Silly Movie Posters

image limit reached
>format your prompt as "title (movie poster)"

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What's with the poor spelling?

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These are kind of cool.

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As someone who has worked with AI, I've speculated for years that a big chapter in AI history will be people exploring the art AI can create. Eventually, AI will be able to write music you suggest, just like these posters. Thousands of people will explore a million AI albums, pick out the gold nuggets, then feed that data back into the AI.

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yeh its pretty cool

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this is really only the beginning

I would expect porn to be generatable on cue within a reasonable time frame soonish,
first 'this person does not exist' photo sets followed by short gifs and then videos

entire tv and movies should be generated at some point

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last of the manlet trilogy

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it's uncanny how this thread kinda captures the exact experience of scrolling through netflix

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at a glance its pretty spot on

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This is better than Netflix

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the rooney biopic looks pretty good bros

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kek. Kino

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>called legos
>uses roblox

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>the supreme font

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worked shoot bros...

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