You can choose one and people with the rest will try to kill you

You can choose one and people with the rest will try to kill you.

Choose wisely.

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Jackie Chan thread!

Woooo! Let's fucking goooooooooooooooo!

Which one has the highest DEX?

Yea Forums does this where you choose 2 talismans, without necessarily having to do a death battle, you just get to pick two.

One talisman is underpowered in your provided scenario, genius.

Monkey easy

Does the dragon one let me fly and spit fire?
Since op is a fag and I couldn't remember what they do


This isn't/co/ fucktard

Probably horse and just tey to tabk everything.

laser beams

>This isn't/co/
Unfortunately. Your thread sucks, faggot.

Sheep for sure. I will use it to commit crime.

Rat talisman is OP as hell

Dog talisman and then hide

If you got caught they could just bury you alive or something.

Not even my thread fucktard. Now pick a talisman. I bet you'll pick sheep you faggot.

I pick horse, dog and pig because I make my own rules, then I eliminate you with the power of thought.

Snake honestly. No one would be able to find me and I could rekt them and take their talismans.

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Pick the rat one and buy a load of sex dolls

Anything other than Ox is for twink gay boys who are afraid of a battle

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Astral Projection one can find you.

choose snake (invisibility) and hide out in jade's bathroom.

Unlikely considering they'd have to fly the entire Earth to scour every inch of it and even if they did they wouldn't be able to do shit as the astral projection ghost.

This desu.

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>gay boys
>posts tranime

toss up between snake (invisibility) horse (healing) or dog (immortality), but i'd most likely pick snake and just live my life stealing everything i wanted/needed.

rat talisman + Jesus statue

Rat brings fictional characters to life with their working powers, it is far stronger than all the others combined. But I pick Monkey anyway

Dog and Sheep. Become a ghost lich with an indestructible phylactery

>Pick Rat Talisman
>Hide out in a museum

>pick tiger talisman
>let evil me brutally murder everyone

Dog. No matter what they do, I will live.

>it's another horse vs dog talisman episode

Which will most likely lead to doing the sex with Jade?

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theres a fucking dragon there mate ofcourse im gonna pick the dragon what the fuck is rabbit gon do ?

Rabbit and ox make the most sense. Use those two, get a sweet vigilante so hit, and save the USA by ripping every Democrat politicians head off their shoulders (and 95ish % of Republican politicians)

Dragon is dragon breath, rabbit is superspeed

>Rat talisman: Has the power to “animate the inanimate”. It will bring to life any kind of figure (dolls, statues, etc.), who will have the same powers related to that figure (such as a statue of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl being able to create light blasts and grow vines). The animated figure will also believe that he is the real version.
So overpowered it isnt even funny.

I pick Rat and leave the others behind. With this you can already make a God.

tiger. I would use my other self as a decoy

what film?

>pick rat
>put it on a toy of Genie from Aladdin
>get three wishes
>wish to have all the other talismans

You can choose ONE you stupid fucking faggot. Can't you read?

OK, go back to Yea Forumsmblr, faggot.

>grabs your talisman

where does the genie go after the three wishes? it might be safe for your third wish to remove said genie from existence. rinse and repeat.

Why hide, dog tal8sman makes you immortal so they can never kill you anyways only potentially trap you.

Snake talisman is best since you just invisible and rape

Back in his lamp of course. Which you ought to pitch into the ocean

since we're playing by schoolyard bullshit rules, I grab it back and swallow it.

The stuff deanimates once you take the talisman off it. You can just get infinite wishes putting it on infinite genie merchandise since the animated things seem to retain their memory between animation period like Mighty Moose did.

Then he sends you to hell

at our local mage ring gathering, we can choose only one but you can join forces with one other so long as you sign the scroll of pure chastity
our newly founded band of brothers must wage war together lest we both be subject to the scrolls curse
we do not play lightly at the comic den, wednesdays at 7, bring your own chips

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Why would I choose only one, like some bitch ass nigga LMFAO get dabbed on bih

Why would God not just abandon you? With rat the statue gets the powers and its own agency. I’d rather have my own powers

jackie chan adventures. it was a fun saturday morning cartoon. i have no idea how it held up.

God may just send him to hell for his blasphemy

>be black
>give the god statue soiboi glasses and facial hair
>he does literally everything in his power to please you
problem solved.

>be artist
>make a statue of a overpowered God with the odd trait that it always obeys user

I can't remember what any of them do but monkey and rooster feel like they're stuck in my mind so rooster

Prepare to fly

The one that makes you a giant with laser beam eyes

I will take the dog

Aww man that's sweet, I guess I always wanted to fly and pondered being able to do it as a child... What about monkey? What does it do?

Shapeshifting into any animal

i want horse and sheep. I ain't doing no battle though, I'll just take the talismens

All I remember from this show is Uncle saying ONE MORE THING. and then the fat sumo looking fella

Only for agp chads

I don't remember how they went, Dragon was the main villain but then turned into a pantsy, Maybe I'll go for tiger, for cool factor.


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the only thing that talisman did was help with spiritual balance. and sometimes it could split a person into two different people