ITT we discuss Andy Dick, his career and upcoming projects

ITT we discuss Andy Dick, his career and upcoming projects

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who are the people he's with?

Happy ending to a dark saga

why do jannies keep deleting the threads?

but is he gay?


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Didn't know Wappy was the janny...

Andy is gonna throw a fit and crash the RV

>andy being taken from a life of drugs and crime to a luxurious house in Newport Beach
Isn’t this the plot of The OC?

Does doing drugs turn Andy into a faggot?

What is IP2

This is fucking pure kino

He's a super huge homo who somehow keeps dating women and having children. So make whatever of that you will.

Seething cunny spammer protecting their neural blender and Northman bait threads

It's going to look real good if they get pulled over in a rv filled with beer and pot, with fucking ANDY DICK in the vehicle with them.

Andy is croag

Sometimes the internet does cool shit

>fucking loser ecelebs immediately circling like vultures over andy fucking dick
fucking kek

Hope these RV guys keep him fucked up so he finally croaks

Who's this Casey guy?

a network of streamers. old "ice poseidon" connected crew


why do cumskins look so inhuman?

Clout inequality is rising. Nigga gotta do what he gotta do.


How did they manage to steal him away from the guy keeping him hostage? Isn't Andy a big source of revenue?


Is this the future? Zoomers trying to get streaming cred by fucking with old gen xers and boomers that clearly have substance abuse issues?This what a godless society looks like when you "do whatever you feel" and have no barriers.

Independently wealthy, financer of events.

>Who's Wappy?

Andy’s brain is fried

>Andy Dick is the most content and enjoyable bit of Hollywood

fucking Drugs talking directly to Andy through donations and giving good advice.

I discovered this two hours ago and its the most bizarre thing I have ever seen but I cant stop watching.

Drunk and drugged out of his mind Andy can't keep up with all these similar sounding name

Is this guy a fagg?

Go drop a dono for the Capitan

>the guy driving and leading this exploitation is a Jew with his second in command being a Mexican
Amazing. Just like real life.

Welcome to the shitshow

One time my class met Andy Dick at sxsw on a field trip and he was clearly drunk and my teacher nervously said that we are 15 and he put his hands up a fat kids shirt and said something like "well these tits are are leat 25!".

This shit is wild. I don't think i've seen a celeb fall so far then livestream their retardation while multiple groups vie to profit off them

Why did he say his daughhter died? Wtf?


Disney sponsored shill stream

Andy is getting belligerent

>Andy:... I have 90 messages

haha. His phone number leaked.

certified kek moment
we gotta get this nigga on cozy tv

Kek now that's comedy

>Spiderman out of nowhere
This keeps getting more kino. When's the biopic?

Andy is gonna camp with them

Where's Blade?


I called him a couple times but no answer kek

The guy's house he was just held hostage at was named Wappy. Now Andy was taken by Captain. He says he likes these guys but keeps not remembering who Captain is. Then he gets a call asking if Wappy punched him. And he asks Captain, "Wappy did you punch me?" "Im not Wappy" "Oh, who's Wappy??" This guy's brain is completely fried

Gay sex on stream?

Andy has a better hairline than me wtf!

can I get a QRD

Imagine thinking this shit isn't scripted

So what happened in the past 8 hours? did andy finally ditch the kidnappers?

In fairness, I have no idea who the fuck any of these alcoholic losers are either.


>Dick was born on December 21, 1965, in Charleston, South Carolina, as Andrew Thomlinson. He was adopted at birth by Allen and Sue Dick, and named Andrew Roane Dick. He was brought up Presbyterian

WTF he isn't a Jew?

what is going on? i am so confused

Yes. Now he's with new kidnappers on their way to hand him off to another kidnapper. They're all just leeching off him for twitch donations

captain jew is leeching already

You can't script the injuries Andy had the other day. He mouth and tongue were completely swolen and his teeth had gone through his lips. He got fucked up

Andy's on his shit again

that fat spic is ruining andy's vibe with his lame remarks. someone get him some coke and some vodka

No just bisexual

Your autism forces you to not notice the vibe shift

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Why doesn't he go to the fucking hospital

Andy is on a bender and got kidnapped

Someone super chat him and ask him about his opinion on Jews in the media

can I get a slightly less quick QRD

He'd have to be sober while in the hospital.

very funny

this has gotta be one of the biggest falls from grace in hollywood history

>fucking minute 1 and these loser fags are already exploiting this dude and andy sees straight through it despite being completely ossified fucked up

wait weren't the police at wappys house? how did captain get him from the cops?

Lmao, what a fucking opportunistic scumbag

anyone got a link to stream?


imagine getting pressed by junky Andy Dick

Wappy is saying he's done now and to take him off IP2 LUL

"You're gonna leave me your estate?"

he clearly needs cocaine. someone donate so he can get lively.

No he's always been a huge trainwreck. This couldn't have happened to any other actor in Hollywood

why would you have a completely drugged out andy dick sit next to you while you’re driving on the highway
wappy is gonna kill himself hes losing his mind

I just saw Andy Dick go into the bathroom with a-fresh-out-of-rehab Will Smith. There's only two reasons to go into a bathroom with ANDY DICK!

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My God zoomers are so fucking cringe. They have no personality, no humor fucking nothing. They just sit there hoping their "guest" says and does entertaining things but not a single one of them is capable of banting with him or setting him up. Is this all zoomer humor? Get someone funny and awkwardly stand around him hoping he is entertaining?

It's quite embarrassing. Andy is gonna get passed from eceleb to eceleb like a two dollar whore.

why don't these low IQ streamers realize if they turned off the donations they'd get more views from andy actually not hating them and then get more money in the long run

He's drunk and the last few days were likely a blur. He is also having trouble keeping up with these names: andy whappy, kappy, captain, etc.

Wtf bros today was MY day to have Andy Dick

Hopefully, Andy Dick dies a slow and painful death for all of the misery he has caused everyone.

These people are over 40 years old

If they were intelligent they'd have real jobs

>can I get a QRD

Andy was in Vegas and got decked. His "girlfriend" put him up with her boyfriend or ex or something who's some psycho who yelled at Andy and tried to keep him to stay for views/donations. Now Andy's in an RV going somewhere else.

>the instant Andy leaves he starts trying to throw hands with a random guy
it's sad how desperate he is

Who is he on the phone with now?

stream died. best alternative

hes bi

Where do I watch this train wreck?

Wappy is legitimately a psychopath

>Jew that picks up Andy tries to get his donation setup as soon as they're driving away
>Clearly not cognizant yet they give him a steel reserve
>Andy asks them to get him some coke
>Stream dies
Hope he turns up dead in the next few days

There are no more white people left in America, right?

>dead silence

these are 35 year old alcoholics and drug addicts with no vocations, user. they're basically burn outs hoping that they'll become big on the internet and be rich, it's their last ditch effort in life.

There was a stream in the front seat with Andy but it died

Andy should legit be in some kind of psychiatric hospital dude isnt right in the head

you guys talk all this big talk but you never post any videoclips or webms or even timestamps of him doing something crazy.


>Andy asks them to get him some coke
He's a serious addict.

Who is wappy yelling at on the phone?

>steel reserve
watchu know about that?
probably nothin

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The front seat stream is back up


>Andy should legit be in some kind of psychiatric hospital dude isnt right in the head

Rehab. He's just very very drunk drug addict. Other than that he' sjust a junkie asshole.

There's too much going on stay up to date nigher