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Not worth watching

where i dowload this

do not redeem sar

t. contrarian retard

The Batman 2022 1080p WEB-DL DDP5 1 x264-EVO

How 2 download

How do I download? I can't click on your links.

i downloaded the 4k one. top tier quality compared to the older leak with ads.

it's on rarbg and 1337x at the moment

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Sorry, I don't watch capeshit. Thanks for the effort though.

It’s genuinely a bad movie. I’ll give it credit for cinematography but it has poor pacing and a too over the top villain for the setting, along with boring dialogue

someone stream it on hyperbeam

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thanks brother

more screens. dark scenes are still a bit noise-y and have blur / colour banding if you look close

you're welcome

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Why is HBO releasing this on a Monday?

retarded probably. it would be free money to release this over the easter weekend. maybe they had issues getting enough servers to handle the traffic

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they cheated zsnyder
so i redem


no yify??? pass

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You wouldn't download a car.

I'll wait 6 months for the BR rip thanks


I would download a real woman just to rape her.

I would downlod my consciousness into a better simulation
The one where I could finally be with my waifu

any non-torrent versions available ?

Serious question, where can I stream shit instead of downloading? I used sockshare in the past but it's mostly cam rips and other garbage for more recent films now.


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yify hasn't made a release in about 7 years so i guess you will never watch a new movie again

might as well just pirate the 720p version. does hyperbeam have chat?

4k version is more than enough imo. only a few of the dark scenes are blurry but it's not enough to wait for the physical release

not yet. give a day or two and it'll be on most streaming sites

f2movies has been fine for me. but it's usually the 1080p release loaded onto some shitty free video player.

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What I figured. Who the fuck releases anything on Monday! Use to be, new albums released Tuesday and movies Friday.

my god it's real this time

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Why are movie posters so soulless these days?

usually there are a few, the generic 'marvel' style one and then one with a semblance of art

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I found a three 30fps verisons and a two 24fps versions so which one is the correct version?

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>does hyperbeam have chat?

The main posters always have that soulless overlapping characters design because it apparently sells the movie better. A cool design might generate some brief interest, but if you slap all your stars right on the poster then fans of those actors will be immediately interested and are more likely to buy a ticket than just liking a cool design. It all comes down to money and analytics unfortunately.

>mfw I want to rewatch parts after having seen it in theatre but I don't dare to torrent since I got busted once

I've been "busted" like 5 times. Nothing happens

Tell that to the fine I had to pay.

whichever one has the indian guy getting up to pee like 30 times

I didn't mind it, but I can't think of any scenes that I would want to rewatch, let alone the whole thing, so it wasn't really that great.
I googled the club scene music when I got home so I don't need to rewatch it for that.

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VPN desu.

Modern Photoshop graduates. Most of them know how to use the software but never studied composition/color/framing

What country are you in??

>Catwoman is a little bit bad and a little bit good
>Her skin color is a little bit black and a little bit white

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Goddamn, I don't know how I'm getting 2.0mb/s maximum on this download, usually I hit 5 or 6, nevermind something with this many seeds.

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too many feeds

I never liked that Nirvana song.
Atleast they didn't take a regular song and make it emo like every other movie though.

Because you're a faggot retard that is uncapable of searching in google and realizing there are at least 3 official posters released for every single movie and at the very least 1 is artsy bullshit like

yify always had shit quality unless you were watching on your phone or something. QxR and UTR Corp is where the good shit is at.

Looks like kino's back on the menu, boys.

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Thanks yify

It's a hot fresh torrent, of course it's going to be slow.

Finished watching this for the first time an hour ago. Pretty kino for a capeshit movie, you guys made it seem like it goes to complete shit after the first act but I think it was pretty good throughout even if it peaks during the detective part

It's almost like the people shit talking this movie are either
1. Disney shills
2. Never watched it but got offended because someone posted a Twitter screen cap attacking their snowflake personality

I found the white people bad line out of place but it didn’t ruin the scene let alone the movie. What I found strange was how much plot armor nigger mayor had especially near the end there. Ending monologues were great though and made the ending stick the landing

I hated how Batman was invulnerable.
>Flies face first into a bridge, bounces off a car and slides across the street, walks away
>Batsuit is so bulletproof that he can simply walk towards groups of enemies as they spray him with bullets
>Even high calibre sniper rifles fired at close range just bounce off the arm
>A bomb goes off inches away from his face and he's perfectly fine
>He tanks a double barreled shotgun blast up close and only need a few seconds and some super Batman juice to recover

Yeah some suit damage near the end there would’ve been greatly appreciated

If you like this movie, you have absolute dogshit taste
This is a fact strengthened by its positive reviews modern rotten tomatoes

Based YIFY or gtfo.
A/V: 10