ITT: We post things zoomers will never understand

ITT: We post things zoomers will never understand

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Do American high schoolers really look like this?

They did

Not anymore. Now all their hair cuts are with brocolli tops, clothes with nigger wear and the two white guys with gfs with black guys.

touch grass

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quit posting you retarded fucking esl


dude on the right looks he could be a junior member of the sopranos crew

Was gen X the last based generation?

>boomers had already fucked everything, but the rot wasn't visible yet
>millennials were faggots
>zoomers are the faggiest parts of millennials x100

Far left is pure hairkino

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They used to look like this.

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That guy with the thinning hair?

It was so odd seeing old shows like this in the late 00s when by that stage high school was NOTHING like that.
They still make shows where they are like that now. It makes no sense.

zoomer here. i live in pain knowing how much ive missed and realizing things wont ever be as good as they were in the 80s-90s

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because it’s difficult to understand that high school was never like that, and the appeal was always escapism?

Actor is actually a manlet with lifts. Very small frame.

>t. broccoli top zoomer
No cap.

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>ayo touch grass fr fr

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Rich people are gorgeous almost everywhere

Yeah but it was like completely different to high school to the point where it was jarring and made me not watch those shows. They were just alien worlds to me because things changed a lot in the 00s very quickly.
It seems like it was trying to emulate a school from a different time.

For starters, everybody was an obnoxious jock in my time, including me, because people were really fucking agitated by something socially.
I think 2008's GFC did it. It made a sense of panic.

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who is crazier Alyssa Milano or Rose McGowan?

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show should've ended after season three and angel after the first season

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>dude wtf is this this looks nothing like real life!

you sound pretty retarded.

i don't relate to good looking people

I'm from europe and we looked like that in last year of middle school already

What is there to understand about this?

>school yearbook from my year is 90% white
>Brother (2 years younger) graduates
>Literally an entire page with "Kim" as the last name
>Maybe 6 other white kids per year


sounds like yt pipo just getting too dumb to graduate

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private schools are largely white. some of the large Catholic schools have better off Hispanics and token athlete blacks.

public schools have the left over whites but they're largely non white. they're basically zoos.

I was going to post a picture of a white family buying a home. There was not even a single Google image result that depicted a white family. Even when I specifically Googled "white family home ownership", the images were all niggers and mystery meat. It's far worse than I even thought it was lmao. It's literally over.

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we didnt realize how good we had it

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I wanted to say you were lying but it's all graphs and black people. That's fucking hilarious

'white family in front of house' works

top kek

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Yes indeed it does. Still hilarious though

Is this movie good? ive free time today

Yandex gave me the best results.

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Why are they like this?

I fucking hate zoomers so much. I work an administrative job at a major university and I have to be around them all the time. I have noticed a massive decline in both their manners and their intelligence in just the past 10 years. Whatever was wrong with young people, including me I guess, 10 years ago, it was cultural. They were still people, they just had shit culture, or too much pop culture or whatever.

Something is different now. Zoomers can't even look up properly, they can't answer simple questions, they can't make eye contact, they can't perform their jobs to even a basic degree. This is all during their "normal" functioning, I'm not saying anything about the obvious problem of them all having chronic mental illness bouts and feeling entitled to their boss rubbing their shoulders and acting as a surrogate parent and shit.

I'm saying on a moment to moment everyday level it's like they have brain damage. The only thing I can think to compare it with is how Chinese immigrants are often extremely rude and closed off, zoomers are like that but it's even worse.

Being around them is starting to really freak me out. It's like seeing the society you grew up in being taken over in a rapid time by newcomers with an average IQ of 75.


Dream blunt rotation

fucking hell

>That dead, robotic, indifferent stare

Is this what being born into the internet does to you?

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Millennials and zoomers will never understand. Damn it feels good to be Gen X.

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>all i ever watch on porn sites is lesbian shit
>i never search a single interracial or race related term, ever, not my thing, don't care as long as they're a couple of dykes
>accidentally click front page
>85% is interracial/BBC shit
>try a different site
>same thing
>try with incognito and new IP
>same thing


Sucks even more knowing western society peaked in the early 70s.

More Gen X kino coming through

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Horror was good too back then.

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I think /pol/ can educate you on who runs the porn industry

loved this guy in Kindergarten Cop

Greatest horror movie of all time

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fucking zoomies wouldn't survive in a classroom full of these foos

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