Alan Moore's Thoughts about Marvel

>Stan Lee came up with a kind of formula where he gave a "personality problem" to his bad guys and good guys. So now they were good guys but had problems finding a girlfriend. Or they were good guys but had a bad leg. This is what is considered a character trait in the average comic book,, and comic book adaptations. This is a two dimensional character. They do not have true personalities, they do not resemble real human beings, there's nothing special about them and it wouldn't matter that much if they didn't "try" so hard. They just have one small cosmetic flaw in an attempt to make them feel "realistic". If you want to write a tridimensional character, you NEED to take that further. You need to make flaws have a reason, something beyond their own actions, and sometimes accept they do not have a solution. If you want to write a good character do not see them as "this ones are the good ones" and "this one are the evil ones", just people. Always flawed, sometimes good and noble, sometimes disgusting and evil, but at the end just people. Do not make concepts, which is what most stories these days do. Treat your characters with more respect than yourself, even if you dislike them.

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Based. Nice digits.

Moore hasn't written anything good in like 20 years.

>villain broke his leg/was deformed/was mocked therefore evil
but Ugly people do tend to be more evil, this is actually more accurate to reality and not two dimensional at all

Being accurate to reality isn't enough to not be two dimensional.

Providence was fantastic.

But he has written something good, which is already better than 99% of writers.


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his actual book is evidence he's not a good writer

>Another thread of Moore hating fags seething

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Hot. Source?

Why do anarchists love bombs so much?
Why do communists hate farmers so much?

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Not a single comment about the antagonist's tax policy. I think this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

he right about bad books, I read that manga Red Hood, it was sucha nice concept but it was so bad, my autism made me write an entire novel with the same concept

Post your novel please

>It's a "Left winger is a jealous, demented pervert" episode
Man, I hate repeats.

Gamers Nexus looking rough

i mean he's not wrong


>Treat your characters with more respect than yourself, even if you dislike them
says the guy who loves to have his female characters raped
fucking clown

>Stan Lee came up with a kind of formula where he gave a "personality problem" to his bad guys and good guys. So now they were good guys but had problems finding a girlfriend
What is it with Alan Moore and have the most shit takes when it comes to comic books? Since when has Spiderman been a two dimensional characters and since when have comics ever been anything more than cheap fun?


He's right, Marvel doesn't have heroes, They're just celebrities with powers.

Since about 2012, and since the 80s.

Read through the original Spider-Man comics run from the 60’s and this incredibly flawed premise from this bitter old edgelord complete falls apart. Peter is an extremely three-dimensional character, genuinely interesting in his flaws and deficits even if the writing is extremely melodramatic.

>loves to have his female characters raped

found the incel

Janny you will delete this thread or face the wrath of Grand all powerful magical wizard Alan Moore.

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>capeshit... but le morally grey pseud shit
it’s all trash

This coming from the guy famous for
>the joker is the joker because his wife le died

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Non incel here. I have to agree with this user most writers don't have the balls to have their female characters raped, Moore doesn't give a fuck which is why he makes such great stuff.

>original Spider-Man comics
Alan Moore wasn't talking about Steve Ditko, he was criticising Stan Lee.
If you look at the comics that Stan Lee wrote you can immediately tell he's not a very good writer and barely qualifies as an ideas guys.

How does it feel to be a contrarian?

>Moore hasn't written anything good

Can’t post pics but his signature block is great
>Alan Moore
>Exquisite Basilisk of The Pittering Mansions, Lord High Skeletor, Made Man and Capo (33rd Degree Sicilian Rite) (and could I make clear for the record that the 33rd Degree Sicilian Rite HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH HOMOSEXUALITY), Arkela and senior wand-monitor.

Kill yourself n*gger

This dude's clearly never heard of the Hulk.

Give an argument instead of just seething that people don’t like the same things you do

bad b8 also nice phoneposting

To add to this, iirc his novel Jerusalem has prostitutes and I think a women gets raped.
In some interview he was asked about "the controversy" and his response was basically that Northampton is a impoverished shithole where women do get raped, it would be unrealistic to pretend that it's something which doesn't happen.

>The killing joke is le bad
>The watchman is le bad
I don't respond to contrarian bait with actual arguments.


So, he's literally just a shallow contrarian and his fans get off on being 2deep4u. Just so long as we're calling it for what it is.

Yes. That pretty much describes Alan Moore. For instance, Neonomicon was so widely panned that even his fanboys have not trouble admitting it's shit. It's so bad that at one point during the plot, Nyarlathotep sucks some dude's dick. I could go on but it gets even more retarded than this.


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what is this gay shit

Steve Ditko wanted Spider-Man to be an objectivist proto-incel railing on hippies to shower and join corporate America. As much as I respect Ditko’s art and design sensibilities, Spider-Man would never have succeeded without Stan Lee rewriting Peter Parker into an actual human being.

I remember watching the justice league unlimited episode based on the comic when I was a kid and it blowing my mind.

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Ok but does the wand-monitor part have something to do with homosexuality?

Wand-monitor is bong slang for penis inspector.

>Fashion Beast
>Cinema Purgatorio
>Jerusalem (some chapters)

>Moore doesn't give a fuck which is why he makes such great stuff
his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series, which is what chose to go out on and end his comic writing career with, is a pile of dogshit
there's a major difference between
>it would be unrealistic to pretend that it's something which doesn't happen
and putting something in because you want to have it be part of the story
Batman would logically need to take a shit while out on patrol, but we don't need to see him do it, nor is it a necessary part of the story

Having access to the scripts for multiple of his comics including Watchmen and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it’s quite striking how much Moore has in common with the current wave of internet Marxist pseudointellectuals. Specifically, a pathological inability to not write thousands of WORDSWORDSWORDS that he hopes will make him appear erudite, completely oblivious the concept of brevity making for effective communication. It must be torture to be assigned to him as the artist tasked with bringing his excess of verbosity to life, descriptions for single panels in LoEG went on for pages, often derailing into rambling asides that had nothing to do with the task of describing the contents of the panel and everything to do with fellating his own supposed intellect.

TL;DR Alan Moore is an insufferable pseud.

>Alan Moore is an insufferable pseud.

Moore is right, but Stan Lee was unambiguously writing for children and the fact that his characters were two-dimensional was not an issue

It’s a parody of Crowley

Alan Moore occupies a fascinating dead zone in terms of literary accomplishment; better than the majority of writers working in the mainstream American superhero comic industry, manifestly worse than any serious author. No wonder he’s been seething for decades.

>No wonder he’s been seething for decades.
Nice head canon. He's always just been a cynical fuck.

That only results in wishy washy soup.
Swing for the fences. Grand slam. Big bright colors. Find a way to get your hooks into the reader, and when you do, cocaine fueled sugar high euphoria.
I want Shakespearean tier villainy. I want Milton's hateful indictment of humanity on a cosmic scale.
I want heroism summoning the twilight of the god. I want nuclear warfare annihilation forcing new verses into a Western cannon that dates to prehistory.
Villains that hate hatred, twist ugliness and blind ignorance to a malignant degree which spreads across the world.
Heroes that become instant friends, cut jewels out of rough humanity and speak to an infectious simple yet insightful profound age old wisdom.
All in brilliant loud technicolor with the brightness and contrast and sound to the max.

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The killing joke is genuinely bad and I don’t know if you’ve re read it recently. None of the joker of batman dialogue comes across as authentic at all, it’s very monologue highschool philosophy sort of shit that seems hilariously out of character for both of them. And the joker being the joker because his wife died is unimaginative and lazy. Yeah I get the point that is hammered in repeatedly, life can be cruel so you can take is as absurd and go crazy to deal with the pain or try to make it better by believing in something. It’s not that deep

It’s one of the things I seriously dislike about Moore - he made the conscious decision to write in a medium that was created for the entertainment of children, where the characters and setting are simple moral archetypes by design, and contort those elements into a morally-relativistic nihilistic hellscape in the name of “maturity”. Then he spent 20 years complaining that other writers picked up the baton of what he did to the medium and ran with it, as if only he was allowed to reach into the toy box and pervert it.

So you didn't get the joke at end?

anyone who think milton hates humanity and that he sides with satan are embarrassingly filtered by paradise lost. the entire point is that satan is a narcissistic elitist baby who projects all his shortcomings into god, who he won’t apologise to out of pure spite

>Alan Moore teaches storytelling
lel better apply to his work first.

>bro dude batman is like le guy shining le torch
fuck off

Not that, Batman kills the Joker at the end.

Not Milton the author, the villain he made.

That's not entirely true, immediately after Ditko left Lee turned Peter Parker into a motorcycle riding finger snapping hipster for a while

Headcanon cope

my bad

wHaT's InTePaTaIoN?

Realistic, deep, believably flawed

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This i’m so sick of milquetoast modern garbage