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What is it like having legs and an ass like that? You could fit like 20 of my lower torso inside of those thunder thighs
Is sitting down like always being super comfy from all the fat?

What star trek parady is this?

Did star trek every address the great change that fixes the world's ever increasing obesity epidemic? Like in another 30 years it'll be rare to see thin people outside of industries that require it. Ironically that fat ass is way more likely our future than all the skinny in shape people.

Envision the stench

This cannot be real.

Such a fall from grace...

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They hired her so she can provide stable gravity on the ship

Slam pig

I bet it's that feeling you get when you shoulder the Olympic bar in the squat rack and take the step forward, only all the time, nonstop, with no escape. Plus you're hungry all the time and hate yourself and how you look.

did the producers want this? I really don't understand what the point of this is

Lol, they made accidental kino.

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>Please state the nature of the nutritional emergency

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Americans are going to evolve longer dicks because the only way to slam their pigs will be with a rod that can get past all the lard.

This looks like high budget SSBBW porn


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World war 3. The same thing that'll likely end it in real life too.

Is that real or an edit?

oh christ

at what point does it become more efficient just to roll instead of walk

has she actually got this fat or is this pic edited? It looks edited but I can't tell.

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no, it's just a tv show. Humans won't explore space, their bodies are the weak link.

it's edited, they slimmed her down in post production.

The table prop is obviously broken and no one bothered to fix it? Wtf

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my ideal body type

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Architects assemble. Picrel is my actual wife

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You expect them to care about the props when they don't even give a shit about the source material?

Humans at some point will be able to work around our bodies limitations user. It'll be the next age after information will be our adoption of cybernetics and gene splicing.

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Extra Large

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I’m gonna hurl

I lol every time

pics like these remind me of all the emulsified fat you get after slow cooking beef


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how do you let this happen?

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Fat acceptance. She would probably cry fatphobia if the producers wanted her gone.

I've never fucked a woman this large. It's sort of a bucket list thing.

Did you cross off the midget yet? That's the hardest one, I find.

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Underrated post

She was always ugly as fuck. Now she's just even fatter. You can't fall from grace when there was no grace to begin with.

>can't cure baldness
>landwhales still existing
shit future

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>38g Protein

NuTrek shows are so great, guys! Please subscribe to Paramount+ at once!

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>only 52% of your daily amount of sugar
I'm kinda impressed, makes me wonder where the fuck all those calories are coming from?

It's already working, most women are breeding with black men.

How fucking embarrassing to have this forever documented in 1080p video as a part of one of the most famous media franchises of all time.
Legit how does someone let this happen knowing the above could happen?

Two transporter beams!

How much do you weigh, user?


based architect poster

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it literally says nearly half from fat on the label
you're not one of those fat is magic keto weirdos are you

Hiya Chang!

Can I spank her?

That's a bit of a trick, since it's not 52% even though by how its structured they're listing it like such. According to FDA.gov is 50 grams for a male, Heart.org has it at 36. So it's anywhere from 5-7 TIMES your multiple daily sugar intake. That's right, this one shake accounts for A WHOLE WORKWEEK of how much sugar you'
re supposed to take in, and is where the lions share of the other 1400 calories went. According to the AHA, one gram of sugar is 4 calories, at 263 grams that's 1052 calories. Almost your entire days recommended amount in sugar alone

They straight up didn't list it because its 500-700%, fucks.

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I always wonder about this too with obese blob people. The kind that are so fat and rotund that when they sit you can't perceive their posture; the arc of their spine is just floating somewhere in there. I mean, their spine must be bearing the load of their torso, but they always look so comfy. Like a bean bag you can always sit on.

I'm just saying. Yes, I would fuck.