Hamill bros… it’s over

Hamill bros… it’s over

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his arm looks like fucking drywall
I'm so terrified of aging, I saw lines on my face the other day and my stomach dropped

May the science be with you

imagine getting a booster for a strain of the virus that doesn't exist anymore.
imagine doing that again

type " da4rk fail " without the 4 if you hate sneed

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Get some lotion and apply that shit daily. You won't halt time, but you'll slow its descent.

Can't wait to see the posts about how the vaccine killed him when he dies of old age in 10 years

People terrified of aging age the worse. Embrace it as a natural part of life. Don't try to pretend your younger than you are.

>$200,000 has been deposited into Hamill's bank account, courtesy of Pfizer
That's a lot of coke

very unflattering posture, if I were mark I would retake this

Mark Hamill was great in Wing Commander
He's the heart of the Lion
The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance

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God bless him gotta die sometime

>j j j just 2 more weeks guys and half the world dies from the vax

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Trump BTFO

Why does he have no muscle mass?

>2nd booster
So is that jab number four? I'm sure that's great for the immune system.

Queen of the Pansies.

If the evidence wasnt there for its efficacy, it wouldn't be recommended. Vaxx companies have already said they can make updated shots, they would stand to make a lot more money that way than to recommend 2nd boosters to a very small subset of the population. What's your conspriacy theory here?

I can understand getting jabbed once. Twice? Meh. Booster? You're fucking stupid. 2nd booster? You're fucked.

>Vaxx companies have already said they can make updated shots
And you trust their word for it?

It's not ideal but it's hard to deal with a virus that spreads so fast and mutates rapidly.

I can't believe this makes all of seethe so goddamn much. why do you even give a shit? People get vaccinated all the time for all sorts of shit. They vaccinate millions of babies daily and the babies live happy healthy lives instead of dying to some microbes. He posts this and you're all red in the face, screaming at your monitors and shitting your pants about how upset you are.

No, it's only just begun.

You may as well buy a dress too

wtf is that arm

someone sure is

What exactly is the point of posting a photo of yourself after you got a shot? How is that an interesting post?

Why does he have such a tiny faggy shoulder?!

Literally just exercise.

I fucking hate DLCs

>Scared of being old
I can't wait. Aside from health issues (which can be mitigated with a proper diet and exercise) being old is based. Once you retire you get to just sit around all day doing whatever you want, hanging out with your grandkids and getting everyone else to do shit for you.

when you get old and retire you literally die immediately, your brain needs consistent stimuli to stay healthy at that age or it'll just turn into mashed potatoes and you'll get dementia or flat out shut down
my grandparents realized this early on in their 60s when they started losing a LOT of friends and refused to stop working until they died in their 90s

That’s his old man scrotum, stretched to his chin.

huh so that's why my dick looks pristine?

wtf why is his arm skinnier than Natalie Herschlag’s?

you would have thought after a few billion years of life evolving, it'd developed a mechanism to protect itself from foreign invaders.

Bro, that's not science, trust real science and their companies' profit spreadsheets.

Have you never heard of hobbies? Just because you retire doesn't mean you have to sit around and wait to die.

Do Americans really?

hobbies are literally coping mechanisms to kill time when you have to job


Around vax, never relax

>this person I have never met who portrayed a few characters I resonated with through the art of acting has recieved a booster vaccine that doesn't align with my ideological views I think I'm going insaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE

Why does a grown man need a plaster for an injection?

sorry hamill but nobody gives a shit about that any more

>>j j j just 2 more weeks guys and half the world dies from not getting the vax

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I think people will age better than boomers that take health seriously in their 20's ans beyond. Obviously not the average person l but boomers are retarded with health and nutrition.


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i wish what you said was true but they are immune from recourse and every vax makes buku-bux

every vax is sold and 1k% profit is it google the real numbers for me buddy its sad

Old people

two shots, three shots, ten shots... how about i'm takin none of em

Not everyone is going to die from the vax, that's well poisoning. But it has caused an unprecedented amount of heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis, bell's palsy, etc. when compared with other vaccines.

>1 booster doubles your chance of getting seriously ill from covid
what happens with 2 boosters?

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booster is inneffective vs new strain new shot +you took the original and the booster therfore they get 3shots instead of 2

booster is effective as is the first shot against old strain so they barely even lied just withheld the truth at the price of trillions

K, so I’ll just be a land lord of some type of shitty property that’s always breaking down and fix everything myself, there.

70 year old Boomers literally post this on facebook now. Kill yourself.

You won't be able to afford a house for yourself let alone that many properties.

cope more faggot

I'll never have enough money to retire, so I'm going to just have to work until I drop. I don't even have wisdom, I'm as retarded now as I was in my 20s
My body is falling apart, I hate every new trend, my mind isn't as sharp, and I don't even have financial security to make up for it. Aging sucks ass


Learning a new language is supposed to be good for brain health too

Looks like he's snuggling a tumor.

Really, fag? I do investment calculators every fucking week and I’m on track to have over a million and a half dollars by my mid fifties.

Great so you can buy one house.

no way to know because there are no long term tests, if i was a betting man and could read the list of side effects posted by pfizer, id bet on massive cancer

Yeah, that’s literally what I said I was going to do, fag.

No you said you were going to be a landlord dumbass. inb4 LEL DAT WAS NOT MEE

as they should faggot

You really are a dumb fuck. I would already have a paid off home before I bought a rental property.

you're supposed to get a flu shot yearly user
even if I find it retarded I can at least understand outright anti-vaxxers, but this
>omg you need to get it yearly? what bullshit!
nonsense is stupid