Last season starting tomorrow with a doubleheader

>last season starting tomorrow with a doubleheader
>literally ZERO hype

wtf went wrong?

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the hype is fucking palpable user.

capeshit, anime, and every other shit "trendy" white girls hype up like those kdramas.

I'm too busy disappointing my parent by posting soijaks and frogs to watch Yea Forums

>Episode 1 "Wine and Roses": Nacho runs for his life. Kim lands a big new client. Mike questions his allegiances. Special Guest Star Aiden Gillen. Directed by Michael Morris and written by Peter Gould.
>Episode 2 "Carrot and Stick": Harsh realities dawn on Nacho. Kim's new client lands her in hot water with the CIA. Directed by Aiden Gillen and written by Tom Hardy & Ariel Levine.

Kim bros...

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Waiting to see real kino on the 19th.

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Nobody wants to watch Lalo and Nacho die this season

Imagine wasting such good characters in a prequel

they waited 5 years in between seasons

>literally ZERO hype
lol I checked into my hotel earlier, found out they didn't offer free AMC, then complained about roaches and got my money back and found another hotel. I'm set for tomorrow night

It's boring as all fuck

I'm really hyped but lost a bit of hype when I found out they're splitting the seasons with the second part coming out in July. Now I kind of just want to wait until the end of the year to binge it.

Literally nothing has happened.

I will have to avoid this place til I can watch it on Netflix day 19.

Trash show along with Breaking Fag.

I wanna eat her ass and lick her feet :(

Tom Hardy?

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The Mike parts in this show are so boring. It's unfortunate.

get in line behind bince and gould


I don't understand why AMC isn't doing a marathon. It's been 2 years since season 5. Dipshits running the network did a BrBa marathon instead.

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normies have never heard of the show

I'm calling it now, one of the reveals will be that each black and white opening takes place between YEARS and has been catching up to the present day.

'Gene Takevic' has been on the run, looking over his shoulder for over a decade. The last season will reveal Jimmy has been a manager of Cinnabon, miserable from 2008-2022. And then it will either end with Jimmy, dead, pointlessly once one of his contacts or the cartel kills him in a shaggy dog story, or he will end it as he began, with no catharsis as comeuppance for his criminal enabling - a loser wagie, looking over his shoulder, terrified of his past, forever.

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>>literally ZERO hype

maybe on your home planet of Faggotron

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You know the show is good when there's little to none baiting threads about it on /tv.

Absolutely hyped, where have you been?

Me and my mom just finished watching the last season and we're both thrilled to see what happens. We baked ginger bread men and watched breaking bad while we waited between seasons. I even decorated them as Walt and Jesse.

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What are you eating for the premier?

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Its on fucking netflix, it was pretty much their original cashcow, though yeah almost everyone jumped ship due how slow was the first part of season 1, their lost though, they missed the kino that is Marco-onwards

The plates Gene has have 2012 tags. Doubt a guy on the run would drive around with decade old expired tags.


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I'm debating whether to pay the piper to see it instantly or wait for a link

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itll be streamed live on brettygood

I'm waiting for a link, brother, we'll wait together.

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Or you could just not be a retard and stream it for free.

it's been like three years.

>literally ZERO hype
Tons of hype you incel motherfucker

No there isn't really much hype here there's maybe a thread a day at best and they don't usually last beyond 100 posts

>tfw Europoor
>have to wait until Tuesday to see it
>unable to participate in the hype threads

The main actor now looks like death warmed up. Years of drug abuse and vax complications will do that to a sixty year old man.

what? he looks great for his age
yeah he's gray and wrinkly, but he's in good shape physically

>good shape
>heart attack

you're changing the goalpost
you said he looked like death - which I refuted

So Jimmy................ any more thoughts on taking that job I offered?

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Are they releasing the whole season or going episodic?

Where can I watch for free

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they're going to cock tease us for 2 months


Better cancel Hansel

>oh my god is that a nice man offering me a job
>I’m going INSAAANE I’m gonna throw bowling balls at his car and get him killed
What the actual fuck is wrong with Jimmy? Chuck was right

I've been watching the episodes on Netflix and the episodes are 40 mins to an hour long. I'm watching the premiere on AMC. How do they fit in the commercials? Does it fit in an hour block?

last season it had some weird time slot where it was like an hour and 13 mins or something. tomorrow is going to be like 2 and a half hours for both episodes lole

Anyone have a link to an in-depth recap? The one on AMC's youtube channel is pretty shit. I don't remember any of this. I completely forgot Jimmy was actually practicing as Saul last season. I thought Season 5 ended with him telling Kim his new name.

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>Aiden Gillen
big guys....

>Directed by Aiden Gillen and written by Tom Hardy
Lel holy fuck

better feed sneed

just rewatch the series on netflix & download season six while waiting for season 7 to be done airing. you'll be caught up in time to binge season 7 in its entirety. it's worth it.

Nah you are

Chuck killing himself still feels like such a lame way to end his arc. I get that he really can't be alive during the Saul era given the lengths he went through to fuck Jimmy over. There's no way he could see what he becomes and not find some way to meddle. Still, it felt out of character and very sudden. Too clean and easy, especially by having Jimmy insist he doesn't care in the next season.

Ribs on a burger

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