This guy writes some solid movies, which is your favorite and least favored ones?

this guy writes some solid movies, which is your favorite and least favored ones?

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It was one girl, thusly a gangbang not an orgy

The one with the girl in the sewer doing naughty things


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Indian joker?

The one about the house that's run by an AI that falls in love with the woman living inside and then rapes and impregnates her.

The Shining because based Kubrick gave him the middle finger

>if you’re gonna do king right, better let king do it himself
>directs maximum overdrive
What did he mean by this?

Maximum Overdrive is pure cocaine fueled KINO.

11/22/63 is waifu kino.

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He looks like the fucking Grinch

>microwaves salmon

King is a fucking retard, more than half his bibliography is genuine dogshit. The other half is almost entirely mediocre trash. Michael McDowell, Robert McCammon, many more, far better pulp horror writers.


The cgi is dated, but Andre Linoge is pure kino

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the proper word is a "train"

and made a better story

doctor sleep is pretty good. still haven't read the book.

I liked Riding the Bullet cuz the MC is just liek me

>pedo smile

Not schizo but you can literally the djin/demon possessing him. He took drugs and let demons inspire his writings. Fucking creepy. It sucks growing up and realizing so many people in holywood are devil worshiping satanists.

He's unironically a shitty writer, though he has some good ideas
>every story has a character that was an alcoholic and goes to AA meetings
>lots of stories have "force in the town that makes the townspeople act weird or ignore atrocities"
>overly complex explanations (see Pennywise in IT) for basic stories
>literally never wrote a good ending. Even Kubrick had to fix the Shining's ending (and this was King's best ending)

I love The Stand and the 1994 series was comfy apocalypse kino. 2020 The Stand sucked besides the hand of god scene managing to not come off corny like in the 1994 version. If only we could get a Frank Darabont The Stand tv adaptation. If you watch the first season of The Walking Dead its got heavy The Stand vibes and Darabont made Shawshank, Green Mile, and The Mist as well so I have no doubt if anyone could do it, it would be him.


1980's Stephen King was pretty cool. 2022 Stephen King is a fucking asshole the talks shit about his dead friends for virtue points.

I would've liked Darabont's take on the Dark Tower. Everyone raves about that Mike Flanagan guy right now but Darabont is the superior filmmaker.

He was always fucking creepy looking and off putting. Also, King's a christcuck and that pissed off Kubrick.

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>2020 The Stand
fuck you for reminding me this existed .... what a hunk of shit. I couldn't even make it through half the first episode

I’m putting the curse of the white man from town on this entire thread!

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The Stand is probably my favorite work of his, but of all his works, I would like to see The Langoliers revisited. It's my favorite time travel concept.

Misery hands down his best

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does he even have anything to do with the movies

Sometimes he wrote the script. He usually acts in them.

The only answer


In reality, the only overrepresentation in terms of ethnicity and Oscar's are that of jews, and it's massive.

But this cunt would never dare say that.

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>cocaine is a hell of a drug

He usually has minor oversight on script changes and generally a cameo. He's very lax in letting directors adapt his material.

That's not Storm of the Century

wtf I just looked this up. You mean to tell me this miniseries from the 90's is his best? I will go out of my way to seek it out, but it better hold up. Never heard of it. Not a zoomer btw.

Its the best. Watch it every few years myself.

hack retard who has never written anything good in charge of having hack opinions who knew

psychedelic inspiration when?

I know that it's not well-regarded, but Nightflyer.

Night flyer is okay but storm of the century is better

Creepshow(it's literally the best horror anthology movie)
The Shining
Stand By Me

Cat’s Eye is kino

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>Creepshow(it's literally the best horror anthology movie)
The overexaggerated lighting to mimic comics, the costume design, the set design, the campy tongue-in-cheek stories doused in black comedy.
This is where the thread ends, Creepshow is objectively the best Stephen King film and the best thing he ever wrote period.

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>It's in Maine, just like me
>The main character is a writer, just like me

Oh fuck I forgot

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Maximum Overdrive is pure, retarded fun.

This but also get this... a cynical/restless writer as the main character... and he cant come up with anything! And maybe lives in maine

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my fav is The Dark Tower

>King's a christcuck
King's books love to shit on Christian characters as being crazy/evil to the point where it's one of the main tropes in his entire oeuvre.

>>lots of stories have "force in the town that makes the townspeople act weird or ignore atrocities"
>>overly complex explanations (see Pennywise in IT) for basic stories
Yeah what the fuck? He couldn't have just been an alien/abomination who lives in the sewers. Hes also a whole other species (Dryer! completely different than spider!) and is one of the pillars of the world creators or some asspull to tie it into le epic King universe?


He looks like some creature that is wearing the skin of a person and pretending to act like a human

Misery, Creepshow, Running Man are all pretty fun. And I remember when Shawshank Redemption was considered the best movie of all time by imdb and some other sites

Stand By Me
Children of the Corn
Pet Cemetary

Those are his only good movies.

>Pet Cemetary
I forgot that one, good theme song by the ramones too

Are we all in agreement that Shawshank and TGM are the most overrated of his books' movie adaptations?

I love The Mist.
Ending was kino Twilight Zone-epic

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