This will almost certainly happen

This will almost certainly happen.
100% on RT gauranteed.

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John /ourBoy/ega winning as always. unbelievably based.

there is no way in hell they will ever hire that nigger to be james bond

boyega can't lead

lmao. i feel bad for him that he even responded

he has childbearing hips, like if you look at his body its extremely odd. I havent encountered many women who find him attractive.

That'd be actually hilarious.

Oh no, is he the new Idris Elba? The new underemployed, overrated black actor who'll keep trying to pressurize Eon into casting him, and fail?

They're just bullying him at this point. He deserves it though.

Leslie Jones lookin nigga

haters mad he is the OPTIMAL body shape for action movies
they deleted the photo because he was too powerful for this website

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Ready for the lead roll in the Netflix Bloodborne adaptation as the good hunter.

How the fuck is Idris underemployed? That man doesn't say no to anything.

More like James Notgoodatacting


more like the nog reborn

he has zero sex appeal, has he ever done a scene with his shirt off?

James Kong

It won't happen. He has no career and continually phones up other sequel cast members to try and get work. He is a cuck.

cope cumskin. You will never have sex

Fpbp /thread

Looked at his Wikipedia filmography and he’s not doing too bad for himself. He’s not getting Adam Driver work, but he’s doing a lot better than Ray Fisher


Isn't james bond supposed to be charismatic and good looking? Or is that not allowed anymore

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This has to be shooped, but all the pictures of him I can find online either cut off at his chest or he's wearing baggy clothes in them
Charismatic and good looking people are not allowed in films anymore because it makes boring and ugly people feel bad

>My name is nigger
How his vodka will be?
>shaken and on food stamps, thanks.

>No, Mr Bond. We will not "finna" throw dice.

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At least Idris Elba has some acting skills...

What can I get you to drink, sir?
>I'll have some liquor..
>malt liquor

why wouldn't she nominate herself to be 007 instead? kind of retarded.

>purple drank
>shaken not stirred

idris elba literally gets paid to go on dates with women. Boyega is a good actor but he isnt a looksmax chad, he's one of those ugly actors like Adam driver.

>Do you expect me to rap?
>No mr Bond, i expect you to GO BACK TO AFRICA!

This reads like a blaxploitation film script

Boyega should play Felix Lighter in a Felix solo film.

Gas up the Breaker, son, we got a thick one?

He enthusiastically responds to every suggestion that he might get cast in something. He even enthusiastically responds to roles he was never offered.

So he's like Eric Roberts, he just shows up everywhere.

This nigga couldn't even fuck daisy ridley in real life but he wants to play james bond? lmao fuck this nigga and fuck black lives matter and fuck daisy ridley for not sucking my cock.

>china literally save the last james bond movie
they're in for a rude awakening

he cant read

Just a tease to get his hopes up like when they baited him into making out with the ugly troll in star wars. This time he'll be a side character doing a gay sex scene.

>he has childbearing hips, like if you look at his body its extremely odd.

Agreed, he's shaped like a pear.

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bet you tards were wishing Idris Elba would come back and save you

race aside, Boyega is too babyfaced to have that suave mature guy look

They would be insane to do this.

No, Eric could at one point act.

Dev patel as James Bond, this will give hope to all pajeets and will allow them to finally achieve their life long goal of acquiring white bobs and white vagenas.

Whenever I see him, the sound of him yelling "REEEEEYYYYYYYYYY" goes through my mind.

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fucking LOL
Captcha EXTREMELY related

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He isn't charming and kind of childish. However, I legitimately think pic related could be absolutely fantastic as Bond.

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>white supremacists on Yea Forums have claimed John boyega as their grand wizard.

can he breathe?


could a meme so grand really come true?

secretly they are disappointed that star wars didnt turn out how it should have for him, like the rest of us

>no Mr bond, you can't pay for alcohol with food stamps

Downright peculiar.

>the 4th Chanreich have reportedly elevated Johann Boyega to the rank of Fuhrer -IGN

He can't Sneed.

lmao this is sad if they want a black or female bond sure whatever its kinda sad to see the legacy die but whater

atleast cast somebody who can act man holy shit


Weirder things have happened you know

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Looks like we're.... gaga for boyega? WhiteBoyega? White Boyega Summer...
Gotta bat this one around a bit.

i miss him bros
fucking straight out of the gate

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He should play Newt Lee in a Leo Frank/Mary Phagan murder film.

He deserves something good.
JJ and Disney fucking used him like a token chump. Really disgraceful shit. They teased him so bad, made his character into a joke, despite him having some of the most memorable moments of TFA.
I guess you could say fake-progressive Rian Johnson is to blame also.

>pffftttt fuck disney plus

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Isn't he something of a narcissist drama queen?

that dosent change the fact if he gets bond it will be unwatchable and do damage to the franchise and him even more

imagine watching starwars going ohhh shit they really fuked him here ohhh shit this is such a bad luck lets cast him for our franchise

he has to redeem himself *not his fault i get it * before he can carry a franchise holly shit

also from what i seen ya boy cant act not even in attack the block and he was basically playing himself in that

aswell pacific rim he ruined that film this guy needs a film where he acts then a film where he leads before he goes anywhere near a franchise letalone the epitome of a *males formally* career as a bond