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stop posting

>amazon helps fill the le spooky show quota
>wow it's kino!

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turned it off after 8 minutes

I watched the first two episodes. It's too fucking weird and has too much unexplained bullshit. It's not horrible but it's not something I'm looking forward to finding out why there's an alternate universe Earth on the other side of the hole.

It has a Lesbian Native American sheriff though, it's bound to be a hit show!

when does he get a little robot boy and go down in the hole

Kino show unlike bland Yellowstone

When does he go in the little robot boy's hole is the real question

So you want to be spoonfed the entire explanation for the mystery in the first five minutes? What would be the point of the watching the show if they did that?

>Why wont this show explain everything to me right now!

>modern serialized tv drama does not answer questions to its huge mysteries in a few episodes
Goddamn that's crazy man they should pose all the questions then give all the answers immediately so the audience can stop watching

>assmad samefags defending this shitty show
lmao. There's no point in continuing watching for the "greater mystery" when the mystery shown so far has been pretty fucking stupid.

Capeshit indian, go back

It's not a horror show though

learn how to check the ip count newfriend

You're right, it's a shitty show.

Why are americans obsessed with holes?

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It's a male thing, you wouldn't get it

Lee Goldson

Diggin up them holes digg it diggin up them hoes
Got two shovels two bitches in hand got no respect cu I'm a new man got a boot full of sand check out my tag names nigga man
dig up them holes dig it yo they call me moon man jet set david duke cant get a shoot loop de loop bitch

Plebs filtered this hard after 2 episodes

didn't this book have a cuck fantasy theme or something?

holes are mysterious and invite exploration

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its about jobs creation, you wouldnt get it

mel's hole the show

The brits are fond of holes too

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the hole genre is where it's at

What's that phenomenon called where if you put 1 orange next to 20 apples most people will be drawn to the apple? Because that's literally what that study is studying not race.

if I wanted to see gaping holes I can just watch porn.

raised by wolves had a spooky hole also


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worth watching just to see prime Keira's tits.

In the first 5 minutes, the family goes to church and the MC sits in the back and reads a newspaper. Not even a christfag but fuck is that retarded, they can't just portray a Christian normally can they.

the second episode he says fuck god and blames all his issues on him
I have a feeling this was made by jews

many americans are descended from germans

we get it you're so hecking satirical and memey, you have never liked anything in your life, its all so fuckin ironic bro, you're hilarious.

>ESL posters

This show really annoys me

>In the first 5 minutes, the family goes to church and the MC sits in the back and reads a newspaper
this is the most normal christian ever, you would know if you weren't just a tradlarper. Literally like 25% of the people in a church are on their phone while the other 60% of them are ignoring what is being said and dozing off

Christianity was made by Jews too

>it's a sinkhole
>it's a giant sphere
>all the people have somehow dissapeared
>everyone grew a horn overnight
>women stopped being pregnant
>once per year people play a deadly game
>prime minister will fuck a pig on live tv
>all men die except one

make it stop
make the soitopia kinos end

and they hate them

why would they? Christians are the goodest of goys
dont forget to love your neighbor Juan and let millions of his people into your country :^)

Yeah, was glad to see some representation even though no latinx folx nor african americans so far.

>I keep forgetting the name of the show
>I know it starts with outer
>outer limits
>outer banks
>out something

Is she as cute as the lesbian native in Fargo season 4?

what's the show called that everyone keeps comparing this to?

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>alternate universe Earth on the other side of the hole
it's a literal time hole

Made in abyss

>Hollywood is flocking to Wyoming shows
>reality is meth trailers and wind

Your mom is a literal time hole.

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The problem with modern TV shows they really on the underlying major plot. They are not episodic anymore.

i found it, it's severance

you gotta go to the capital cheyenne, it's becoming another austin

Wrong. They blew their load in e02. Clearly show is less sci-fi than new age destiny mixed with tired time travel. No reason to show what hole does that early

holes have so much potential. where can't you put a magical hole

>noo muh procedurals and self contained episodes
go watch a 30 episode per season boomer show, faggot.

I don't think it's exactly time travel. Poots was reading a Quantum Mechanics book. The hole is a link to an alternate version of Earth.

There he sells the land and it's drilled for oil. He threw the body in there and that's why the brother shot him because they found it.

I think it's a mix of both. It's very much time related with the buffalo with arrows in it and the constant reference to Kronos.

I think it makes more sense to say the hole is a link to alternate timelines, ontop of the pure time travel itself. So it would be "alternate version of Earths" while still maintaining the time travel aspect. It very much is time related also since when Brolin stuck his hand in the hole, he saw a glimpse of the brief future that he then lived through in his current timeline.

> give all the answers immediately
This mystery box bullshit will continue to fool people forever on the off chance that THIS TIME it’s different. Are you all compulsive lottery gamblers too?

> americans obsessed with holes
Americans have unironically watched a show about digging holes with nothing in them for a decade. 9 seasons of this bullshit. There are TWO concurrent series about the holes with nothing in them.

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Lel my cousin is a religious nut and her boyfriend hates going, her son and daughters hate going. It's realistic. Same with my aunt