Why cant Hollywood produce wholesome lighthearted stories about innocent young love?

Stories that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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got an agenda to be pushing goyim

You mean Jaws?

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>posts a picture of the biggest tool to promote degeneracy and sodomy in the youth of the west

yes oops a typo

Sorry, but I'm not a pedophile

I will procreate, thank you Abe-sama!

Nishikita is wimpy faggot though. He's also too stupid to know how to fuck with Takagi properly in the same way she fucks with him.

>I will procreate, thank you Abe-sama!

in the near future i will destroy slice of life anime and all of its fans will be brainwashed into forgetting its existence

Jewllywood is going to bastardise this so fucking hard

Yes, loving families are ver durgenerit.
>Nishikita is wimpy faggot though
Yeah, that why he's got a wife and daughter? Sounds like you're jealous.

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>why cant hollywood make stories about young love

because jews in hollywood rape the child actors

He got those things cause Takagi has no standards.

They do, but losers call them unreasonably idealistic and watch japanese shit like this instead which is the exact same thing or even more so

Try watching some actual good anime like Cream Lemon:


It's propaganda, making your old school bullies seem all sugary sweet and the barefacedness of it is disgusting.

Before it fills you with depression.

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Reminder that Takagi got pregnant during her senior year of high school

He didn't post the Internet

My mom and dad named me after Culkin's character in this movie because they liked it so much

Because the 1%, want to push degeneracy, and destabilization of the family unit.

But this is a psyop thread anyway, not sure why I am even responding.

>psyop thread

gow is first post always best oost

here's a happier one

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It literally does

All the time

You however are an emotionally stunted pedophile who feels alienated and disgusted by adult love and sexuality

Self-insert wish fulfillment for unassertive beta males like you

Your micro dick is showing, user...

Take your faggiot shit where it belongs

Kys faggots

One or both



>n-no you need to watch gf-simulator gooktoons or... or... you've got a little peepee!

I only watch live action adaptation of romance animes

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KYS tranny

Is it agreed upon now that anime is a better WMD than nukes and that Japan has more than gotten their fair share of revenge on the west?


Because America doesn't care about preaching morals and etiquette.

People like this always make me laugh. Anime is destroying our youth, not western entertainment, which has all of the faggotry of anime but none of the humor. Maybe you "cultural critics" should look at why so many people are turning to anime in the first place.

There's no such thing as innocent as long as females are involved, unironically. Only a relationship between two men can be an actual expression of real love.

did she dyd ?

no seriously, i don't know the show, did he kill her by confessing

checked btw

Thats a nice ass

This. All heterosexual interaction has an ulterior motive of procreation.

>Why cant Hollywood produce wholesome lighthearted stories about innocent young love?

thanks to 9/11, we live in a post-ironic America. it's devoid of sincerity. they don't know how to make that and most americans don't want to see it

highschooler like Takagi-san or Nagatoro simply doesn't exist in real life. Watch Euphoria for proper young love story.

Sweaty hamplanet sausage fingers typed this

>50 posts in
>not one single mention of Moonrise Kingdom
Once again proof that no one on Yea Forums watches movies

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>muh dick

Nigger tier

Incels are pathetic manchildren who are scared of women and wish we lived in animeworld where men would never approach women but instead be approached

Because they need to keep lowering the birthrate to allow third worlders into the West.

It’s less complicated then you think.
>Boomers have all the money
>They are out of touch
>They hire farms of Gen X and Millennials to be in touch for them
>The overwhelming majority of these “customer research” departments are Californians, which is a hyper specific culture
>Because they have nobody able to question them (once again the boomers that have the money have no idea how most of the world works) so they can basically submit whatever and the boomers just have to believe them
>Most of their customer research is done via Twitter
>Twitter is a politically slanted platform that promotes hyperspecific leftist subculture, in addition to “minority twitter” which isn’t much different
>Normal people (not even right wingers) are drowned out in the noise between the promoted subculture, and army of bots that Twitter uses to charge advertisers more
>The boomers finance movies for the hyperspecific audience (there’s actually about 5 main groups but all are put through the lens of Twitter)
>Movies for normal people stop getting made

I can elaborate if you want but that’s it. That’s the issue.

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Japan has a worse birthrate than the West

>this level of mental gymnastics to explain why people don't wanna see bland coming of age flicks 24/7

>Explaining why the system fails to make movies for normal people is the same as saying young love movies should be pumped out 24/7
Industryfag-tier retardation.


cos u know... they have a VERY specific little thing... when it comes to kids...

Dick sucking lips.

Lip sucking dicks

You realize that's like being an atheist and calling someone else a fedora right

If I remember right the native birthrate in Japan is better than a good number of Euro countries. They just don't fill the gap with immigration like Western nations do.

Cope and seethe nerds, I've already got a wife and kid. Takagi-san is wholesome fun and you're both missing out on enjoying it. There's no shame in giving it a shot!

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