Mass Effect Trilogy

Heard some interesting tidbits about Mass Effect movies from my boss (a mid-level exec at Amazon) that just were officially greenlit. Going to be announced soon apparently.

>This is seperate to the Henry Cavill series which is set before the events of the games.
>They're billing it as a Lord of the Rings style epic. Three movies shot back to back to back. One for each game. They want academy awards for these movies. They're swinging for the fences.
>Director/writer is not a name you'd expect but apparently he has an amazing take on the material that everyone at the studio loved. He almost single handedly revived the idea of it as a film series.
>No casting yet but they're talking to huge names. They want to lock in a handful before they announce.
>Seems like it will be decently faithful to the games. They're using it thoroughly as source material.
>Casey Hudson will be a very involved exec producer.

I haven't read the treatments yet but I've heard a lot of buzz about it in the office. Can try and answer some questions if people are interested.

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would you be able to bomb them to prevent it from ever happening? thanks in advance

i'm assuming this is bait? i thought only a TV show has been announced

doesn't matter. the film will be woke garbage.

Male shep

mass effect has been "woke" since 2007

Only the TV show has been announced. This was greenlit internally and they're gearing up to announce it pretty soon.

They're pursuing race/gender accurate casting for the most part. Although I thought the games were pretty diverse already. There's been both white and black names thrown around for Shepard but there's no canon race for him in the games so idk I wouldn't count that as needlessly woke.


>take game where players choices are important
>make a movie where you just have to watch whatever producers want

if they were to do a trilogy with Shepard wtf is the announced TV show supposed to be?

>there's no canon race for him in the games
sheploo is canon, or at least he will be if they actually want fans to watch it

The series is about first contact with the Turians. It was being developed independently but now that this film trilogy is happening too there are talks about connecting them, or at the very least getting the creatives in the same room together. I think this is partially why they've involved Casey Hudson, he's going to be the bridge between the different projects.

>Heard some interesting tidbits about Mass Effect movies from my boss
No you didn't lol

This. There's no way anyone would be happy if they make Shepard a black woman

>but there's no canon race for him in the games
fuck off faggot, original male shep is the only one there should be. femshep cunts need not reply

sounds fake sorry bro. Mass Effect is incredible but it just won't work in these mediums. and if they try it will be ruined.

>player choice is important

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Yeah but that was pre-Trump.
Leftists were more tolerable back then.

>Three movies shot back to back to back. One for each game.
Bullshit. There's no way they directly adapt the trilogy, when removing the element of choice and branching paths and establishing just 1 canon version of events would ruin those stories. Plus no one likes how ME3 ended

how about making a good mass effect game instead of a halo esque pile of shit

no one cares really if there is blacks or asians or whites or xenos, woke is forcing morals views for virtue, like swaping races or writing shit political comentary or making the plot about trans bleeding vaginas instead of dealing with giant robot squids.
just hire competent producers, writers and director and make something decent no one wil care.

Picking most popular choices and saving most of the characters would be enough for adaptation though

A new ME story somewhere in the universe could work fine, but it would need to be something original. Directly adapting the stories we've already experienced, and just removing player agency from them, would not work.

agreed. A First Contact War TV show could potentially be cool. Anything with Shepard and the squadmates that everyone love will be recipe for disaster

If there’s extra nigs no one will watch it, just like the other nig shows and movies

Female Shep.

>race/gender accurate casting
Yeah no

I don't know about the series but the buzz around the movies is pretty encouraging. Like I said, I haven't read the scripts or anything but there hasn't been this much internal chatter about something since the Lord of the Rings series started production.

The writer/director is the most interesting part to me. Not someone I would have picked at all but apparently his take on it is amazing. The studio heads loved it and are really championing his vision. They've locked in a great DP as well.

The maleshep voice actor was trash compared to the female. Big mistake on your part.

I don't remember anything woke in the first two ME games.

pro human bad pro human good,l join the big UN in the sky and drop all your distinguishing characteristics to become a bland brown blob

awful opinion

because an absolutely retarded word and idea like "woke" didn't exist back then

Pretty sure you could side with the pro Human politician making his speech in the citadel and even endorse his campaign

Isn’t 2 the one that pioneered fag relationships?

yes but the pro human choices always had a slightly negative spin.
it was subtle but very well done propaganda

Udina was excessively pro-Human which was regarded as a renegade choice through the series. not that i'm complaining. Turning Ashley from a racist POS into a worldly accepting romance was an amazing arc

I always thought that an ME film trilogy would be a great way to rectify the disjointed nature of the games. You can make the aesthetic more cohesive over all three entries, make 2 more relevant to the overall plot, and change 3's ending using the benefit of hindsight

No, that was 3, 2 only had Tali, Miranda, Jack and Samara/her daughter. 3 really wanted you to have a gay relationship, though

female Shep could be with Liara since ME1. and Liara is 100% the flagship romance of the series for both male and female Shepard

Why not just adapt one of those choices in the beginning of ME1 like the war hero one? I don't remember the others since I chose that one.
start with his military training and add romance that has her die in the battle and him ending at N7 graduation and him getting assigned to the normandy (I know he was XO and probably wasn't his first ship but it would be fanservice at least)

>not tali for male shep

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Looking back it sure seems that way. Naive me back then thought Ash was canon for male Shep, and then it seemed like Miranda was canon in 2...
I had no clue how games work.

>hey how about we start with this fan service element and bloat these 5 lines of background lore into a 10 minute intro and disregard where the character was at the start of the first game
You sound like you could work in Hollywood.

my original playthrough back in the day I went with Ash and stuck with her throughout. But i just replayed the Legendary edition recently and chose Liara and the content is much better. She's clearly who Bioware wanted you to choose. Also is the character in the ME4 trailer

I will watch them if and only if Vanderloo is cast as Sherpard

seeing Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda in live action might be the single only redeeming factor of this happening

Yeah. Again, totally agree, but I never went back and replayed the first two games. Never played 3 either, but Ash becomes a total sex bomb in that from what I can tell – probably to compete with Miranda? It's also strange how Liara is the canon choice yet the other Asari in your crew are just so fucking sexy... was all of that just trying to tempt the player into not being le good faithful man of principle?

>Miranda ass in live action
Fuck I need this so much. Doubt she can pull it off though, she's old now.

bro she's still hot as shit

I think she showed her ass in Chuck

If only I was born into the chosen tribe

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The names being considered are Michael B Jordan, Joel Kinnaman, Oliver Jackson Cohen, John David Washington, and Garret Hedlund. I believe Jackson Cohen is the front runner, but there may be more that I haven't heard.

They are trying hard to get Margot Robbie. She's been the only name in contention so far.

Bioware were unironically surprised that people wanted Tali as a romance option

O no no no no no no no

what a great show

They are going with a Liara romance. It's being described as the emotional core of the trilogy, while the Reaper conflict is the outer narrative. They're describing it as similar to a more contemporary Aragorn and Arwen. The director had a lot of previous success with a romance film which I think helped win him the job on this

Can't you just say who the director is instead of pussyfooting about it?
I don't get this. If you're a real leaker (which lets face it, you most likely aren't), surely you'd want to put in as many verifiable facts as possible into your leak?

he is full of shit user

>Joel Kinoman as Shepard
T-that could actually work.

>there's no canon race for him in the games
He's a white American/Canadian guy and there's nothing you can do to convince people otherwise

>Director is multiple Oscar nominee, including the most recent Academy Awards. Though never been nominated for directing.
>Last movie made 400+ mill at the box office despite not being a tentpole superhero/action movie.
>Very well liked in Hollywood.
>Has never worked for Amazon before.

You figure it out

Literally what the fuck is the point? The appeal of these games is the branching paths and choices, and the dual morality of paragon renegade. Making a movie out of this is a bad idea from the start.