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90 Day Fiance watch thread
Season Premiere edition
Sunday night live

Starts in 15 minutes
Pillow talk after Unexpected
Big Ed/Colt's moms dating show on Discovery+ and download sites everywhere
90 Day Foody on D+
90 Day Diaries S3 on D+
Dr. Proctor fatty show Too Large S1 on D+
Love in Paradise S01 on D+
90 Day Bares All S02 on D+
David and Annie After the 90 Days on D+
Loren and Alexi After the 90 Days on D+
My 600 Pound Life returns TBA

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5 minutes

why does she have barefeet?
is that really necessary?

>slut getting mad her bf is worried that she cheated on her exes
>fat bitch instantly impregnated by black bf
>dried up old bitch saying she’s a grown ass woman
Roastkino this season bros

First up black guy from KC and some Muslim Caribbean chick

This nigga is just Tom DuBois

We wuz Muslim


>drinking beer
Isn’t that haram?

Don't they know this is a white people show

wtf is going on with his ex-wifes hair

All nigs. Boring.

>real estate agent
>friends with his ex-wife
>present in his kids life
>getting a second wife from a third world country
He's spiritually white

>fake wedding so he can fuck her and live with her

Next up Kara 29 from Virginia and some twink faggot from Venezuela

Why do you people watch this dogshit? Reality TV is the most mindless programming to exist; the very culmination of everything bad done with the medium of TV. Why the fuck would I want to watch a bunch of normies doing normie shit, most of which is scripted? I don't understand. There is nothing informative or artistic about this drivel. It is created for women in their 40's whose uterus's have shriveled up and slithered out a battered or unused vagina. We're supposed to have a better standard around here anons. Even if this is the fucking Yea Forums board.

This woman is the most textbook definition of a roastie

She found the least black dude living in the Dominican Republic

I hate all these people already


>when I was 20 I traveled the world
>party girl
>"meet" lots of people
>no time for relationships(i.e. pumped and dumped)
thats gonna be a zoinks from me

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Any new nudes?

Did they finally run out of Mormons?

i would fuck the shit out of her regardless. but yes, she is a victim of feminism.

Gino and mike spoiled us with kino. This season feels boring

shes a typical wine aunt roastie

>black underwear model in China
What the fuck? So chinos really do worship bbc?

>Mulatto with a neck tattoo
Uh, yeah, I'm thinking it's gonna be a domestic violence call

So the whole show is black great

be sure to sign the guestbook

More tourist whores.

Next up black zoomer faggot from south dakota

is this nigga gay or just a zoomer?

Holy cringe

And a black serb

The only black guy in South Dakota met the only black woman in Serbia

looks like a fake tan

>17 unique IPs

truly the saddest

Lol his cuck stepdad

>the Serbian is black too
WTF is going on this season?

>White mom with dreads

They really switched up the demographics. Got away from the white trash and went straight to the new black American

shes biracial.

this bitch is going to hate south dakota


is this drip?

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My ass is biracial

I think Im just going to skip this season

>My ass is biracial
What did he mean by this?

What being mixed race does to a mf

Why the fuck are there so many threads about TLC shows on this board?

White people lmao

Weakest link is on at the top of the hour

>listen here you little nigger

I meant that I shit my pants on occasion and people may mistake the stains for an excess of melanin

Yea Forums

Cam Newton mother fucker

these niggas got big teeth like Kanye

TLC has better shows than HBO now

this is true and it reflects more on HBO currently than it does on the quality of TLC shows

tokyo vice is pretty good so far

How the fuck you gonna have a kid at age 37 that kids gonna pop out with 85 chromosomes

Shame the MC's a raging Mary/Marty Sue though

>missed the first 50 mins