for her loving food haha
>4 arts a scholar-gentleman was supposed to master in ancient china
wait really!! what are the other ones?? you follow ancient chinese history?
and right!! the barman wow i didnt expect that, hmmmm im GUESSING that he didnt actually write anything bad? and he was framed or something
>... move on from that
haha that was funny i laughed too
when iu was like im not the jealous type ill just kill you LOL and started punching him hahaha

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shameless pedo slut

she'd actually be good in an asian ghost woman role

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Jesus fuck what the fuck is wrong with whoever wrote Black?
> Male Protag murder kids by chucking them off roof in front of female protag
> get kid caught up by pedo murderer just so he doesnt change the timeline
> save qt female protag from suicide only for his own end, fully intend to get her killed later on because her lower is a threat to him.
> Romance is twisted as fuck because female protag is in love with a walking corpse and walking corpse is only using her love for him as a way to track down ghosts.
This shit is fucking depressing.

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hello, friend
i finally started this show. It had a slow start but im still going to continue watching it

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There is something about I cannot understand, for Asian standard she isn't beautiful but when looking at her I feel like kind of captivate. Don't know exactly what word to describe her tho.

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that sounds really sad

I'm really enjoying this drama. I've had it in my to watch list for a long time since I found out it was the same writer as My Mister. I didn't find out it started airing until someone in the previous kdrama thread mentioned it.

ok!! i heard that show is good