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bump, although its a pretty dismal season 2bh

Whatever happened to Anfisa and George?

Alright guys I hate to say it but this cast looks like a pile of shit this season. No /ourguys/, no midgets, no autists, nothing. I've been posting this general every Sunday for a couple of years now. I'm sorry to say unless things improve you might not be able to rely on me to continue to post these threads at least for this season. We'll see.

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George went to prison where he was dumped by Anfisa. He got out of prison, lost a ton of weight and married and had a child with someone else.

Anfisa turned into a professional bodybuilder.

Yeah I’m not even watching it

the redhead roasty is so fucking hot bros.

It's funny because they obviously went for a different demographic this season and it absolutely sucks. Hilarious watching redditors lose their mind

Fair enough, the only one that might end up entertaining is the zoomer mutt trying to turn the serbian hoe into a tradwife

Christ lol. All that simping just to end up with someone else. Probably a good thing desu.

I've only seen a couple of episodes but who are the waifus?


Bitching 5 minutes after arriving. Yeah no

really just the redhead who "traveled the world" whos now 29 and trying to marry a mexi-twink

Maybe this guy has the right idea

These 2 guys fuck white the girl is in the US

this bitch has fucked half of south america hasn't she

>Your daughter is an absolute whore
>Has at least two black boyfriends who end up in prison
>Send her to china so at least you dont have to worry about her being left as a single mother by some thug
>She comes back from china with a black baby
>You now have to support her black bf AND her kid
Wew just imagine

Why are Latin men so faggy

That woman is very attractive.

That old lady is hot

zoomerbros, is this drip?

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Idk but this bitch is clearly just interesting in hoeing around a major american city and does not like him at all. Too bad he didn't listen to his parents

Yeah, it's Brandon/Julia all over again 2bh

>a major american city
She wants to go to Gomorrah itself
She wants to go to LA, you already know what that means

The Jew/Ethopian couple may give us some entertainment.

brandon inexplicably lucked out
julia is a fucking smokeshow

>single mom with autismo/downie son
oh nononono

Well there's you entertainment, anons. A autistic cripple.

>typical Yea Forums user

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I think we found /ourguy/


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>tfw you will never have a dumb "native" bimbo push a catheter into your penis every 3 hours
Why live?

It's so fucking stupid.

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she is white tho

Redditors got what they asked for, normies. It's the Big Eds and Mikes that make the show entertaining.

Well there’s the cancelled cast member of the season

Did you guys see David training to go fight in Ukraine the other day?

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I heard that Jovi used his underwater welding skills to sabotage the Russian flagship that sunk a few weeks ago

Mohammad looks like a buff Tim

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It was also found out they were married in 2019.

She really couldn't find a partner in a normal way?

Why resort to this shit?

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The Stingray of Ukraine

I think she's pretty, but I know she is not

i honestly just feel bad for her. shes too pure for tlc sideshow shit.

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What man wants a autistic disable stepson?

Is he retarded? who the fuck rolls up to the car wash with windows down

She's a 48 year old single mom with a kid that has autism, downs syndrome and needs a catheter shoved in his dick every three hours


why this nigga wearing a cowboy hat?

>Black Serbs
What a redundant name


He’s mixed in a pretty white place, (4 America) he’s confused about himself.

>president Putin
>the usa have sent David to Ukraine
>... is he wearing his leather duster?
*aide nods affirmatively*

>mom bod
men have only ONE fucking standard and that is don't be fat yet 60% of women still fail that. Society is collapsing

They already have 3 story lines to cry about. The Serbian girl blackfishing, the guy pranking with the shitty run down apartment and this Midwest college girl family being racist cause they have a cameroon underwear model coming into their house

Is there anything more based than "pranking" your girlfriend into revealing herself as a gold digger?

i'm laffing at reddit crying and calling it abuse

most of these whores know theyd fail
they hate the prospect that left to they own devices, they would cheat themselves out of something good

I ignore all the black guy white girl couples

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These 2 had competition to see who could get the most phone numbers. It was wild

She's so fat and ugly

im here fellow underwater earthrockerbros

Wassup Jovi

oh god just look at her fucking face

and shes only 29
the wall hits HARD and hits FAST

Is it true Yara joined the Azov Battalion, Jov?

"omg its so hard to date when you already have a child with someone"
Yeah no shit, retard.

She is every drunk Midwest college girl