Why does Yea Forums hate this show again?

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Haven’t you seen all those bigoted /pol/ opinions he spouts with his cartoon avatar? Yea Forums is a chud free zone!

because hes a retarded faggot

it’s hosted by a pompous faggot

It's not his fault that he's British.

it's hypno/brainwashing

ok tuckerfags


t. troon

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technically Yea Forums hates everything, but this show is only hated by russian bots and magatards
the rest of us love the show

didnt click

Even when he has valid points, he has the absolute worst humor of anyone who calls himself a comedian.

Phew, then you're safe! The post can't get you if you shut your eyes.


Because reality has a well known liberal bias.

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didnt read

It's usually good. I turn it off when it's obviously an episode about how racist whites are ruining America for the brave and strong pocs, which is only about 1 in 10 eps.

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/pol/ does this too by turning things into memes

What things has this avatar said that were so awful? I'm curious.

>Yea Forums is a chud free zone!
even as bait, this is so fucking gay

Who's 'us'?


Ok groomer.

He’s globohomo personified and the show is mostly propaganda. Used to like it but I always end up hating who tries to brainwash me

>He’s globohomo personified and the show is mostly propaganda
ur a chud loser kill yourself


The guy is an insufferable faggot.

Not, not really.

He's a retarded britshit nigger lover. Needs to be dsported

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Have you ever met someone in real life who has brough up John Oliver? That's why.

If he hates the country, he can fuck off back to Britain.

Hello new friend. Are you an election tourist or did you wander in here on your own?

you chuds are pure cringe

Me on the right

Conspiracy theories are fun you normie faggots

and take that fat faggot james corden with him


tranny i warn you you’ll soon taste the back of my hand

as a non American I find certain topics interesting, like when he covered the Coal industry, SLAPP lawsuits and Guinness World record, but at times I find his behaviour or at least the writing dishonest, it feels like it should be more about making people interested, leaving room for debate or to expand one's knowledge, making it clear that this is pretty much a summary of an event rather than present it as a complete package, I think is important to give someone homework especially if is a new topic, one otherwise risk getting the impression of being able to form a complete opinion on the subject.

it's not funny

It's true. He had an episode about Europe NEEDING more African immigrants in order to survive. And his example of an immigrant was a video of a little girl who just wants to study lol it's just straight up propaganda

Tell that to Trump 2016

>it's just straight up propaganda
everything is you dumb fuck. its not inherently bad

>Because reality has a well known liberal bias.
>what is a female

>the rest of us love the show

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Because he's insanely intolerant and judgemental towards people with different views, even when those views were what he and his party believed just a few years ago before the programming was updated

>20 something
You mean 16 year old.
My /pol/ phase occurred back in high school.

don't want him back, he's a gay fucking jew faggot, he's where he belongs.

It's just as bad as tucker Carlson show, it's not news and they omit facts that would conflict with whatever narrative/joke the writers came up with.

>Time Warner Jews
>"Smart" British Accent Male
>Political Commentary
>Social Commentary
>Talk Show Format
Looks like I've got a BINGO

>Because reality has a well known liberal bias.

>the liberal bias of reality changes every 5 years

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Pic related

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It's condescending and dishonest.

glowie shite also he lied and propagized against the korean people and juche

I don't trust Hollywood celebs that have been to Epstein Island.

holy shit its current year man!

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the once who weren't are either complicit or got their own thing going. nationalise hollywood

He's just Br*tish Adam Conover: a smarmy faggot who sounds like he knows what he's talking about, but only to those not already well-versed in what he's talking about

This is one of my favorite shitposts because newfag /pol/lacks keep outing themselves by falling for it


>Newfags from Reddit and Twitter think they're better than /pol/ newfags from Reddit and Twitter
You're all faggots , Daily Show and Colbert reports were hit or miss but Oliver just sucks eggs

still chasing that dragon user?

Cus they're a bunch of zoomer chuds who know they can't compete in a truly equal society so they see white supremacy and misogyny as their only hope. Completely hoodwinked by the billionaires to turn on their fellow slaves instead of on them.

>they omit facts
no, but tucker does

>DRUMPF was 9 years ago

He hates our traditions too.

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Tucker is very good though with reasonable and necessary challenges to the harmful progressive regime

Dude's face is so punchable

This guy looks like an adult version of /pol/jak.

He's the ultimate strawman abuser. Spineless. Shameless.

what a stupid tradition

Last Week Tonight without an audience, as it was during the pandemic, was a pretty great show.
Daily Show and Colbert Report weren't all that funny imo but they weren't what I'd call informational either.

Everyone seems to have this weird strawman in their head of what /pol/ is despite never actually visiting the board once
You just call every opinion slightly right of twitter liberalism "/pol/"

If you had actually taken the time to even look at the board once you'd see it for what it really is: a shill pit being astroturfed by every American intelligence agency

I liked the show when it would do episodes on issues I'd never heard of. Now, they typically do hot button issues and the takes are nothing different than what every other liberal says.

>not every intelligence agency
Fucking hell. I don't think you've gone there either.
It's impossible to tell who's jewing who there.

> Cadence and pacing is proven to be hypnotic
> Jokes are stating something then saying "it's sort of like...[quirky slightly edgy situation involving a white person's name]. [LOUDLY PRETEND YOU ARE IN THAT SITUATION.]
Oliver was bearable on Stewart's show. Even his AppleTV show is a shell of who he was.