Said 'kino' irl

>said 'kino' irl

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i do it all the time

I did it with my friends last week, everyone just kinda shrugged it off and moved on

>yeah yeah no keno, yeah i'm a gambling addict

>tfw slipped up and said it in front of my therapist once when he got onto the topic of films
>had to explain it to him while feeling even more autistic

I had to explain it to my gf, said it meant good movie in german

i called my niece a loli last thanksgiving

>Oh hey you browse Yea Forums too, you must be that guy who posts webms of 10 year old girls, gtg

Jesus just say it's an inside joke between you or a friend or something

>forgot I wasnt on 4channel
>called friend a nigger faggot
>the breath was sucked from the room
>then everyone laughed and called me brave

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I hate slipping up with my therapist. I swear I give him to much. If he ever cares to find this place it's gonna be awkward.

Showed Terminator 1 the other day to my teen cousin and said it aloud whenever "The nice night for a walk" scene came on. Just told her thats its German for good film kek

you mean you don't speak in Yea Forums in person? what are you, some type of normie? get out.

She is a loli though. Doesn’t mean you want to fuck her.

I'm german

I despise this pepe you posted

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Don't have any

"kino" just means "cinema" in my language

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what even is the point of a therapist then

>retiered pepe image maker
is it time to get back into the game?

You're a client, not a real person. Your Therapist/Psych doesn't care enough about you to do any sort of investigation, you're a piggybank.

So I should tell him all the shit I do on this site? Fuck no I wouldn't even confess that to a priest.

y-yeah of course not haha

Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back

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You should kill him in Minecraft before he betrays you.

>people actually go to therapists


It doesn’t mean anything here.

It started because a legit autist started trying to force a quality based distinction between movie, motion picture, and film. It ended up as the highest quality term on the joke scale, then third worlders started flooding in and saying it unironically about everything.

Now it’s being used as an adjective that just means “thing I like”

My mother will get pissed if I'm not taking action to "Improve myself".

Lying isn’t good for you. The more you lie the more your brain turns into mush my mom always said

what about Bobo's, are they making a comeback?

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Um, yeah. If you want to secretly fuck shit or fuck shit up, you should disclose that. None of it's actionable unless it's targeted. The dude you talk to doesn't care if you secretly say racist things on a forum.

Need one to get a diagnosis for neetbux

my mom wants me to go to control my autistic fits of rage

But he's the closest thing to a friend I have......

Inb4 user is reported to the police for using the n-word

I accidentally said kino while talking about some movie with my little brother and just said it means it's really good
I'd like to think he's now out there telling people that hardcore henry was kino and explaining to them what kino means when they ask

How old are you, autist? Honestly?

>that movie is kino
>kino, user?
>it means it's a damned fine movie
It's not any harder than that

>tfw study in academia for decades and join scholarly fellowships just so I can introduce presenters at student discourse by saying "Now welcome our Key No....te speaker"

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>said it for any reason at all in any context whether online or offline
reddit out

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>catching up with a friend
>braphog in yoga pants walks past
>say "imagine the smell" automatically
>mfw Yea Forums has trained my like a Pavlov dog
>he laughs and calls me a freak
I'm just glad I didn't say "built for the BBC"

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>called someone "based" in public again

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>I've never heard that descriptor. Where did you pick it up?
Option A
>Saw it online.
Option B
>Made it up.
Both draw negative attention.

No one fucking knows that a bunch of spergs on Yea Forums say it, you could just pass it off as slang

>psychiatrist found my poop insecurities

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uh, actually, it just means filmed. anything ever on film is "kino"


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it's not 1996 everyone is online now it's not some secret nerd club

...Excuse me?

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Shouldn’t you be 100% open and honest with your therapist anyway? I would just tell my therapist straight up “I use way too much of the internet. I can barely get off Yea Forums. I use it at work, I refresh constantly, I need constant attention and communication. I prioritize this site over my real life obligations which is why I’m regularly late to work. I also never learn from my mistakes. I shitpost constantly and every time I try to stop I just fall back into the pattern”


I've done this really often without realising how insanely autistic it was. I don't do it anymore.

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You already think to much of me.

> everyone is online
If you don’t count Twitter/Facebook/tiktok, then even less people are “online” than in 1996. Even less if you recognize that third worlders aren’t people.

what did he tell you about them?

>he can't say "kino" in his country

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I don't even use it on here unless its a specifically tailored Yea Forums post that I'd never utter irl to begin with

>if you remove a large population of online people less people are online

you're an idiot

Wait so I'm not the only one that alludes to the Mongolian basket weaving forum in their therapist sessions? Just how many lives does this site claim?

>said "based" to one of my engineer friends a few years ago and he questioned it
>he called the leader of the Philippines "based" last week

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Love me druk threads
Love me keno
Simple as

I was thinking today, what if I accidentally call someone user in a normal conversation

Most people use 3 sites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) exclusively. The average person has never even heard of Reddit and can't operate Excel. You vastly overestimate the number of people using a given site.

As far as origin and usage go, "kino" is slang for *cinematic*

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It’s pretty autistic, but almost anything you say can also not be autistic as long as you’re confident enough about it, and already have proven yourself to be someone who seems to know what’s going. I used to say and do incredibly weird things all of the time, but since I was so outgoing and controlled so much of the room I got away with it

>accidentally say based irl

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Me and my fap buddy call good porn we trade "coom kino"

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I asked my new remote job if I could take an extra week before starting because I hadn't finished setting up my goonroom for remote work

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Nobody asks people where they learned the word they used
>That dinner was scrumptious
>SCRUMPTIOUS?! Where'd you learn THAT ONE?!
"The fucking dictionary, case closed"

Far from it, user. I was once up until 3 AM the night before a session arguing with you faggots about Star Wars. He commented on my tireder-than-normal eyes so I explained and he was like "Well, I suppose doing that is better than burning out your head thinking." I've never directly mentioned this place by name, but he does know that it's an anonymous imageboard that I lose hours of time to explaining to strangers why they have shit taste in movies.

I've been trying to influence a normie friend that he should lurk here.
He's been going full R9K or /pol/ tier schitzo on his own with woman hating content and sending me all these trash tier youtube videos so I think he needs somewhere to focus his growing schitzoid power level.

some dickhead send me an Excel spreadsheet with one cell saying "click me" so i did and then nothing happened. My boss and a Company director then sends me an email telling me to lock my computer before leaving my desk. The fucking spreadsheet sent him an email telling him I wanted to suck his cock.

>he doesn't refer to anons as "My online friends"
>he doesn't say "I learned it from Yea Forums"
>he doesn't talk about the latest "Yea Forums memes"
>he doesn't say "If you went on Yea Forums, you would know..."
>he doesn't say "I heard it from a guy on a forum I use" when people ask what his evidence is for his assertions

Have some fucking pride

You pay someone to listen to you talk?
Jesus, how fucking self-centered can you be?

The woman bashing is what gets me.
In private, I let it slip to my boss that women are shit coworkers and he just laughed and agreed.
Then he went on a rant about them.