Why do people hate this again?

Why do people hate this again?

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>Alcoholics lie

>guys let's make a movie where i eat nothing but candy for a month

I haven't had mcdonalds in like a decade, last time I had fast food was five guys in like 2019 before corona

>inb4 CICO retards

I remember my parents and their friends watching it in the early 2000's, and them saying "it nearly killed him". I watched it last year on nightshift, he is about as unhealthy as an average person today but nothing life threatening happened, more likely just anxiety.

Because he was a raging alcoholic who lied about everything. Eating McDonalds for a month would be nowhere near as damaging as he portrayed. And the fucker got super size taken away.

>in like
>in like
Americans are insufferable.

>And the fucker got super size taken away.
Taken away just months before my vacation the US. Not gonna lie, I was looking forward to an American sized fries and coke from McDonald's.

My sister said mcdonalds in NY was dissapointing. Her BF said it was super-size me that ruined it. Best and BIGGEST maccies I ever had was in Egypt. Burger near the size of a dinner plate and a spiced pear pie.
Worst was in India. Masala burger or a McEgg. I just settled for their McChicken.
>pic related
My last day in Jaipur, New Years day, 2019.

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Canned orange juice is just wrong and w/ pulp somehow makes it worse.

he changed way too many variables at once. If he kept living his life and eating mcdonalds, it would be a reasonable study. Instead, he stops exercising and even walking in general. You could gain a billion pounds eating grilled chicken if you never get off your ass

>eat lots of fast food
>gets fat
At what point did you fat retards get lost?

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Isn't a Super Size just a large now?

Fat Cope. Simple as.

in america mcdonalds is worshipped almost as much as black people are
it's like insulting mohammad in london

This movie is basically the equivalent of

>stuff yourself with chocolate and candy non-stop
>get diabetes
>blame the chocolate company.

>Morgan Spurlock

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The movie starts off with the guy talking about a real case about two women who got extremely fat and actually sued McDonalds, claiming "they made us fat".

It's fake news and a propaganda piece. Dude eats McDonald's for a month and gains 80 pounds and almost dies. Sure thing bub

When I was a teenager I thought it was real but in hindsight it's obviously exaggerated as fuck and a hit piece against fast food

How the fuck did everyone fall for this, seriously? It's true that fast food is ridiculously unhealthy but that also means you should know better than to eat 3 big macs every single day and down it with soda for a month

I haven't had any fast food sandwich since I stopped taking Coke every day one year ago. It just doesn't feel the same, y'know.

Because it was dishonest, he intentionally avoided any sort of meal planning and was a raging alcoholic all through filming. The alcoholism caused most of the health problems, pretty sure he was disagnosed with cirrhosis during filming and tried to blame the food.
It would've been a good movie if it had TWO guys eating all McDolands. Both coming in without compounding health issues or habits and maintain identical lifestyles during filming. One has strict meal planning, no soda and meticulous sodium tracking, the other eats whatever he wants as much as he wants.

The only bad thing about Mac Dees is the soda really. The rest is what, meat, bread, potatoes and lettuce? How is that supposed to be bad for you?

Its the salt that gets you.

>Americans can afford to eat all this food with all these savings and deals mcdonalds give them, they might become fat if they eat a double big mac with extra large fries and a oreo mcflurry 3 times a day, this is an outrage
>excellent we forced mcdonalds to cater to us vegan alcoholics lowering their overhead can't wait to buy a mcdouble mea for 7 dollars

we got duped mc bros.

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Just in case you're not being ironic, no it doesn't. Salt was as big a red herring as fat was.
If all you eat is 3 big macs a day you'll starve to death because that's not enough calories.

It's the sugar. Found mostly in the soda and bread. The other unhealthy part is the oil they use and how it doesnt get changed enough. If they went back to tallow, it'd almost be health food.

Unless the person is a 5'1 manlet in which case that'll be enough for maintenance at 110lbs.

>eat unhealthy
>become unhealthy
Like what is the point? Even barring the fact that dude is fucking alcoholic, I still fail to see why I was shown this 5 times during single school year

you wont be getting proper nutrients but CICO is literally undeniable science, dumbass. who the fuck are you calling retard. fuck you.

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I watched remember the Titans 11 times in elementary school
Denzel is a great actor but I hate that movie.

>And the fucker got super size taken away.
I heard a legend a few years ago that supersize still exists in Texas, anyone know if thats true?

It's disgusting.

>And the fucker got super size taken away.
To be fair McDonald's did say it wasn't related to the film.

My life has never been the same since watching October Sky in science class in 7th grade

Can't tell you why, can't remember a damn thing from that movie than a little rocket and some drama

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>ate one burger
>immediately pukes
fuck off

It's true that the central experiment is bullshit, but there is other stuff in the movie that isn't. Fast food really isn't healthy. Just a whopper has over half of your recommended daily salt intake alone, then people get it with fries that have even more salt, and then add ketchup on top which is filled with EVEN MORE salt and sugar. You don't realize how bad it is until you really look at the nutrition breakdown.

>Salt was as big a red herring as fat was.
Bullshit, eating lots of salt causes your cells to swell with fluid to compensate. This constricts your blood vessels, driving up blood pressure and forcing your heart to work harder. It can even cause heart palpitations.

>gone months if not weeks after the movie came out

this guy literally proves the entire movie wrong, all he eats is mcdonalds, one menu item at that, CICO is real (not sure if this guy drinks sodas, that's a huge factor too)

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salt is nothing if you dont have specific heart or blood issues, the worst part of any fast food meal is sugar, in the buns, sauces, and especially soda, remove that and it's not that bad for you compared to most processed food.

And then your body secretes hormones to excrete excessive sodium you dumb nigger.

Whoppers are great
Burger king was always far better than McDonald's. Whopper is better than a big Mac. Burger King has onion rings as a default side you can switch for which is far better than fries
They've got a better menu better drinks better everything

Just an extremely dishonest "documentary"
Spurlock was literally eating 5000 calories of McDonalds a day i.e. over twice as much as any normal human being
No shit you would feel terrible if you did that with literally any food on the planet
In fact if you tried to do it with some other foods considered healthier than McDonalds you'd probably just die

Being concise and to the point all the time makes you seem like you have aspergers

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Because it's been proven to be vegan propaganda. He made up a ton of stuff and overate.

Because it was easily disproven by this guy who ate nothing but McDonald's for a month and LOST weight.

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If only they did half-and-half onion rings and fries. Would be perfect.

only people with aspergers worry about being perceived as having aspergers

Heart disease and hypertension are extremely common, obesity makes it likelier. Most people who eat lots of fast food are just the people who should be on a low sodium diet

Ah yes, and who cares about the stress this puts on your heart and kidneys right? You know the exact same thing happens with excess sugar, right? That's why diabetics have to urinate so frequently, their body is pushing the sugar out through urine. Same with alcohol and most other toxins as well. Just because your body can filter out whatever you put into it and return to equilibrium doesn't mean you should be forcing it to. Eating too much salt too quickly is damaging to your circulatory and renal systems, and will exacerbate hypertension. A standard fast food meal has too much of it.

Agreed, I like whoppers much more than big Macs, but I very rarely have either these days. It used to be nothing for me to eat that stuff all the time, but now when I have fast food (especially Chinese food sadly) I get sick from all the salt and sugar.

>gains weight from alcoholism

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>ingest more calories than you burn
>calories (energy) turns to fat in your body because you don't burn enough
>you become fat

>blaming your alcoholism on fast food

He killed the super size, my favorite size. Kill all alcoholics who lie

>Uhhh actually the physical laws of thermodynamics don’t apply to me sweaty
Keep telling yourself that, fatass. Surprised you found time to type that post between stuffing your face.

To be fair, that's a corporations way of creating distance with someone they don't want to associate or be compared to, it was the films fault

Fuck you, it's not my fault I'm fat
>guzzles down Big Gulp
>Shoves 10 potato chips down throat

As an American, I just really don't appreciate food being disrespected.

McDonalds shills are on Yea Forums

From the people who brought you "Fat and Cholesterol Are Always Bad For You" and "Eat Seven Servings of Grains a Day", comes "Calories In/Calories Out Doesn't Exist".

Isn't "CARBS BAD!" the latest trend they are pushing?

Because it makes me crave McDonald's

the guy who ate 3 big macs a day had no health side effects but this guy eating it for month got ed. was the old guy built strong or is this guy a little bitch?