Does Yea Forums still watch Legends of Tomorrow? Turk is Booster Gold

Does Yea Forums still watch Legends of Tomorrow? Turk is Booster Gold

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Sick of DC woke bullshit. At this point I'm starting to blame their fans for just sitting back and taking it, not even saying a fucking word. Cowards.

come on man it's fucking turk from scrubs

Turk's Furk and Surk

It just works

I guess the personality fits but it's a bit cliché and lazy to have the cocky guy who dresses in flashy colors be black.

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Legends of Tomorrow is the only DC show to actually get better

>Turk is Booster Gold
They made Booster Gold a nigger now too?

Doesn't change that they've completely fucked booster.

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How does he look younger than he did in Scrubs?

Yeah but the actual comic fans sit back and don't watch this shit

>Legends of Tomorrow
no renewal yet despite LoT actually pulling more viewers in.
One final season would be great

The millennial basedbeard vs the boomer pencil stache.

But then that's cancelled out by how much worse it got

They still have part 2 of s7

wat? no they don't. S7 is over.

tough titties turkleton

Where do they have to go? They've already shat through all the D list superheroes to give shout outs to. And s7 was abysmally bad

Booster Gold is the best way to end the show. Retire the Legends and bring in Booster to protect the timeline.

>Does Yea Forums still watch Legends of Tomorrow? Turk is Booster Gold
He's got the personality for it. All-in-all this type of race-washing isn't an issue.

woke tropes are tolerable occasionally but when they're consistent and continual, it just becomes tiresome

>s7 was abysmally bad
The best part about s7 was the booster gold reveal. I just want one more season to see more of him

wow he looks JUST like him!

He's like 30 years too old to play Booster, even disregarding the race-swap

Stop watching.

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Remember when they went back in time to save Barack Obama?


i still love it, turkster gold is not bad at all

When are they going to break down and make a Jonah Hex weird west series?

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Jonah Hex has been on the LoT like 3 times now. They aren't going to do a spin-off

movie failed, episodes failed. pretty sure it's undoable. maybe if they got adam baldwin for it.

>episodes failed.
I hate the western episodes of LoT. Wish they'd stop trying them. s7 was like half western too

He'll make a good Booster Gold. Assuming the show gets renewed, ofc. It's been like 6 months, I'm getting worried that /LegendsKino/ is done


>6 months
last season ended a month ago. they did some weird breaks though so who knows when they're going to be back.

They don't have to make it a spin-off with the same version of the character

but why would anyone ever? jonah hex is a shit character

A green lantern movie. Awesome


ok so they replaced a white character with a black one
but on the other hand turk is hella fucking based
so im gonna rule this as based and funpilled
and no, i dont watch tv i just come here to complain and talk about actresses feet and armpits

Nobody likes Booster Gold anyways. His story is done and buried. Turkster Gold is our /newhero/

I dont think Turk can act for shit but being
>just turk but kinda evil?
is fun as fuck.

You know he's going to be black in the comics now too right? DC always does this...

Which means we get to watch Rip's bloodline get BLACKED

Imagine getting mogged by Smallville

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Everyone loves green lantern chud.

Ryan Reynolds

What does Booster Gold have to do with the Green Lanturns?

I like him and all, and I think as far as personality goes he's a good fit. But being a pretty white guy is important to Booster Gold's whole theme. He's supposed to follow the aesthetic of that classic idealized American hero. Even for woke standards, looking the part of an over-privileged white guy trying way too hard is the point. He tries so hard to sell out that if he was black he would be chasing a different aesthetic entirely.

wait, where did the ladies go?

(this) turk is honorary aryan

How the fuck is this show still on ?

And how the fuck is The CW still around, it haven't made a single profit year in its entire existence.

Booster gold isn't a black so no I won't be tuning in, even if they think I'll accept it because Faison isn't a comically dark knuckle dragger. I'm tired of seeing shoehorned black people no matter their hue

Every show currently running on CW is mogged by Smallville.

Smallville is still a comfy watch, although it's weird watching it knowing Chloe is a IRL crazy sex cult henchman.

Green lantern was black in Justice League Unlimited. Him getting a movie is a good thing.

It's all fun and games until you realize changing just one single character black in Flash (Iris West) ultimately race changed dozens of other characters as well across all media.

Watching this episode now.

Fuck, Lois is so sexy!

The fucking Diva sued Fortnite for using his Scurbs dance. Plus Scrubs turned to shit in its final seasons.

Who gives a shit about Fortnight

i dont know if you can copyright a dance but fuck vidya get free money

You can copyright a dance