What was actually like watching 9/11 live on tv?

What was actually like watching 9/11 live on tv?
I wasn't even alive then and I would like to know how my Yea Forums frens experienced it. The biggest tv event I witness was election night 2016, and I didn't realize how big of a deal it was at the time.

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It was aight

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i was in school and got sent home. thank you osama.

I was a freshman in highschool and ignored it when it was playing during homeroom. It felt like the world was always on fire with the occasional building bombings and Clinton always starting shit with another country. It wasn't until I saw all the flags and the "United we stand" stickers everywhere did I realize it was a big deal

Have some foreshadowing.


It was weird. I had the day off from Burlington coat factory. My mom was at work in downtown. I just watched it on the couch. It was on every channel. Like every single channel. No airplane overhead for days. People thought there was gonna be nuclear war. Everyone got really patriotic. Then nothing happened for months until Bush got a plan

I was looking at low-res hentai on dial-up internet in my student ghetto apartment and my mom and asked if I'd heard what happened to those buildings.

Brazilian here. I remember waking up and watching cooking show turn into a full-blown news coverage

I'm gay

I was upset because I was really into pokemon at the time, and I thought that was a place that you traded pokemon at. So now I couldnt go to THE place to trade pokemon, so I was understandably upset.

where i live everyone cheer when plane hit first tower. we did fireworks when they fell.

was in 2nd grade. we knew something was up because al lthe teachers were on edge. in music class, our teacher told us that some people flew a plane into the towers and they collapsed. parents were picking up kids from school and some kid started a rumor that our school was going to be bombed. my mom eventually picked me up. we watched the television and my dad came home. he said "it looks like something out of a movie" to describe the collapse of the towers. the tv commentator said the same thing a few moments later. we moved a TV into the dining room and watched it ever evening during dinner for several weeks.

I saw the second plane hit live on the news. It was, obviously, almost unbelievable. Then later the towers collapsing. Things on that day have stuck in the memory, too - I'd just got back before putting the news on from having to go and collect water from a tank because our supply was off for work, and I remember who came round the house on that day, and that there were football cup highlights on TV that night.

I wish in 11th grade. I think everyone knew about the first tower after 1st period. I don't remember if i saw the 2nd plane hit or not but after 1st period everyone was talking about it. What I really remember is that my English teacher said everyone would remember the day forever so we were just going to have a normal lesson. Have no idea what the lesson was but it happened.

It didn't seem like that big of deal at the time but looking back the difference between pre 9/11 life and post 9/11 life are very distinct. LIterally everything went to shit after that as we segued into the wars and housing bubble then QE and asset infation and now the virus.

Didn't watch it live but I remember I was in 8th grade or something but in México, English teacher is late, comes in with a radio and turns it on, WTC just got wrecked in the news, the fuck is this I think, teacher goes something like, This event will change out lives for ever, we are sending you hole for today. I liked her ass so much, come home early, WTC attack images on every channel, ok whatever, go and play Pokemon all day.

every network had news coverage except cartoon network which went off the air and the food network which just played totally normal shit kek

I hope everyone where you're from dies, kike.

>be me not you
>getting ready for the school day on the west coast
>mom starts acting concerned like she heard something weird
>turn on the tv
>oh shit nigga
>very strange happenings to buildings in new york I didn't even know about
>go to school
>big assembly
>people say it's gonna be ok and we can all go home early
>return to the living room and watch footage of planes smacking into towers and people jumping out of windows all day
>oh hey that fish eyed guy from Billy Madison

why is your country such a fucking shithole?

Confusing since I'm not American

Saw the second plane hit live. What really sticks out were all the retards driving around for months with those tiny chinese-made US flags streaming from their car windows. Not sure what led the charge on that since this was pre-social media days.

tomorrow will be worse

imagine being from a shitskin country

I had just come home from school, joined my usual anime channel on irc, and everyone was screaming in the chat that "it's falling down!", "it's about to fall!" so I turned on the TV and told my mom.

7th grade keyboarding class. I remember they turned the tv on halfway through the period, but we didn't get to go home, so no one really cared.

It was my first day of High School, I'm in Canada. I called my mom at lunch to tell her how my first day was going, she asked me to. Then she asked me if I heard about new york and the planes. I didn't. The rest of the day some classes watched stuff on TV, and there was a bit of talk. Then I went home, and the next month of TV, even on YTV and Cartoon Network, was about the fucking planes. Pissed me off.

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I was 16, was in high school, as a mexican i had no idea of the existence of the twin towers, i remember a female teacher that hated me telling us a plane crashed in the twin towers and i was like wat?

I dont think they sent us home but when i got there i spent all day watching cnn and all the shots of the planes hitting, it was very surreal and based, i was like lol did that just happen? very epic moment, cant wait till they finally start the disclosure event and the aliens show themselves.

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I was in 6th grade, I remeber finding it cool because school came to a halt and all the teachers just made us watch the tvs and what not, but when I got home I was worried my house specifically was going to get attacked, until my mom yelled at me and said "They arent going to fly a damn plane into our trailer, user"

>come home from school
>turn on tv
>something about bees dying, sports, some towers fell down in new york, a forest fire
>huh? what was that about towers?
>oh its just amerimutts, who cares
>watch the weather report instead

feels good being canadian and not having to worry about my government false flagging terrorist attacks

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you mad burgerkistani? you should be mad at the juice for fucking your shit up

I was hungover from the night before. It was surprising.
Then I went to my job at an elementary school. Some kid built a tower out of blocks and threw a paper airplane at it. I laughed, but the lady I worked with flipped her shit.

Oldfag. Was in HS. I remember a bunch of retarded seniors signing up for Marines that year. Wonder how many are homeless now.

All my morning cartoons were interrupted because of it. I didn't know or care what the twin towers were, i just wanted my cartoons.

I post this in every 9/11 thread but I don't care.

>13 years old
>blasting lincoln park in my room
>come downstairs before school, mom is sitting in front of the tv crying
>"user... we've been attacked..."
>"who cares?"
>go back upstairs, turn on tv in my room and raise the volume of hybrid theory just as the second plane hits

I went to school and everyone was freaking out and all I could think of was getting a handjob from some girl who said I was cute. She did it a few days later under the bleachers but it was garbage, I remember her squeezing my balls and it hurt bad. Anyways that's my memory of 9/11.

I was 4, but my mom was glued to the tv all day and on the phone with my dad the whole time, since he was in the military. Brother came home from school early and made me work on leveling up his pokemon

not american so wouldn't know, mutt.

>feels good being canadian
it's almost comical watching leafs post almost as funny as mutts claiming to be white and free.

>I remember a bunch of retarded seniors signing up for Marines that year. Wonder how many are homeless now.
hey that's me. except I was army, mainly cuz my dad coerced me to go in. I'm not homeless anymore, but I live in section 8 and off food stamps. life sucks and I wanna die

Lucky, every channel I watched was doing news shit instead of cartoons. They made a big deal out of it.

Depressing to hear user. Pretty deplorable the way we treat our Vets here, I would actively advise against any Zoomer from signing up to be a zogbot. I say this as someone waiting to be discharged over the jab mandates.

I was a freshman in HS in new jersey. The classes just had the news on all day. I could see the city skyline from my bus stop and remeber seeing the debris clouds for a few days. Literally every channel when I went home constantly or periodically had something about it for a week or so after it.

Howard stern's broadcast that day is a good way to experience it and even give you a feeling pre and post 9/11. One minute he's joking about hooking up with Pam Anderson at a club then every goes to rage and fear.

I remember waking up and my parents said, look, something happened in New York, and I played "Glover" on the N64 for the rest of the day I think.

most kids who were alive during 9/11 also didn't see it live on tv. They were in school when it happened. And my school, for whatever reason, kept the whole thing a secret. There were rumors that school was going to end early and everyone was like, "why?"

I'm from New York, so it was kind of weird. Being a kid, it was kind of just like any other disaster or major news thing? Like you watched it, but it wasn't something you could really comprehend or weigh the implications of. I think I remember asking my dad if they would need people who knew first aid to go down and help, but that's about all I really remember specifically.

This desu. I do have vivid memories of "shock and awe" though, and thinking how fucking wild it was that we were just decimating this country on the other side of the world from the skies over something I couldn't even begin to try to understand. Weird feeling.

Yeah it was announced by my English teacher, I think I was in like 6th grade? So she stopped class and said something about it. I don't remember if we got out of school early that day, but I did go home and watch the aftermath on TV.

But again, I lived like, 20 minutes outside of NYC so obviously the reaction of people around me is going to be slightly different than most people around the country.

Didn't your leader recently seize the opportunity to enact emergency powers over nothing and give the government new permanent financial powers? Why don't you sit down and shut the fuck up.

Frightening. Fun fact: I've been to the top of both towers. First on a class trip to NYC my freshman year of HS in 1991 when we went to the observation lounge in Tower 2. Went to Windows on the World on the top of Tower 1 during a Spring Break trip to NYC in 1998.

NYC or upstate? Have some friends in the city that remember debris clouding lower Manhattan for days

Not frightening or a fun fact. Just an anecdotal story no one cares about. Hundreds of thousands of people have been on the twin towers.

Watch and listen to the Howard Stern broadcast. It perfectly captures just how crazy that day was.

Long Island. Some of my immediate family worked literally across the street in the Financial District though. I remember watching people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to get out of Manhattan though, completely covered in ash. Was wild.

Being old enough to be capable of understanding what was going on in the 9-11/Iraq War years must have been absolutely fucking insane. Especially after the 2000 election debacle. Being a lefty must have been just beyond fucking demoralizing. An illegitimate president throwing us into the most ill-advised military conflict in American history, all while giving trillions of dollars in handouts to the super rich. My head would have fucking exploded.

>Stern keeps trying to shoehorn Israel into the discussion.

Well, you must be braver than I am because 9/11 scared the crap out of me. Especially knowing our reaction to it would almost certainly mean the U.S. going to war.

It is entirely likely you're talking to someone who literally was not alive in 2001.

ya it is deplorable the way we treat our vets, but dont have sympathy for me, its mostly my own doings that got me here. I try to pray for forgivnace and hope I can get out of this shithole someday. at least I have kino in the meantime
>I say this as someone waiting to be discharged over the jab mandates.
thats gay.

lol thank god the chuds got fucked. keep seething about shit nobody cares about