Imagine drinking

Imagine drinking

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How many alcoholics has the pandemic spawned? I've seen a sharp rise in alkie threads in the last few years

i'm drinking coffee :)

Thinking of giving up the booze, lads. How do people who quit drinking fill the void left by alcohol?

This is a mad men discussion thread jan-jans, don't get any crazy ideas now

It's a massive void and will suck and you will need a support system and other methods of attaining dopamine or you will crack and go back to it
you're probably going to get fat

Drukchads, what's on the menu tonight?

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on the vino

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bottom shelf karkov

Some local swill after daydrinking while playing DnD

Basado y rojopillado

Probably a 10-20% increase, just like with other mental illnesses. Also, it wasn't the pandemic's fault, but the Jews' response to the pandemic. They have been blaming all of the trouble caused by Jewish policies on The Pandemic(tm) but don't let people forget that it was Jews that locked down, Jews that started quarantines, Jews that imposed masks. The Jews are the enemy.

Got a few tinnies of this, actually not that bad. Tastes sweeter than most lagers i've tried

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Whiskey... I never liked it. I hate booze.

I had a sip of it the other day and it felt very different than beer. The numbing sensation is great, maybe I am becoming a boomer.

Beer, vodka, then everclear. Gonna maybe try and get shitfaced tonight. Usually hate the feeling, but these feelings, bros...they won't go away.

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Tonight is my final night DRUK bros, my time is up

Your posts get deleted.

Godspeed, user. The next one is in honour of our fallen brothers in booze

>liver hurts
>keep drinking anyhow
My ultra came back normal last year. Going to see what a biopsy shows.

Your drinking disorder is making Jesus angry and you will all burn in Hell

he should give me a loving gf then.

waiting for the bottle shops to to open while 14 beers deep after nightshift in upside down kangaroo land

Easy there Father

I'm not gonna make it Druk bros

jannies gave me a warning for my druk thread and there are two up right now

this is discrimination

I wanted to become a drukchad, I have the family history and everything, but its just not for me...

I cant drink anymore, i just feel sick when i do


Druk will never be the same again

How do you identify pain in the liver specifically?

Planning on finishing this shortly, then it's onto some beers, probably a couple cocktails to finish off the night.

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Why imagine?

Enjoying a few beers, happy easter lads

So what are my fellow DRUK bros WATCHIN and DRINKIN tonight?

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Been sober for months because I legally cannot go to a store without injecting the "definitely not experimental and unsafe" vaccine.
I used it as an opportunity to quit pretty much.

Haven't felt much healthier though.

>Some fag is massive posting drinking threads
I see some zoomie is mentally ill and has decided to ruin this

It's probably some christfag, we've had a couple of run ins with them lately

>legally cannot go to a store without injecting the "definitely not experimental and unsafe" vaccine
Christ almighty, what shithole do you live in?

I'm sure most of you know of the concept of "a couple of Road Beers". But do you know about "Road Whiskies"?

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I see DRUK threads have driven some zoomie schizo insane, he's mass spamming the threads

For me, it's Becky.

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Typically it's upper right quadrant pain just below the right side of your ribcage. I have a friend with liver issues who has referred pain into his back. I guess it can also be a pancreas problem, drinking can fuck up many different organs.

There were zero threads when I posted this one, someone got triggered

INTP's grew stronger from the pandemic. You don't belong here.

Someone got triggered

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ngl, that does sound quite nice. like an alcoholic lemonade

are you pretending to be a fagg or do you just like cock that much?

Half the women were drinking it at Easter and offered me a sip. It tastes like very, very lightly flavored water. Absolutely zero alcohol taste whatsoever. Imagine unsweetened Propel.

My drink is and has always been Steel Reserve.

I think there's definitely been significant doubt embedded in most people, especially INTPs.

well that's dissapointing. are they at least high proof?

I will never stop posting in DRUK but i am done drinking, we all need a break

Fuck no. According to the website they're 4.5%.

>diagnosed last week with fatty liver
Go on without me bros .. idk how long I'll be on the wagon but it'll be a while

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>slow cooked ribs in the oven
>day drank 7% beers
>smoked a ton of weed
>played good video games
>watched old x-play
>had some good ice cream

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I drink maybe 1 or 2 times a month, but whenever I do, I post in the "Imagine Drinking" thread, it's nice knowing that wherever the other posters are in the world we're all kind of buzzed


getting drunk isn't what it used to be bros....

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Im 400lbs, my time is up

Jesus christ user! 400 fucking pounds?! That's absolutely fucked. How tall are you? I'm 6ft even and when I hit my heaviest at 205lbs I was so utterly disgusted by myself that I immediately started working down and got back down to 170. You have to do something now before it truly is too late!

that means your tolerance is high and its time to quit forever


The pandemic is not even real. Now shut the fuck up, you dumb nigger.