Name the show

Name the show.

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GOT obviously



my life

What's that little nub at the end of the x axis supposed to represent?


The Simpsons and South Park

Dexter, Arrested Development, Game of Thrones

American Dad
Just about any American show really..

Name the show.

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Kek no. Season 1 was the peak.

the sopranos

Mr Robot


Sons of Anarchy fits this very well it should have ended after season 2


The Expanse

season 3 was the best

this, fpbp


>Just about any American show really.
Nah most shows peak in season 1 and then implode in season 2 because the writers have no idea where to take it

Breaking Bad

Name the show.

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i'd give it to season 3

Better Call Saul. Season 4 was shit, Season 5 was a return to form (thanks to /ourguy/ Lalo)


the walking dead. first four seasons were pretty good.



attack on titan

Dragon Ball Z (lol)
Better Call Saul easily
Family Guy

found the mulignan

you mean the 1st season and the 1st half of the second season

Why the fuck is that show still on the air? They claim they have ratings but no one is owning up to watching it.

Mad Men

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it's been a long road...

maybe i have bad taste, but this is my ranking for BCS:
s5 > s3 > s4 = s2 > s1

still, i found it consistently good

The mirror episodes were unironically the best episodes of the series (and the best mirror episodes in the franchise)

i heard someone tv say it got good again around seeason 7 but im not going to find out

...Getting from there to here

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your dick

Always Sunny in Philadelphia seasons 1-12

wrong again, NIGGER

simpsons and himym
the other 2 idk

no u

Name the show.

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The Terror

I almost feel guilty that I CANNOT get through season 2. Like I owe it to the first season to get through the shit unrelated gook one.

Also a very apt choice

Six Feet Under

Breaking Bad. Contrarians need to fucking kill themselves.

firefly if it wasn't cancelled

Breaking bad. The wire.

the wire didnt get bad and breaking bad was never that good

dexter peaked in season 1, up to season 3 it was good season 4 bad and beyond bad

>show is called The Terror
>second season isn’t about The Great Terror during the French Revolution
>it’s randomly about Japanese Internment

Heroes, great first season, fell apart in part because of the stupid ass writer's strike

The 100

Season 4 and 5 of the wire was ROUGH

Not him but I only think season 1 of The Wire is good. It was gritty and authentic in season 1 but then it starts to turn into a bit of a fairytale during season 2 with brother mouzone. Then it becomes outright ridiculous by the 5th season with the fake serial killer.

ive never watched the wire i was merely being contrarian

and s2 was a little boring imo, though you could tell they were setting up something grand. it just wasn't executed properly in the later seasons.

For me it’s Marlo and his plot armor

Season 4 was the best season dipshit

The Terror season 2 was a classic case of "Have IP, Will Travel". Season 1 was based off a book by Dan Simmons and had a pretty memorable all-star cast. Season 2 was the writers hijacking the hype of the first season to make their own original show. I don't really hate them that much for the attempt, but it's just funny how hard it bellyflopped.

wrong, the whole plot with him was dragged out and unrealistic (even for dexter)

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No, it was kino

nah that was more like this

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The Americans

Pleb detected

what's your ranking?

Name the show

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Name the show.

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replace Season with Episode and you have Twin Peaks S1 and 2

Family Guy

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t. schizophrenic

I don’t understand how anyone can like season 4 over the other seasons of BCS
>jimmy isn’t a lawyer
>no chuck
>mike and gus are overseeing a boring group of german contractors
I would rather gouge out my eyes than watch this shit season again. Although is saved by the end with the introduction of Lalo.

game of thrones, sharp peak is red wedding

easy one

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American Dad

The Boys
Stranger Things
True Detective

the expanse. only three seasons on the chart.

GOT is a slight downward incline from season 1 to 3 then instant crash to zero for the remaining seasons

I guess it works
I had TWD in mind