Jesus christ…

jesus christ…

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sneed of legends

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Not sure why he’s using a G503, it’s a shit reddit mouse.

You will live to see a transgender and a pedophile main character on the Simpsons, both portrayed as good things

letting the simpsons go on for this long has to be some kind of deep state demoralization campaign

this season has been good

South Park did it!

Ever since it was pointed out to me I can't get over how realistically the technology is done in modern Simpsons, completely contrasting the characters and house. The original style was actually cartoonish and interesting to look at but now when they have to put modern shit in it it feels like a traced png in an environment It doesn't belong

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>this house was affordable for a working class dope and stay at home mom in the 90s

>Homer lost $50 by not going in to work one day
>$250 per week
>lives in a mansion

You're a shit reddit life.

The fact they refuse to age the characters and doubled down on just making them act like in modern times is just so retarded to me

...its a fictional cartoon show

>pedophile main character
They already have republicans

15 year ago minimum wage was 7.50 in cali, now it's 15 dollars.

He's literally me.

Wow a tv show perpetually set in the 90's...

this nigga still thinks republicans and democrats don't rape kids together

Sure, but its the republicans that want to lower the age of consent and breed their 13 year old daughter wives.

>I can't get over how realistically the technology is done in modern Simpsons, completely contrasting the characters and house.

I hate their new TV. Truly soulless.

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>this house was affordable for a working class dope and stay at home mom in the 90s
They already pointed this out back in season 8

>its the republicans that want to lower the age of consent and breed their 13 year old daughter wives
Gotta hand it to them they know how to appeal to the Yea Forums voting bloc

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We're in the timeline of bart becoming boogie

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and its the democrats who want to teach 8 year olds how to have anal sex. they work together. you don't vote democrat do you? might have to kick your ass, freak.

Nope, I just hate both parties and pedos while I beat off to loli and I dont care what anyone says!

Where and who from the Republican party is saying this?
Isn't it dems who want to show kids faggots in dresses and chop their balls off because they want to play dressup as a 6 yr old?

didn't south park already do this 16 years ago

Yeah trannies are mental I'll give you that, but its not enough to make me become a braindead republican.

I don't even have a job and I live in a Victorian mansion. America is full of ways to get by without doing anything of merit.

Wow not even 30 posts in and y’all are already seething about trannies when it has nothing to do with the OP. Talk about rent free



Look at the Friends apartment. Or any other sitcom dwelling. Why do redditors hold up the Simpsons’ house like it’s some poignant statement about le capitalism?

>people who actually think logically and want government fuckery to go away

So no one and nowhere? Got it

I miss Phil Hartman

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If only

How'd you manage that?

Sounds kino.


>season 17 was 17 years ago

They look like 3d models, the keyboard and monitor in particular, anime and manga do it all the time.

no its not lol, all logitech mice I've had last 10+ years

wait wheres the 1st floor large dining table room?

does he have a mustache?

any mouse with more than three buttons is bugman-tier

Brain rot

this is probably it. all the animation gets outsourced to south korea so they are probably tracing 3d models to cut corners. that and re-used backgrounds

>the whole house is pink
Do Americans really??

>he doesn’t use the forward/backward buttons

>mousemogs you

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they eat in the kitchen

yeah because I still have thumbs

>yeah bro using this highly specialised unergonomic cad tool for gaming and browsin'
>it's only $600

Nah, slap a filter onto it.

Nelson's poor, isn't he?

Wheres the rumpus room?

Look at his keyboard and headset

>Nuclear Safety Technician
>working class dope

No, Homer has a great job. It's not like he's hanging drywall or flipping burgers.

next to the stairs

Jews in Hollywood so out of touch with what is a normal working class dwelling

this is like the 5th time I heard someone say Republicans are lowering the age of marriage. Are liberals so dumb they just believe random posts on the internet claiming Republicans are trying to legalize cp? "Republicans are evil so it MUST be true!!!"

Ah, fair

No I mean the characters age over the years like Bart and Lisa would be adults by now you could make so many new conflicts with that kind of writing rather rhan relying on "HEY LOOK WE'RE TALKING ABOUT CURRENT THING"
Not like it matters though, Simpsons can have god tier writing and no one will care

I heard Republicans want to breed aborted 13 year olds and teach them CRT

Abe sold his house to pay for the Simpson house. Maybe their mortgage payment is small.

it wouldn't work really. look at this screencapture of the television from the newest season, getting a computer to do line art that would be very difficult. the way it's drawn is as an illusion, with the line-art simulating the effect of depth on a flat plane. this results in imperfect edges and mistakes a computer couldn't replicate. it's easier to just have a reference model for the TV and have some wagie draw it in a few minutes

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Predictive programming. Look how diverse this crowd is in season 1. They're all like that from the start.
S01E03 - Homer's Odyssey
Jan 21, 1990

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i just watched simpsons movie, never watched the series, thought the movie was decent... didn't make me laugh but I enjoyed it. i'm feeling quite lonely though.

>3 living rooms on the first floor
>no bathroom on the first floor
>4 bedrooms on the second floor
>no closets
>only 2 bathrooms
What a shitty house.

Bart enter puberty

It most likely wouldn't be too hard, it's a big earner with a (sadly) long future so they can afford to sink some big bucks into making future episodes cheaper.

America has always been full of blacks and mexicans. That's one thing the jew writers got right

and i have all the lego minifigs from
the first wave of cmfs... not sure why since I never watched the show, i guess i found them that unique and maybe thought i'd get into the show one day?