Why has the Joker's design gotten worse with every movie incarnation. Nicholson looked kino...

Why has the Joker's design gotten worse with every movie incarnation. Nicholson looked kino. Ledger looked good despite trying to be a little too edgy. Leto looked like he was designed by a 13 year old emo boy. Phoenix barely even resembled the the Joker's traditional look. And now we have this retard who looks like a Looney Tunes character who just got hit in the face with a frying pan while having an allergic reaction. What went wrong?

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literally just looks like a regular british person

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Nicholson looked better than Romero

Don't worry, eventually they'll circle back to him wearing a purple pinstripe suit & Al Capone/Scarface look with clown makeup.

unironically looks like the br meme

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Leto had the best design

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Because each generation has less talent than the one before.


the why is the movie better than almost all the other batman movies?

trips dub dubs

The Batman is trash. The worst Batman film easily

looks like mexican andy with the acne

>Phoenix barely even resembled the the Joker's traditional look.

He is literally the closest since Jack. Tall, lanky, nice suit, purple clothes / green shirt / orange vest

>bomb explodes directly in his face
>gets up and walks away without a scratch

Yeah great movie

>purple clothes
Are you color blind? Besides, his face paint and hair are completely wrong.

Fake News. I just watched "The Batman" and you never saw Joker's face like that. I am glad they didn't put this scene in the Theatrical Cut of the movie. Batman has absolutely no reason to seek help from a random deranged psycho. He can figure out things for himself.
This Joker's looks aren't canon.

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Because the character is almost a century old and the whole 'well-dressed clown' aesthetic has basically been taken as far as it can go, so the only direction to take the character is uglier

>Nicholson looked kino.
fuckin' what?

is this the low key andy dick thread?

t. rhubarb rubber

I bet they will retcon his appearance. In the ending of the movie his face does not look deformed


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Shame gangsta joker failed

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Ledger Joker is the best

>Phoenix barely even resembled the the Joker's traditional look

Literally everything but the face were accurate though.



Ok kidd here’s your (You)

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>Name is Joe O’Kerr

Should’ve seen it coming

is it me or is this version too try hard? ledger's glasgow smile wasn't pretty but it wasn't grotesque. this guy is a bleached asshole with teeth. a bear trap with lipstick. just tired imagining of a legendary character. but after phoenix and leto they had to go ugly. ledger was best. deal with it. nicholson looked like he was a geisha.

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It's just all around terrible. I hope Reeves drops this look before any sequels come out.

Honestly it'd be fine without the tattoos

Yeah, I get that they filmed it because they thought it'd be a neat Silence of the Lambs type of scene, but they obviously knew it wouldn't fit. It was a nice deleted scene though.

>Batman doesn’t know Spanish and needs Penguin to explain a word to him
>Batman is too stupid to open a parachute

He has too. Its garbage. Also recast

Joker but British

Aren’t you forgetting someone?

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Leto was a good Joker but he poisoned the well for all the Jokers to follow, everyone is obsessed with making him edgy and cool despite the fact that he's a literal clown. Leto's joker having the mouth scars was novel at the time, when every other joker looks like some weird mutant it gets old

*Ledger, not Leto

Idk, this guy was kinda good in The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

>The new actor is actually Irish

best part of the movie

the movie was 10x more cartoony than any batman cartoon. He takes thousands of bullets that always land on his torso. Slams into a tramway, slams into the pavement, and walks it off like he didn't even get scratched.


Zack's Joker was how Leto should have been from the start.

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Ledger is not a Joker, he's an edgy anarchist. He only became famous because he died. An actor dying before a movie release is like the best marketing there is.

Leto still sucks as an actor when it comes to the Joker. He seems to not understand the character and just acts as what he thinks is edgy or unhinged.
Look up any video of an amateur in Joker makeup quoting lines from the Dark Knight. That’s unironically Leto’s joker.

hes good in the Kino Film: Zack's Justice League

They filmed it because WB demanded they have some joker footage since after Joker NOW they realize that they don't have to make a DC Universe of garbage and can retcon Leto.

seems weird but I'll give it a chance. would still prefer freeze or clayface though. or even ivy

>niggas out there would rather have this kind of Joker than something like The Batman

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The original inspiration for the character was the actual peak

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>Le Homme qui Rit
Really, Nolan?

>A narcissist understanding people/characters
You're right, he can't

He has to make the process about himself, muh method. What a faggot

We're streaming the film. STARTING RIGHT NOW

they discovered people will drink any joker put in front of them, going for quality when you, Matt Reeves, are out of time and WB is on your ass telling you to put x y z characters there, is a bad idea when most fans are retarded normies.

interesting user, interesting.

he can play a better Barry Allen than Ezra. What a horrible miscast as Joker, like they didnt have anyone else willing to play it.

I would love to see Dafoe in the role, it can be great, it can be bad, lets see it.