Died because Ripley didn't bother checking the ship for eggs

Died because Ripley didn't bother checking the ship for eggs.

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She died because they didn't want to write her into Alien 3.

They would have had to explain why Newt aged five years in cryosleep.

Easter eggs?

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How did the eggs get on the ship? The queen literally ripped off her egg sack, so she couldnt have layed it. Was it implied Burt did it? How did he know Ridley and Newt would be taking the shuttle?

Newt was great. One of a few child actors that didn't get on my nerves. She should've lived.

She wasn't really an actor, just a local kid they cast in England. It was probably why her performance was quite natural.

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>offers to check Newt for eggs

It was an abortion metaphor.


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Alien 3 isn't canon.


They died because the writers couldn't bother to do their jobs right.

It was implied in a novel the queen carried a couple eggs, one in each set of arms.

Only in the non-canon sequel

Aliens managed to write the cat out without blowing him up

>inb4 "I'd burst on her chest if you know what I mean"
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it was mostly quite natural.

She died because Fincher is a fucking hack.

post the webm. you know the one


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Alien 3 was just a hypersleep dream. Ripley, Newt and Hicks made it back to Earth, started a little family and lived happily to the end of their days without encountering any more space monsters. They also fixed up Bishop and he gave him a happy life too.

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Wrong , sad , many such cases . picrel

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Time to take your meds

Thats correct user

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There was only one Alien film anyway.

Damn, she got fat in all the right places.

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The Thing?

Her experiences on lv426 led to a life long eating disorder


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Go to bed Pierce you're drunk.

She's not that bad. Prime milf teacher material.

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She is unrecognizable

Newt, watch out!

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I'm more surprised that Michael Biehn is still alive.

God I wish I was that carpet.

Cute and thicc.

wholesome i love you user

Just finishing up a watch of this right now, they don't make movies like this anymore

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Neck yourself


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> It malfunctioned.

Damn. That was hard.

She's dogmeat, pal.

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Alien 3 is not canon seethe lol

she gonna be okay?

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>Yes I was a side character in that movie 36 years ago
>"Do you have any funny anecdotes?"
>No, I don't remember any of it on account of being a child
>"Done much since?"
>I-I got married

Why would you go, to sell $5 autographs to a few autists?

Alien 3 is good.

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I'm sure she was asked to. It was probably nice for her to see everyone again and enjoy a little time in the spotlight. Why are you people all so bitter?




get some fucking standards you loser

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...can I have that when you're done with it?