Name a movie where an angry man isn't the antagonist

Name a movie where an angry man isn't the antagonist

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hollywood is shit we get it

Serial Mom

AVGN the movie is the worst movie ever

The Punisher

The worst eceleb because he brainwashed lots of you when you were kids into not thinking he’s a fag

It really is.

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Angry Max

Could itbe that James Nintendo Nerd is not wholesome based chungus?
Let's unpack this, VSauce

My little pony I guess

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What exactly happened to make AVGN as hated as The Nostalgia Critic? As far as I know, AVGN hasn't made anything as insulting and universally despised as Nostalgia Critic's The Wall Review/Album.

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the fuck

Why does this particular picture of AVGN trigger Lee/leeposters?

This one had the dreaded "Corporate Karen" instead.

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Take a wild guess!

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I recently watched the Bruce Willis movie Apex. The villain is a man, but he's very calm, almost creepily unfazed by the brutal violence throughout.

his work ethic. People actually respect Doug now because hes the definition of based cringe, he's always genuine and himself while pumping out shitloads of content. AVGN makes lower quality shit, less often, isn't honest, is being controlled by screenwave lackeys, and is doing it for the money.

no one outside a few obese losers on Yea Forums and a subreddit even cares about the avgn "controversy"
he's not hated because he's hardly known in the first place

Cringe retard

Basic Instinct

I get so fucking mad at the sight of James now. If I ever saw him IRL I'd use my hand to club him as hard as I could on the side of his head and say "What the FUCK are you going to do about that, BIMMY?". He'd recoil in fear like the spineless worm he is.

lion king. scar isn't angry, he's just extremely gay

based thread

Shut up, Karen.

reminder that Doug won


If the black man is so important to the avgn universe, why is he not in any videos anymore?

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Ask his wife.

He slowly eroded his reputation and popularity because he stopped caring about movies and video games, the subjects of his channel
Watch one of his latest videos and it's obvious he no longer gives a shit about anything but a paycheck

>As far as I know, AVGN hasn't made anything as insulting and universally despised as Nostalgia Critic's The Wall Review/Album.
You're internet daddy is wrong about that video

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You losers are the "Karens" you fuckwit. You're entire gimmick is that you want to speak to James's manager.

>As far as I know, AVGN hasn't made anything as insulting and universally despised as Nostalgia Critic's The Wall Review/Album.
hes come close

Do they ever reference the events of the movie in the show? They build up the movie and the fact that he's going to review E.T. before the movie comes out. But afterwards nothing comes to mind, does he ever reference meeting an alien or Death Mwauthzyx?

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Nostalgia Critic’s the wall is intensely hated even though it’s a better production and criticism than anything the AVGN or Cinemassacre has done in a decade.

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Incredibles 2

Ok catfucker

Cats fuck good

No, James has said that the nerd in the movie is supposed to be a different character than the nerd in the show.

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He probably thought it would get him a pity fuck, but unfortunately Mike was already plowing her corn chute by then.

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fatal attraction

michael loves this shit.

>post erin
>get a 3 day ban
be careful user

why do the mods hate Erin?

blade runner
nibba only wanted to talk

they hate all women. ive been banned multiple times for posting females. just looking out for my bros.

Because they will never be women even though she sets the bar low for what passes as one.

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>AVGN the movie is the worst movie ever
Space Cop is worse tho

And Kickassia is even worse. Kickassia is probably the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

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no way. its at least entertaining. the other 2 are self indulgent shit fests.

AVGN Movie > Space Cop > Kickassia

>tfw 5:40

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Hi James!

Why are there so many GETs in this thread?

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Hi Jay!

It's Mike you faggot.

And to answer the question, Danni Devito in Matilda? Or in Batman.

Same happened to me. Some one will report you if you talk shit about this dumb cunt. Probably Mike or some other simp.

Other way around.

There is no way Space Cop is better than AVGN movie.

Nearly anything is better than AVGN The Movie.