Movies that predicted reality

movies that predicted reality.

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Hey fellow American, I can see you've been brainwashed into thinking gas should always be under $1 a gallon, but unfortunately thats not feasible.

Wasn't too hard to guess that a despot would arise and start a war that would destabilize the international economy and put strain on gas prices.

That movie upgrade showed people wearing masks for a brief scene.

Trump derangement syndrome in action ladies and gentlemen

>No one:

Your sister is calling from the back of the double wide, Bubba

Not feasible for who?

If its supposed to be so cheap, why cant you produce some barrels for us?

Post house with timestamp chimp

Because the current administration is doing everything in its power to stop him?

Quick someone post the consanguineous marriage map!

Stop him? Putin?

>Cancel Keystone pipeline
>Refuse to grant oil companies permits for land that actually has any oil in it unlike what both Obama and Trump did
>Lead an international boycott of Russia for doing the same thing the US does all the time that only applies to western countries because India, China, and most of South America don't give two shits
>American """""leftists""""": durrrr this is actually Putin's fault
Americans are almost as bad as the Chinese I swear to God. They will believe fucking anything their state tells them to even when it's horrifically incompetent.

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No way, you republican niggers cant be trusted

If it weren't for our idiotic economic policies it would stay around 2-4 dollars a gallon , but we have to pretend like Biden isn't worse than Trump

I bet you're a rentoid

Thats fine though, you poor gas huffing niggers will all die out from cancer while normal people live on driving in electric cars enjoying a healthy and wealthy life.

It's actually like watching people being actively mind controlled by state propaganda. They will believe anything the big television says.

>17% inflation

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Oh please, nobody believes that electric cars are better for the environment anymore. Just extracting the rare earth metals necessary to make those batteri s is worse than whatever CO2 output a regular gasoline engine uses.

It's a meme for idiotic consumers

When the fuck will the vaxx cattle die already? Not the several thousand a week we’re currently seeing but millions in a month.

Where are people paying that much for gas? California? I haven't paid more than $4 per gallon

How will stop the polluted air from surrounding your house?

He can't because he's living in his shithole apartment while Tyrone is engaged in shootouts in his parking lot.


>why doesn't the president lower gas prices?
Do Americans really?

>healthy life
>China/India still shitting in our atmosphere
>Even if all other countries magically switched to green energy at the snap of a finger we would still be fucked

Yes I work in a gas station in Michigan and Americans do really

It's more like
>Why has the president consistently done everything in his power to make inflation and gas prices worse

they aren't incompetent, stripping the american people of their remaining capital is the point. America's institutions are captured and it's "leaders" only serve the goal of managing its decline

Republicans are stupid enough to think that Joe Biden has control over worldwide gas prices which are high in other countries as well.

He controls the amount of restrictions put on oil companies

>Hey fellow American, I can see you've been brainwashed into thinking gas should always be under $1 a gallon, but unfortunately thats not feasible.

Gas in Russia is 86 cents a gallon. Fuck off, shill. Go suck Psaki's dick elsewhere.

Yet democrats are stupid enough to believe this is "putin's price hike" like theyre fed thru news sites and articles


Gasoline in Venezuela is 10 cents per gallon

>Joe Biden has control over worldwide gas prices
The executive branch of the United States absolutely has the power to affect international oil prices you fucking moron

it would be if we killed all undesirables, therefore putting the global population to 500 million.

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Republicans sure love lying about every facet of the economy.

Russians earned less than $5000 a year before the war.

Venezuelans earn less than $1000 a year.

Yeah, when deciding to invade a random Middle Eastern country. Not when Biden just exists.

>>Lead an international boycott of Russia for doing the same thing the US does all the time that only applies to western countries because India, China, and most of South America don't give two shits
What are you talking about

Actually it's worse, we should be preserving gas for electrical component manufacture.

...Which does nothing to affect international gas prices.

Everyone wanted to live in the suburbs with white picket fences, now you're paying for building your entire society around the concept of the car and driving huge distances everywhere.

Actually it is as long as they keep you poorfags riding trains and buses.

>hello fellow american
t. canadian

Why do "people" want America to be a smog hellhole like LA or China? Gaurantee you its the same cheap fucks buying cigarettes and shopping at Wal-Mart, they are lazy and narcissistic.

they literally wear shoes inside their house...

What gets me is that there are definitely Russian's going around with soviet flags too.
It's kinda strange how they're now anti-marxist if you frame things this way and see the way they take on anti-russian stances.

But it gets weirder than that.
I noticed some strange things from interviews with actors recently. Their internal programming is getting odd. Like they're now interpreting themes in completely opposite directions now. Things that resembled the capitol storming to them in the past now resemble BLM to them for some reason. I find that strange. That flip.
That's actually a confronting indicator of the state of affairs of many people psychologically. To have a back flip like that indicates some serious fucking programming going haywire. This is what happens when people become adverse to cognitive dissonance.

People here probably notice it more because this is a forum of indulging in abusing each other.

Maybe democrats should stop importing third world shitskins

>literal communist state
>still have to pay for gas
what did they mean by this?

Seems like that globally now. It's not good.

Eh, why dontchu go fuck yourself there bud?

Utopia. Though the original was a 2014 UK series, I can't find that video. Here's the American copy.

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I hate all three parties. They're just cartels.

Perhaps we shouldn't have overthrown Ukrainian government and armed/built up the Ukrainian army for 8 years as well and train them to NATO standards retard.

i cant believe shadow president trump allowed this to happen

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With a car, you can't go anywhere

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