Anakin and Luke are both HUGE Gary Stus

>Anakin and Luke are both HUGE Gary Stus
>noone ever cared

>Rey is a Mary Sue
>everyone hates her

Why are Star war fans so misogynistic?

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>Anakin and Luke are both HUGE Gary Stus

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>huge emotional issues from day 1
>is arrogant and gets BTFO by Dooku in AOTC
>extremely gifted but easily corrupted by Palpatine
>ends up killing his own wife and becomes a cripple due to his own arrogance
>hot-headed and brash
>doesn't listen to Yoda and Obi-Wan, gets BTFO by Vader as a result
>doesn't get the girl
>takes years to become a calm, wise, mature person
>barely resists the dark side and almost dies to the Emperor

How are they Gary Stues?

>Gary Stu
Libtard cope, no such thing.

>”Ripley from Alien is an incredibly huge Mary Sue and noone ever cared. Why do audiences hate Rey specifically?”

Was Rey hot?

Anakin and Luke both have a fairly standard hero's journey style relationship with their respective antagonist/foils (Dooku and Vader respectively), where they decisively lost their first encounter. Both of them end up losing body parts over this. Rey on the other hand comes out swinging and beats the shit out of her antagonist/foil (Kylo) immediately with girl power. Weirdly, without a scratch on her, and barely even a scratch on him, despite the fact the fight is supposed to be happening with plasma blades, and he takes multiple, full force swings. But the awful fight choreo in the sequels is beside the point.

If you want a Gary Stu in the OT/PT era, it's Obi Wan. Defeats his antagonist/foil (Maul) in their first fight (and then repeatedly does so in varying degrees of cannon every time he's endlessly brought back in comics and animated tv shows), defeats the protagonist of the PT trilogy in the climax of the last movie, and even when finally outmatched by said protagonist, who was so thoroughly devastated by his loss to Obi Wan it shapes who he is as a villain in the next trilogy, he manages to make Vader's victory an empty, and pyrrhic one, continuing to humiliate him from beyond the grave. Face it, Obi Wan is the biggest Gary Stu/Mary Sue of the entire series, Rey included. He lies to anyone he wants about anything he wants to, even if it will lead to incest or fratricide, and he only loses when he decides to.

Thing is, unlike Rey, he has personality, so he can be forgiven.

>disregard by everyone except his mentor
>capable and skilled in a few things but nobody believes him
>only liked when he actually performs a heroic deed
>then proceeds to fail when the stakes escalate and get BTFO
>has to come back and skirts with complete failure
>gary stu

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Luke didn't even dare to fight Vader in 4 and lost to him in 5. Rey fucking beat Ren during their first fight without any prior training

>doesn't get the girl

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>>Anakin and Luke are both HUGE Gary Stus

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the fandom -is- largely mysoginistic and fundamentally libertarian (like most nerds), the problem with Rey is that her character traits are downplayed by the movie, and the conflict (which characterizes her) is likewise toned down (because Disney is afraid of politics).
This results in the movies being unclear, and no one knowing what the fuck they're watching.

>Anakin and Luke are both HUGE Gary Stus
Both of them lost limbs.

How many limbs has Rey lost?

Oh right….

Connery and Moore era Bond

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>the guy who lost everything by the end of Episode 3
>A Gary Stu

This is why Sequel Trilogy shills are dying out

It’s mostly understood and acceptable that the hero is gonna be op and have plot armor. That doesn’t mean it’s ok for them to seamlessly be good at literally everything with 0 practice right out of the gate and never have to really struggle for anything. In both a new hope and Empire strikes back a decent chunk of the movie is Luke training. I think it might’ve been like half the movie in ESB and he gets his fucking hand chopped off and loses hard. As well he had his ass handed to him by palpating in Return of the Jedi and had to have his dad save him, and that’s when he is a fully realized Jedi.

Anakin bordered on Rey status in phantom Menace with how he’s somehow an amazing pilot as a little kid. Kid heroes though do get special plot armor. Him winning the pod race was perfect acceptable and within bounds but I will say him blowing up the station was fucking bullshit. Still he’s just a really good mechanic & pilot and doesn’t have fantastic Jedi & lightsaber powers unlike Rey. As well he has had tons of experience piloting whereas Rey can fly the milennium falcon at an expert level with literally no pilot experience. In the other 2 movies anakin has had years of Jedi training so that’s self explanatory why his feats in those are acceptable, plus even with that he gets his hand chopped off in Attack of the Clones and he burns to crisp and kills his waifu in Revenge of the Sith.

What a Rey can accomplish with really no experience or training at all goes far beyond either of the feats of Luke or Anakin. It’s not at all within the realm of believability for the universe and the story greatly suffers for it since all her victories as our main protagonist feel unearned.

I know this was b8 but I just had a bunch of caffeine and felt like going into it. I’m not even a SW dad and I know this shit.

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*sw fag

Star Wars was for boys but they tried to make it for girls and that didn’t work so now we are all shemales

Anakin, like Paul Atreides, are about why being treated like a Mary Sue sucks

rey = cute

Chosen One.
Mary Sue has no flaws & is loved by everyone.

Moore got injured and, excuse modern lingo, dabbed on more than any Bond except for Craig. Connery also got almost every ally he recruited killed.

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Anakin’s first duel was on Geonosis. Also Luke was on Dagobah for a long time

>Also Luke was on Dagobah for a long time
Think it was 3 weeks, The time in ESB is kinda wonky.

>Anakin’s first duel was on Geonosis.
Did he or did not have years of training before then?

Anakin and Luke do and say cool shit. This bitch doesn't do anything. KYS pedo sympathizer.

The way I always understood it was he was there for a few months. Idk what the actual canon amount of time was but I’m fine 3-6 months being my head canon.

Correct, add that Anakin in TPM is genuinely a good kid and that the Jedi are the space-KGB with even more retardation and hypocrisy. It's obviously not going to turn out well.

Frankly, Reys whole deal is that she's an -absurdly- gifted killing machine, and that she's essentially manipulated into working for the bad guys (resistance) through her desire for a family.
As the logical conclusion of this, it turns out she was the literal granddaughter of Satan (the antichrist), and metaphorically Satan all along.

anakin was left to die in a lake of fire hiw is that a gary stu

>Anakin and Luke are both HUGE Gary Stus
Beat me too it they're both flawed whiny assholes who had to grow into who they became not just magically git gud because vagina power

I agree but the comic hairstyle implies it was in ROTS

Anakin's first real duel may have been on Geonosis, but he had thousands of sparring sessions with Kenobi and other Jedi. Luke had zero saber training and beat Vader, the greatest Jedi hunter ever. Not trying to defend Rey here, but Luke's power creep is wonky.


They both lost arms as a result of their arrogance and grew from it. Rey never faces any consequences for her actions.

He didn't beat Vader.

His saber training was losing to Vader

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Luke trained with Yoda for a good while and wasn't prepared to face Vader and lo and behold got his shit kicked in and lost a hand.
Rey never had that humbling experience most heroes have that lights a fire under their ass.

He beat him in ROTJ. He had no additional training between ESB and ROTJ.

>Luke had zero saber training and beat Vader
What movie was this?
Unless you mean that illusion in the tree. Totally kick that guy's ass.

On that subject user...
Have you had your dose today?

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Don't forget that Rey can somehow fix the Millennium Falcon herself better and faster than Han and Chewie combined can even though they've been using that ship for longer than she's been alive

Yes he did stop lying.

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Not on screen you dumb faggot

thanks doc

>no additional training between ESB
>despite somehow now having a brand new Lightsaber he constructed, noticebly more effective in force manipulation (telekinesis, mind influence, and causing harm in ROTJ)
You're a fucking retard, and I don't need Jedi training to sense that from you.

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>make empire 2.0 come out of nowhere
The nu-series was never redeemable. They should have made proper sequels in the 90s when the actors were alive and middle aged, but instead they went with a cashgrab remaster like idiots.

>What movie was this?
Return of the Jedi.

Or off-screen. He didn't go back to Yoda until after they rescued Han, and Yoda died right after.

Not canon.

>Luke literally says to Yoda he came back to continue where he left off in ESB

The discussion about "muh training" goes in circles because it doesn't matter at all for the purposes of the film.

No one would suddenly be satisfied if someone used force-time-chamber-from-DBZ and she trained for 10 years offscreen (Isweartogod).
The problem is that Anakin and Luke have actually good characterization, that ties to the overall political conflict between the different factions.
Rey has absolute dogshit characterization as a result of Disney upgrading her from a supporting character into the main character in TFA, and a pathological aversion to actually explaining the Star War in the ST.

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Dark Greetings!

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I like playing Rey in nu battlefront 2.

>No one would suddenly be satisfied if someone used force-time-chamber-from-DBZ and she trained for 10 years offscreen

Wtf kino

She defeated Palpatine with not training remember that is canon

>Not canon.
But this is?

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>tfw I read that series of trash
>tfw it was still better than the Yuuzhan Zerg and NJO book series
We already established you're a retard.

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I liked playing Rey in the movie.

People hated Anakin in the prequels and basically spent three movies waiting for him to become Darth Vader.

Quads confirn

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You're the type of person who thinks characters just sit in a room until they're on screen again because you lack imagination.
The same type of brain dead dope who needed a film about Han Solo's past.

This, All Daisy does is stare & grimace.

>We already established you're a retard.

You're literally contradicting Luke himself, you stupid faggot.

Eat shit and die, disingenious faggot.

Did anyone read this herkily-jerkily Star Wars book?

No, they hide in my TV until I want to see them again.

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what in the world is this

Luke himself confirms that he never went back to Yoda between ESB and ROTJ, so tell us, who trained Luke?

Anakin had sex. Luke didn't except the nu-EU implies he had a sheboon girlfriend.

I did. AMA

You're a moron

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because women are retarded

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wrong luke had training, got hand cut off etc etc