Jurassic Park

Rewatching the lunch scene in Jurassic Park and everyone is offering differing viewpoints and arguments until Grant just mumbles some nothing statements.

>Malcolm: Genetic power is too dangerous to be commercialized like this. Just because you could doesn't mean you should.
>Hammond: We are advancing science. We could bring back species that are threatened by extinction.
>Malcolm: Dinosaurs have been naturally selected for extinction, your argument doesn't apply.
>Sattler: How can you know anything about an extinct ecosystem and hope to control it? Even these extinct plants can be poisonous.

I submit that Grant is a retard and a fraud

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Not to get off topic, but where is this kind of discussion and thinking in the World movies? Like why doesn't anyone hold a candle to the first film's script?

Because they have CGI and QUIPS!
Plenty of content for the trailer, nothing for the final product.
Agree with you 100% though

Like, the only thing I can say about the world movies is
1) Cool dino designs
2) Pretty cool dino moments
But they really ham up the dinosaurs being monsters, and even characters. Especially the Trex like that thing gets annoying

They don't have Crichton to rip off anymore.

This. It's an actual shame.

Not nearly as much horror scifi. They turned the raptors from dangerous killing machines into future companion animals.

Alan Grant is the Jew's view of an American citizen; a dumb fellow who only sees the world at face value. The Jurassic Park movie is literally just Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but for "adults" and it ruined dinosaurs and science after 1993 because they would forever be connected to a Jew movie. Muldoon is the only good character. Spielberg is a kike.

It's called an adaptation and there are many differences. The characters are mostly the same and the roles they play is similar but dinosaurs scenes are completely different and compared with the book there aren't a lot of them but every sequel included some scenes from the book.

Perhaps watching movies isn't for you.

Its such a sadness that we went from nature's equivalent of a Xenomorph to fucking IRL Pokemon

Make up your mind is is bad that they're not treated as monsters or bad that they're not treated as animals or that they're treated as monsters or that they're treated as characters or not treated as characters. I think I've heard every possible version by now just to be negative.

I miss Crichton so much
>JP1 novel
>Here's why a dinosaur amusement Park is a stupid idea and it will never work
>JP2 novel
>here's why a "lost world" island filled with dinosaurs will kill itself in a few years

The man never stopped poking holes in the idea of cloning dinosaurs, even though he's the one that came up with it. He still managed to do it while adding gory scenes, dinosaur action and memorable characters.

The fact that the movies twisted it into "these are magnificent creatures that should be left alone on their paradise island" is so disingenuous that it hurts. It screams of hack liberal Hollywood writers.

Look, in the original movie, all the dinosaurs are animals. Just dangerous as fuck animals from before our time. Turns out that raptors are the pit bulls of this bunch, so they're super scary. Like actual monsters, but still animals. Just very dangerous.
World makes it so that all the carnivores are monsters, herbivores are dumbass animals, T-Rex is just the deus ex machina, and the raptors are now good guy Pokemon.

The World series is mostly dumb, but I am interested in the idea of dinosaurs not confined to the island. If anything it opens up the possibility of standalone movies where people in remote places have to deal with dinosaur encounters.

>mid budget horror movie, rated R
>a village in South America is terrorised by hordes of compies
>first their pets and livestock went missing
>then their babies are eaten alive in the cradle

Any form of intelligence in blockbuster movies has long since died out

>Implying universal would dare to adapt the gore of Crichton's original novel
I'd love to see that, but let's be real, not gonna happen

While the first movie has the same themes as the book the series overall explores many more ideas. Maybe Crichton would've explored them too if he had the opportunity. The issue between artificial and natural for example and ownership rights over life created in a lab. Crichton himself talked about the book and work with Spielberg. He was clearly a dinosaur fanboy.

If you hate jews so much shouldn't you stop watching anything made in America?

>The World series is mostly dumb
The ending where the little girl unleashes the dinosaurs to spread out and kill thousands of people each year was peak Hollywood retard shit. They treat it like a heroic moment, as if her making herself feel good in that moment is the important thing. The obvious result is thousands of other people dying, it's not heroic in the slightest bit. The an example of why California doesn't deserve to exist. The bugmen of Red China understand heroism far better than Hollywood does, they would never make a movie like that. Hollywood has lost the plot.

In every movie you have some dinosaurs that act like movie monsters and some that behave in a naturalistic way. And more often than not there's an explanation behind this like mistreatment. They pushed it to the limits in JPIII with Spino even if we agree that it was an early hybrid. The theropods get too much attention one promotional graphic for Dominon features all carnivores and one token parasaurolophus.

Funny thing is, I'm sure a gory dinosaur movie with great special effects will sell well. When's the last time you saw something like that? But the World movies made too much bank so we get sanitized PG-13 dinosaur violence instead.

....I thought he was pretty clear? He argued that despite all the safeguards in place, they were putting a dangerous potentially invasive species in a time period they didn't belong, upsetting the natural order. They unpredictable, and Hammond was a fucking lunatic

At least it gave us some dumb memes

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AFAIK the World movies aren't based on books. Classic case of Hollywood hack writing. Same thing happened to Game of Thrones after they ran out of book material to adapt.

The World movies are basically just "What if" scenarios and ideas put into movies. There's potential, but nothing beyond just the surface level idea. And that's the worst part.

Grants character (and several others) are completely changed for the film
In the novel Grant is practically the main antagonist

I think the worst part of the World movies (and JP2 to an extent) is the addition of human "villains"

>JP2 had the hunters, but Tembo was arguably the best character in the movie and our "heroes" actions cost more lives
>JW1 had the absolutely retarded idea of a secret InGen division weaponizing dinosaurs
>JW2 makes it even dumber with dinosaurs being auctioned off to fund more weaponized dinosaurs
>JW3 has this Biosyn bullshit doing I don't know what

JP works best when it's just a survival story, because whenever someone tries to have a grand nefarious plan it always backfires predictably

No, he's not. He even acts like a dumb righteous action hero by the end especially to Gennaro. I have some issues with the last part of the book but Grant is still based on Horner.

This. The only real villain of the first movie is debatebly Nedry who dies halfway through. It then becomes man vs. nature

Well Dodgson made it all possible. And I also like it more when we don't have actual human villains. Second, third and to some extent fourth movie had just antagonist then the fifth one gave us our first human on human murder. Dodgson in the second book is like a James Bond villain and he'll be the same in Dominion. I can accept it as an exception.

The Wu and Masrani convo which comes out of the original book is the only one I can think of that's close to that.

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>the fifth one gave us our first human on human murder

And they had to cut away from it too, I think they realize how stupid human vs human is in JP movies. The villains also had several chances to kill our heroes in JW2 but didn't.

>Buffalo Bill tranqs Chris Pratt on the island instead of just shooting him
>Later Pratt and BDH was imprisoned in the lab instead of killed outright

Biosyn were in the original novel, but the whole artic lush valley thing is bonkers.

I thought he just wasn't that ruthless and didn't want to get his hands dirty or they did a bad job of just showing us who he is and what he wants. And I'm not overly negative regarding Jurassic World especially the dinosaurs themselves but that doesn't apply to the antagonists. Twice in a row in these new movies their scheme is just nonsense and like a copy of Weyland-Yutani. This new evil scheme in Dominion is more like what the book Dodgson would've done .

I've been playing Jurassic World: Evolution 2. Pretty comfy game, on Sandbox at least

>This new evil scheme in Dominion

Don't spoil me, however stupid it is. I'll just see it unfold on the big screen.

Do you still have to use Scientists for everything even in Sandbox, or did they fix that?

You can choose "no scientists" or something to that effect in the sandbox settings, I'm pretty sure that's what it does

The first film was just right time right script right director, it was such a gem, 93' was a perfect time for the movie.

stupid faggot learn the obvious distinction between high concept and genre cashin

I just looked up Michael Crichton to read a bit about his life. Holy shit, he was 6'9"?! No wonder he was all about giant dinosaurs.

What I got from the 2nd book was that a Lost World scenario could have actually been possible, if it were not for the one thing that mankind screwed up.
If that one thing didn't happen, the Dinosaurs would have lived just fine.
I'm being vague for spoilers.

>>Malcolm: Dinosaurs have been naturally selected for extinction, your argument doesn't apply.
This is such dumbass reasoning. If a person gets killed by a tree randomly falling on them, should that mean they are naturally selected and unworthy of resurrection? What the fuck is natural selection? It's just random bullshit and in that case, the ice age killing them off. Hammond's argument still applies perfectly fine. Most of the planet would love to see dinosaurs again. And his park would have worked fine if not for a disgruntled Nedry and using a little extra precautions. I guess you could say some sub-species of humans that got out-competed by Homosapiens and died off doesn't get to be brought back.

>Cool dino designs
Fucking where? Either they're bland grand rehashes of better designs or overly colorful garbage, or worse, the uninspired hybrids.

Sorry, bland gray*

I don't know, an ecosystem filled with giant animals living in an island is still very vulnerable, even without "that thing".

They mentioned in the JP1 novel that they had to keep bringing in plants for the herbivores to eat, because they're just so damn big and they could eat the island bare in weeks. Granted, Isla Sorna is much bigger than Isla Nublar, so there's probably a bit more leeway there. The point is they were artificial creatures that didn't evolve to live there. They were abandoned and somehow surviving, but that might not be sustainable.

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Ah right, all that ecosystem stuff, yes that would probably be cut it short.
Was thinking maybe not quite as short.
I also forgot about the way the raptors were raising their young, and then apply that to the other species.
Applying both that and the available resources, 'the thing' may not have really mattered at all.

Kinda felt like a handwave way of guaranteeing the desired outcome. Albeit in a clever and unexpected way.

>If a person gets killed by a tree randomly falling on them, should that mean they are naturally selected and unworthy of resurrection?
No, but if an entire species dies due to falling trees, then yes, they've been naturally selected for extinction.

Thing is with Dodgson is that his appearance in the second book is warranted. Considering he's absent for all sequels until Dominion is just pathetic.

Well according to Fallen Kingdom fluff, Sorna is mostly depleted of dinos now. The spinosaurus wrecked the ecosystem there, because Wu's team created it to destroy dinosaurs. It was almost like a testbed for the Indominus Rex.

I remember in the first world movie this kid really killing the film for me. he on the way into the new park was completely uninterested in everything going on. something about his character really set the tone that dinosaurs were not cool anymore and I just attached that feeling to the movie itself then the one after does not help all these new cross breed dinos being central to the plots.

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the worst part is that the moral quandary of cloning a dead person is immediately dropped and the film seems to even go as far as suggesting "lol whatever it's okay just do it" at the end when the clone releases dozens of giant dangerous animals into the wild
they had an opportunity for gold and just shit all over it

Not only that, in the (canon) cartoon show the Sorna dinosaurs are relocated to yet another island near Nublar (not one of The Five Deaths) to have brain chips put in them and fight each other.
They say they're Sorna dinosaurs, but the only recognizable one is Spino.

Man was literally a foot taller than Spielberg

Spielberg is a literal compie.

Rewatched this not to long ago.
I just skipped or FF through most all the scenes with the kids.
MASSIVLY improved the experience.

Did the same thing with Snyder Batman vs Superman. Skipping most of the slow Super scenes and focusing on Batman actually doing stuff really made a better experience.

Your analysis makes no sense. Yes, Hollywood is jewish. You're not as smart as you think you are.

Lightning in a bottle and you can't recapture it, lots of franchises suffer from it. The main thing is the plot only works once because it's this glorious thing that falls apart through deliberate and accidental events, you literally can't recreate that without it being stupid as FUCK (such as in JW) and you need to make the dinosaurs more and more SCAAAARY which ruins them too. The second characters say shit like "HEEERE WE GO AGAAAAAAIN" it's over.

One of the reasons why I couldn't ever enjoy the sequels fully but gives me hope for the new one. At least the dinosaurs are finally off the island.

lol I fast forwarded all the jack/rose bits when watching the Titanic the other week it vastly improved the film

>At least the dinosaurs are off the island.
Mainland sucks.

Not a fan of Titanic, but isn't Jack/Rose the main point of the movie?
Whats the other appeal?

man the fucking sinking part of Titanic is the most epic disaster movie ever filmed but its over cast by the chick flick love story part

San Diego is stupid but fun stupid

>The survivors are rescued by the Costa Rican Air Force, which declare the island hazardous and unsafe, and proceed to raze the island with napalm. Survivors of the incident are indefinitely detained by the United States and Costa Rican governments at a hotel. Weeks later, Grant is visited by Dr. Martin Guitierrez, an American doctor who lives in Costa Rica. Guitierrez informs Grant that an unknown pack of animals has been migrating through the Costa Rican jungle, eating lysine-rich crops and chickens, indicating the dinosaurs may still exist in the wild.

Since Crichton himself also played with the idea with man-made dinosaurs living in the wild, I wonder if he would've written another sequel if he'd lived long enough. Looks like he was more interested in other topics late in his career, but you never know. I guess that's why I'm somewhat interested in JW3's idea of loose dinos in the wild.

It's the fun kind of stupid that's good for a quick novelty, not an entire film.

Ah ok I see.
I would have like to see Passengers without the Hollywood romance over wash.
Great sci-fi concept, but marred by bland love story.

True. Even I think it overstayed its welcome in TLW

Well actually he says that the world is changing faster than we can keep up, which is pretty humble and implying that he doesn't have the answers and doesn't fully understand the ramifications of Hammond's experiment.

He's a Paleontologist for Christ sake, he's just trying to take in his life's work being brought to life.