Why did they make such a big deal about Black Panther being the first black super hero represented on screen when Blade...

Why did they make such a big deal about Black Panther being the first black super hero represented on screen when Blade did it 20 years prior? In a much better movie at that.

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Blade wasn't first either

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back when capeshit actually did have SOVL

Because one is just a movie and the other is a propaganda piece. You already know this.

I was about to say fuck black Panther. Spawn is the baddest African American comic book character. Along with blade. No need to diversify existing stuff when there are really cool black characters that no ones fucking with.

because muthafuckahs always trying to ice skate uphill

Black Panther used to be very cool to be fair

He hasn't been since 2010 or so though since black writers turned him into a Gary Stu and white writers felt the need to pair him with whatever black female comic book character is popular

>got that reference

Take it easy. We saw the black guy like 10 seconds and he was a big CGI mess the rest of the movie. Never read the comics, but couldn’t hardly remember if he was black or not.

marketing gimmick, just like every other pseudo-political message you've seen regurgitated by corporations on social media
>muh blackrock
yeah there's nothing corporations love more than being told by some Jew that they need more black people on their boards

black panther had rap music in it, don't think blade did

>black panther had rap music in it, don't think blade did

It had J-Hop and some Limp Bizkit sounding shit in it

Blade's soundtrack is all rap so yeah it probably did though I can't recall it

The only reason the MCU exists is because of Blade

Very impressive

Propaganda and gaslighting.

The 90s had a few cool black heroes and then everything was made cringe at some point.
It's like you've stepped into the wrong dimension.

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Permanent revolution. For leftist social subversion to retain its hold on society, a state of constant revolution has to be maintained, so every idea that props up the agenda has to be presented as new and paradigm shifting, even if the idea has precedents. The new elite, entrenched for many decades now, along with its ideology, keeps running victory laps, claiming every passing of the finish line as a new record.

Because Marvel paid people to shill Black Panther. People would have called it mediocre if Marvel hadn't aggressively shilled and pushed the "empowering" angle.
Check out the HBO cartoon if you haven't. It's kino.

He wasn't celebrated as the first black superhero IIRC. the movie was celebrated as the first all black produced film. I can only imagine how many things got nicked from the set.

Yeah what the Fuck did he mean with tht line anyway?

blacks before hollywood went woke:
spawn, blade, that guy from predator 1, predator 2 as a whole, that guy from ghostbusters, etc etc

- masculine, down to earth, reliable, and relatable despite the racial differences.

blacks after hollywood went woke:


leftoids ruin everything

>Noooo you can't just be black or white and be fine with it why aren't you sucking each other's dicks and race mixing????

Blade was before current year and a reminder of things before current year, so to them it doesn't exist.

it can't exist, intersectional activism is always about "breaking barriers" to create the illusion of progress.

no one said it was the first

they don't love it but they have little choice.
let's say your large company isn't diverse enough, the CRC can fine you for being in non compliance with the Civil Rights Act. so you have an HR department to maintain compliance.

where Blackrock and other large investment groups comes into play is the financial side. They use the ESG to measure wokeness and only invest (buying stock) in companies that are sufficiently woke.
most companies are in huge debt and are always borrowing to fuel growth on paper. one of the determining factors of a company's ability to borrow is it's valuation or share price. when a whale like Blackrock buys a few billion in shares it helps a company's ability to borrow.
but they need to borrow inorder to operate because profits go to servicing their debt.

it's fucked up but the government and a few select oligarchs completely control most of corporate America

No social media back then.
zoom troons dont care that it isn't new or unique.
They just want to signal virtues on social media..
They have been brainwashed into thinking everything is new.
Fuck...us white kids in the 80s wanted to be Axel Foley.

Why was HHH in Blade 3?

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Malebolgia resurrected him in a white man's body. Al Simmon's corpse is actually in his grave the whole time.
But yes, he was a black man when he was alive.

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lol are you retarded?

Because blade and spawn werent africa-centric like black panther is? Simple question, simple answer.

he reverts back to his old self later on via shapeshifting

>Malebolgia resurrected him in a white man's body
Based. I remember the early days of covid, when pol was convinced it was turning chinese into blacks because of the brain fog.

Because he made for a funny wrestling vampire

There's nothing African about black panther. Wakanda is what Africa might have been had the natives been exterminated a millennia earlier, and the continent resettled by actual human beings.

the marketing for the film treated it as a real place
it's a political vehicle before it's a comic book movie

An eternal present where the party is always right?

>hurrdurr racism

Basically, people are always trying to do things ass backwards. Always trying to do things the hard way.

I guess I dont see the problem with black people getting an african superhero movie.

There's nothing hurrdurr about racism, user. They were being judged by the content of their character the entire time. If an individual acted like them, and you shunned that individual, nobody would question you for it. But the same sequence applied to a group is supposedly evil? That's the real hurrdurr, friend.

Ignoring the fact that Black Panther is a lazy character and there's been better black superheroes, everything surrounding the film was made into an identity politics shit fling.
Why draw so much attention to the fact that it's a black guy anyway?
Blade never did.

because wakanda

i don' t even care about any of this capeshit but is blade really a superhero though? he's a vampire hunter with some kung fu moves and a gun. is all it takes to be a superhero "originate from an american comic book"?

He's as much of a superhero as Punisher is, if that answers your question.

Define superhero

Point of order, user. I agree with the point of what you're saying entirely, but "permanent revolution" isn't the term for that. Permanent revolution is a specific concept in Marxist and (most commonly) Trotskyite theory, whereby a proletarian revolution in one country could only be properly be sustained if similar uprisings took place in other countries soon afterwards. Otherwise, the first revolution would collapse or degenerate into a "deformed worker's state".

All the other wonderbread super heroes. are shit too. You just want to complain because you have hurt fee fees over nothing and probably have a persecution complex thinking your people are being replaced because hollywood made a black panther movie.

The problem is they are never satisfied. Thats the problem. You give them their own movies, they want their own studios, it goes on and on and on and when you say no they holler racism like spoiled children because our government has spoiled them for so long.

He's a 90s antihero.
They still count as superheroes, but with none of the glamour and most of the virtuous characteristics stripped away.

Marketing. But Blade and Spawn's comics are unfortunately shit

Nah. I've read comic books and I know what I like.
Black Panther was a mediocre movie that was made out to be the event of the century.
A similar approach would be cringe for me regardless of the race.

It's not all rap tho. The rave scene was edm for example

Shame on miniorities for thinking they could yank the levers of power away from the mayonnaise gang with their black panther movie.

I would like to mention that green lantern sucks.

Black Panther was nominated for an AACTA award for visual effects

Yeah you think your going to yank the power away from the same people that are supporting you and tricking you into voting for them by promising you free stuff and by keeping you reliant on their system. So smart and based kek.

>thinking your people are being replaced because hollywood made a black panther movie.
I've literally seen it happening in real-time, you dumb faggot. The demographics of my country have visibly changed, subhuman shitstain.

That's kind of the problem though, turning it into a competition for who has the more power and representation.
People are treated specially based on their skin color because of woke identity politics.
This means your most important feature is your race. In a way it's more racist than actually treating everyone equally.


The visual effects were pure shit especially the final fight scene. I've seen better CGI in Starship Troopers.

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