Are actors basically prostitutes?

Are actors basically prostitutes?

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i dont have an issue with prostitution, i have an issue with the sale of sex being legal, but the purchase of sex being illegal.

Not real.

actors were considered lower than prostitutes in ancient greece

>female logic

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That's obviously 82, illiterate

Women will argue they can sell sex but then also say its rape too.

My problem with prostitution is actually selling your emotions, not your body.

>A woman that never existed: "Oh, I can have sex without getting emotions"

i’m esl

Rachel Weisz said this in the Jewish Journal

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Don't post on Yea Forums you disgusting 3rd world mud.

I've never been slapped for calling someone a carpenter, I believe there's still a difference.

I am posting on 4channel, though

>work is providing a good or service in exchange for money
>whores provide sexual services in exchange for money
can an incel chime in why they feel roastie are not working?

That's an insult to whores. It takes more courage to accept your depravity than to hide it behind the big screen.


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He still had balls. Bet he ended up with strange as fuck fetish/fixations. Like, masturbating to the soft feeling of fabric, or random objects. Poor bastard.

>you have to respect me!!!!
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Pride cometh before a fall

Porn actresses are basically prostitutes
Actresses are basically high class prostitutes

Obviously the world's oldest profession is a profession, it's just that for all of human civilization it's been seen as a necessary evil at best and usually something that should be curtailed

I mean if you think about it all those venereal diseases people get from watching movies, it really makes sense that actors are basically pros...WAIT THAT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS because other jobs aren't the same as being a cheap dirty whore.


Mental gymnastics

they're all whores, so yeah

True to a certain extent. Europe knows this America is once again behind the times.


Any time an actress does her little "sophisticated" nude scene, she's whoring herself out. I find it amusing how everyone takes nudity in movies so seriously, but for whatever reason prostitution, which is natural, is banned. We are a sex obsessed society that makes sex basically unattainable for anything other than the top 5% of men.

They should ban porn and legalize prostitution. Since I'm such a sigma male, I end up seeing whores any way. don't give af that it's illegal.

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tried to find some of that whore's onlyfans leak but alas no such thing

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clean it up janny

Can you imagine how powerful he became?


it's called humor

There's no need to shame a whore, they instinctively know to be ashamed of themselves for their stupidity and amorality.

yes basically

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you don't get venereal disease from watching porn, dumbass. unless you mean making it but there are far more hazardous jobs

why must women make everything so base and rank and degraded

Christ I couldn't get through ten seconds of this to get to her point
How do they manage to be so unsexy and like such a turnoff despite doing the poses and looking good
Like actually how do they repel men so much

tl;dr image

shoulda just chosen the "and yet you participate in society, curious" image :v

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Hentai exists.

lol your mind is pozzed af

>incel shit
Isn't it usually older women who hate prostitution?

women think men need porn to masturbate lmao

In those cases it's made legal to sell in order to prevent poor sex-trafficking victims from getting into legal trouble, and adding insult to their injury. You could of course legalize it all if you got past the whole "moral decline" argument, but even then, you'd have to create a whole new governing/regulatory body, which isn't something you do overnight, and you'd have to make sure the taxes it brought in would at the very least cover the costs of running it.

The purpose of sex is reproduction

Taking pills to trick your body into thinking it's pregnant for decades is like throwing up cake after eating it so you don't get fat
You may think you are fooling the system. In reality You are fooling yourself.

sex work obviously isnt "real work", but its important to have in a functioning society nonetheless

If the woke crowd could coalesce and make a decision about how they want to treat sex work we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. The problem is that the social justice folks are highly split on this topic - some see it as empowering, some see it as degrading. Its oddly the one thing in the woke camp that they dont have a clear concensus on and honestly I don't see them agreeing on it anytime soon, not within at least a couple of generations.

He could've used his wizard powers to save himself from death

I'm not going to look it up but I'm sure there are fucked up people born without eyes

They want to have it both ways. It's "empowering" while they're actually doing it, then once they've had their run and realize they've permanently fucked up their ability to have meaningful relationships they want to turn around and cry about how degrading and unfair the industry is.

Who's that?

Nice strawman
People dislike whores because they're whores not because they're lazy

women should be whores, they just shouldn't be paid for it or allowed to refuse service

any form of labour is low class shit, we are gentlemen of leisure