Yea Forums suddenly hates Dumbledore

Yea Forums suddenly hates Dumbledore.

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harry potter is shit

>faggots and niggers and everyone is overdressed and british
yep it's roastiecore

Dumbledore looking like he just raided a Ted Baker looks stupid as fuck.
I refuse to believe a character like him wouldn't dress head to toe in corduroy.

Prove it.

>How did you get here, my dear
>Isn't very clear, my dear
>When your hand meets mine
>It is so divine, my dear

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>“Harry, did I ever tell you about my secret nephew Aurelius? He was an illegitimate half-muggle love child whom my family was ashamed of, so my mother (his grandmother) sailed to the United States with him as a baby, for some reason instead of his father or mother. When the ship started to sink (because it was the Titanic), an unrelated half-black daughter of a rapist mind control wizard switched him out with her half-brother (whose mother was consensual, and also white). The rapist wizard didn't care about the daughter, but he did love his son, and he was afraid that the daughter’s mother's other son (not born by rape) would be angry at his mother being mind control raped and take revenge on the baby instead of the rapist, so he sent the son he loved across the sea (on the Titanic) to be raised in an orphanage by a muggle who hated magic instead of using his vast resources as a nobleman wizard to protect him. Anyway, both babies just happened to be magic. My mother thought that her grandson was still on the Titanic, and felt so strongly about this secret shame child that she’d tried to abandon in America that she tried to swim down and rescue him and drowned instead of just using magic while the rape daughter watched and did nothing to inform her that her real son was already safe. She then gave my brother to a French half-elf servant who served the mother, and after the mother was raped and died in childbirth, that meant she had to continue serving the rapist, who thought he was the real son, and delivered him to the orphanage. My brother was then raised as a muggle who didn't know how to control his magic, destroyed half of New York, had sex with Voldemort's pet snake, pioneered goth fashion in the 1920s, killed Bambi, and joined a cult ruled by a gay wizard Nazi. By the way, don’t ask why they used a muggle boat instead of apparating or flying across the ocean. They were all good friends, except the rapist mind control wizard” he said calmly.

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Never really though about it before but why do roasties like sarcastic British dudes so much?

Chinese fujo deliver.

>sarcastic British dudes
Peak class.

It's honestly pretty depressing that Aurelius could have had a normal upbringing if he hadn't been born into such a retarded family

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Movie was based and Jude and Mads had a ton of chemistry.

The switch of the MC was for the better.

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Why is the movie flopping

Do you have any stats for that?

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>problematic author
dial 8.

I don't hate Dumbledore, I don't care that he's gay, but I hate his and his boyfriend's break up being everyone's fucking problem in a movie called Fantastic Beasts that has nothing to do with Fantastic Beasts. Newt is quite literally a fucking 10th wheel there at best. First movie being surprisingly ok, it's amazing how fucking misguided sequels are in trying to build upon its success by actively not building on anything that made the one movie in the series work.

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The most powerful evil wizard tries to take over a school just 'cause and fails. Twice.


Nobody in the real world cares for trannies' feelings though. If people were not mindless sheep who can't be even bothered to read what somebody said/wrote, 99.9% of them would agree with what Rowling presented in her tranny essay.

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trannyism is judeo-feminism's monster they can deal with it themselves

>that has nothing to do with Fantastic Beasts
The MacGuffin is a fantastic beast.

>Newt is quite literally a fucking 10th wheel there at best.
He doesn't have the charisma to be the MC.

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Yea Forums is closet gay that's why

Get a trip, so I can filter your schizo babbling.

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>I hate his and his boyfriend's break up being everyone's fucking problem
Literally nobody talks about it. There is one scene near the beginning where they ask him why he made the blood magic spell with Gellert and he said "love" was one of the reasons. Then near the end he tells Newt they fell in love around the time Aberforth was fucking some random chick. That was literally it.

And yes, there were other scenes were their relationship is mentioned, but those were conversations between Albus and Gellert.

What are the chances of the next film being from Grindelwald's point of view? Too ambitious, eh?

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>He doesn't have the charisma to be the MC.
That's kinda the point, he's an awkward nerd that's being built up to one day be a War Hero. Unless Harry who was born for greatness, Newts beginnings are more humble.

That's a very wizardly outfit he has

The series is dead and the last two movies will never be greenlit.

>The series is dead and the last two movies will never be greenlit.

This. The 3rd movie tied up most of the loose ends except for the final duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, and we already know how that ends.

Honestly, just making the what....5th? Dreary looking gray sky boring bland piece of shit that is painfully dull to sit through might be doing all the heavy lifting here. Moreso than JK being a dumb bitch on twitter or casting problems.

It's just a boring fucking movie that no one wants to sit through. That's it.

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Newt is not engaging as a main character. You can sell Harry to the audience, because he's 'an ordinary kid thrown into a new world' - people easily relate with that. Newt isn't one, he's already a specialist in his field, he doesn't have any higher goal or conflict (internal or external) that would drive his motivation, there are no mysteries in his past that would make the audience stay tuned.

Still breaks me heart.

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How come there hasnt anything after the last harry potter ? Isnt there a cursed child book where its there kids I mean I know they did a play on it but a movie makes more sense

>Isnt there a cursed child book where its there kids I mean I know they did a play on it but a movie makes more sense

It's the biggest pile of fanfic crap imaginable. I mean
>time travel
>saving Cedric Diggory is relevant
>Voldemort's lust child


You can look past a lot of shit that is all happening outside the movie like writer, casting and other internal issues as long as the movie is good. But the movie is bad. When the movie sucks, then that is that. The movie sucks.

The movies just got progressively lazier with costuming, by movie 3 or 4 everyone is just running around in muggle clothes all the time

That's sheer speculation on your part.

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What do you call this aesthetic?

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>>time travel
We already had that in book 3, what's so surprising?

I must have seen it before.

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He was only good when he was Richard Harris

It follows a different set of rules than the time travel in the third book despite being the same device.

>How come there hasnt anything after the last harry potter ?
Because Kanglsy became minister and was succeeded by Hermione. Utopia has been achieved because Hillary Clinton was elected magic president instead of Orange man so everything was perfect forever.
This is in contrast to Star Wars where a White man (Luke) was left in charge and bungled everything up leading to a new conflict that was actually the old conflict because Luke's incompetence allowed Palpatine to survive and required a woman to truly fix.

Pretty much, the HP hype was over when the films were all released. Everything after isn't worth your time desu.

It's magic, I ain't gonna explain shit.

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Do they really NEED to save the world and stop dominating wizard nazis in each story? Why can't a Potter movie just be about kids going on adventures in wizard school and getting into wizard shenanigans but still trying to pass their classes etc? To me the whole franchise became shit when it stopped focusing on the school and turned into save the world from bad guys.

Why do you think the vast majority of shounen manga turn into 'save the world' stories sooner or later? You can't keep slice of life school adventures for long before the audience gets bored.

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The time travel there wasn't good either, only used once and genuinely feels like Rowling regretted it because it's never used again in the series

Yeah, she made sure to smash all the Time Turners in book 5.

Yea Forums is a Mads board
Get out of here Judefags

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Surely we can share?

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>influx of trans users
>suddenly hate the new Harry Potter movie

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Supporting Rowling is apparently contributing to trans genocide. You know what to do, Yea Forums.

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It's called the "What if D.J. Qualls was....le hot?" look

>D.J. Qualls

I think Daniel Radcliffe has said he's not interested in doing it, at least not any time soon.

>The candy lady on the Hogwarts train goes One-Winged Angel

I hated Dumbledore since the original actor died.

Fpbp. Yea Forums acts smug and elitist about movies but they only watch gay kid shit

I think thats total horse shit and no shonen manga ever tries to do it for long enough for it to work. The worst part of all shonens is the atonal shift from "topic of the week" stuff to branching plots, like bleach with the soul society or AoT with the meat mechs. in fact, isn't "slice of life" an entire genre of manga all to itself?