Yea Forums cannot refute this

Yea Forums cannot refute this

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Frotting with a trans girl..

it's funny they all have those weird poses like her head tilt because there is only certain postures that make them even resemble women
still rape her ass though

>reasons to date a trans girl
>cant get pregnant

its funny because the only copmetitive female in gaming was trans, sc2 scarlett

>can't get pregnant
Then there's no fucking point? No, I don't care about your replies, I'm simply stating a fact, cry about it.

that is a disgusting looking male


I understand faggots who care about tiktok have an entire website for it now

>trannies don't get pursued
>they complain about discrimination on discrod/twitter
>trannies get pursued
>they complain about chasers on discord/twitter
They truly have become like women, the fuckers.

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could see that's a male from the thumbnail.

Kill yourself, kike.

Almost like they're mentally ill

He's got me on the vidya games. Trannies are good at those.

If he beats me at video games, I'm gonna end up real mad and punch him in the guts

Does the T in Yea Forums stand for Trans? Is this the Transvision board?

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trans want people who will treat them like trans. Moment you fall for their "I'm a woman" bs is when the relationship ends

Trannies are only good at speedrunning. They're pros when it comes to reaching a deadline early

I have an animalistic urge to manhandle trannies and eventually escalate into full blown assault.

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Yea Forums cannot refute this

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I don't mind a cock but I seriously can't think of anything gayer than tattoos can you imagine how much cock you would have to suck to even consider getting those shitty designs permanently injected into your skin?


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>Anonymous 04/24/22(Sun)15:09:56 >No.167044045▶

>Yea Forums cannot ref-ACK!

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Like those I see at Star Wars convention?

Not as gay as the star wars one

They only seem to do speedrunning.

>sword fights
sign me up

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Figures there'd be quite a sizeable overlap between hyperautist and deranged eunuchs.

It's over

You're literally gay if you wouldn't fuck that

i don't get it

no you are gay if you would fuck that because that is actually a boy with a dick and balls

The ugly ass tattoos are more of a turn-off to be honest famalamadingdong

>if you wouldn't fuck a nigga with sunken cheeks and a five'o clock shadow you are literally gay
Based face blind autist.

and Ricky whatever that played SF4

I want to domiante him and suck his femenine dick

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She's cute as fuck. I'd totally be down for a cute trans gf to play vidya with and have swordfights.

Why would I want to lose games, be unable to reproduce, or touch another dick?

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Trim your eyebrows bro

Even if you're gay, why try to date someone and form feelings for them when they're so likely to off themselves, shouldn't that be a huge red flag?

Where's the five o clock shadow on OP's webm though?

Gayness exist since ancient rome and greece, it'll be better than complaining all day on a kino board about >tfw no gf.

I'd suck his penis if the opportunity arose.

Only plus side there is to trans gf is they know how to give handies


>Yea Forums - Television & Film

someday something will go terribly wrong and these abominations will spread some catastrophic disease or summon something terrible

>scrolling Yea Forums
>See this shit offtopic thread
>Can tell right away it's a dude from the thumbnail

OP is as gay as trannies desu.

You hurt her feelings Yea Forums

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Five o clock shadow is admitedly hyperbole but the upper lip has a distinct darker tone, along with, but not as noticable on the other areas you would expect beard growth on a male.

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>try to date a trans girl
>now you're a chaser
>try not to date a trans girl

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Did they have sex afterwards?

Yea Forums - Transvestites

He looks like Jack Black on that ID picture.

>try to date a trans girl
>you're now gay to any reasonable person
I couldn't deal with it desu

Parents checking up on her post transition like:
>have you killed yourself yet dear?

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i mean, those are valid reasons ngl

>assume a guy wants to fuck you because of ego
>he rejects your advances because he's straight
What a crazy switcheroo, make your minds up straightoids

Chasers are ugly weirdos, the HRT makes them want straight chads.

Has anyone else noticed the sudden increase of tranny threads and "made for bbc comments"?

You build one hundred bridges, you're a bridge maker. You suck one cock and you're a cocksucker for life. Not worth it

Not a tranny knower but it's better to fuck a femboy or pre-HRT than someone that's on HRT, the latter is usually mentally ill and end up hating on other men and becoming "translesbian".

That's what I fear the most desu, my parents know that I browse the internet too much and I don't have a gf, they would not like it. But if it were a secret why not.

Somehow video games are the gayest part of it.


Tekken has like 3 actual pro females
One's even a hot mom


always have a shovel ready



That's a man faggot

yeah, 5 years ago

The voices in your walls are becoming more and more loud I see