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star trek is boring lmao

Guys how come 2024 Dr. Soong has a clone daughter who looks like dahj and soji? Why does dr.soongs ancestor look exactly like his 400 year old ancestor? Why does he keep making clones or whatever of this hapa broad with a giant chin? Does he have a Chinese wife that got cut or something? Is he recreating a real dead daughter or just a jerkoff playing God by making humans but shittier? Also I'm pretty sure vulcans didn't have mind melds and teleporters in 2024, aren't they in the midst of a bloody Civil War and a very warlike people? Humans don't meet them in star trek canon for hundreds of years. This show fucking sucks.

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Star Trek is comfy

I've got faith of the fart.
Haha gottem.

You have posted this shitty bait image of yours 19 times in 3 days.

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>slogging through voyager barely paying attention
>suddenly 7/9 backstory episode
>parents shuttle uses tng style
>beaming uses the tng beaming noise

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Wtf. What's some other behind the scenes Trek drama?

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Orthodox Jewish

It’s weird that every soong is an asshole and looks like every other soong. It’s almost like they are driven by a supernatural force that keeps reincarnating old man soong so he can play god one more time, just over and over.

This could be the last time

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Post underrated characters

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I'm with you, user. I also hate when people post images on imageboards!


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I have to say picard season 2 has been a resounding success as far. Every time they take stuff in a direction I never saw coming and i’m just hooked.
TNG > TOS > DS9 > PICARD > power gap > VOY > STD > ENT

Christ is risen!

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So why does life still suck?
If our sins are forgiven and everything is alright now, why is life still full of suffering?

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life just sucks

Woah dude I LOVE how you can buy a collector's plate which is a parody of collector's plates. Multiple levels of irony! This is everything.

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>god becomes a man
>makes himself a chad with long flowing hair
>god makes me
>balding manlet
uhhh wtf is that about?

You're gonna summon MKUltra.
Oh well, I guess pre-emptive strike won't hurt in this case.

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based berman desu

so he respectfully removed the badge?

Happy Birthday Jack Jack, from everyone in /trek/!

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Rick Berman is such a monster. he treated her so badly!
I guess that's why she was trying to get back to TNG so hard over the years.

>now pals with RLM
deckchads just can't stop winning

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Hate nuTrek?
>It's Autism
Why cope with mediocrity this hard?

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But that's what le ebil /pol/ 2.0 nazi geezer chuds like.
You're not a le ebil /pol/ 2.0 nazi geezer chud, are you, user?

RLM is collapsing behind the scenes if you haven’t heard. They won’t be around much longer

I hear Patrick Stewart was abusive to them on set.

DeLacie’s wife is a fucking babe and I’ve oozed gallons to her

I heard it, dude. This info has been all over Yea Forums for the last 6 years or so. They're literally finished.

I don't understand how Marina Sirtis can be a left-wing lunatic but also a hardcore Christian.

I don't understand how trek fans can be hardcore christians either.

She obviously meant unceremoniously

many such cases

A friendly reminder just 11 days until the premiere of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount+.

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Jeri Ryan too

Orthodox aren't real Christians. But they're still way better than protestcucks.

Well at least they have a briefing room now

What is her Twitter icon? A battery between her toes?

because we got to see what the actual future is like and are desperately backtracking

Truly the end of all things.

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tarkovsky made solaris and was an orthodox christian

What's up with O'Brien's rank?

Andrei rublev
tree of life

He's a non-com. He's not an officer.

Something's missing...

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Computer, one dilator, extra large.

DankSharts9 is bad and you should feel bad

Eat shit.

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Star Trek TOS Season 3 is agonizing, just finished lights of Zetar. More bad than good episodes, I just want it to end. I don't even like the fan-approved S3 episodes like "The enterprise incident". I just want to watch the movies and TNG now.

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Must be one of the weird spinoff cults with the hippie jesus that hates the rich and hangs out with whores

I don't understand how you can lack so much self awareness in a star trek thread, but here we are.

Jesus didn't hang out with whores.

>eat ds9
No thank you

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>Mexican flag
The entire South America is basically voodoo-christian. I have no clue what they actually believe.

nobody tell him

looks like despite the raucous clamour of stamped feet from a million little incel hovels across the world- picard is doing great. all your seething tantrums couldn’t combine into the symphony of unfuckable autism loud enough to drown out the absolute monsoon of praise washing all your tears into irrelevancy. twitter is constantly abuzz with picard, every episode drop is a red letter occasion in households from coast to coast. trek is fucking back. never before have we seen this level of shared enthusiasm stretching across state lines and across oceans, not since TOS. not only is this new series intelligent, it’s also a crowd pleaser- very hard to pull off these days, and all forecasts are looking like a picard sweep is about to engulf pop culture. honestly- no hyperbole here crewmates- i think picard might instigate one of those magical shifts in global imagination, a cultural reset and a new era of romanticism. shit this well written, this well acted and this well made does not come about often. imagine how rare a shakespeare is. now imagine a team of shakespeare’s writing a show, a team of kubricks directing and a team of dedicated indians doing the CGI- all of that in one lifetime, that’s a whole enterprise load of talent squeezed into the 21st century. time anomaly maybe- but seriously, we should all join hands through this anonymous ideaspace in just appreciating picard. if you are smart enough to recognise what we have here, please reply “Engage!” to this post


Mark 2:13-17

brainwashed minion of satan


They believe America is heaven and they must do whatever depraved, wretched thing possible in their homeland to get a ticket there, then they must lock the gate on the way in to prevent anyone else from entering.

Stop talking to yourself.

>marina is one of The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy

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