Make a Viking movie

>Make a Viking movie
>No Black characters
>Appeal to far-right audiences

No woke, go broke.

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Daily reminder the Northman's viral marketers on Yea Forums are in a PANIC. The film scored under 65 in test screenings which means the word of mouth won't be enough to carry the box office.

So they're flooding Yea Forums and /pol/ with posts that The Northman is 'an EPIC alt right pro-white film!'

Problem is Robert Eggers is an extreme anti-trump WOKE leftist.

>"I wasn't interested in vikings because of the macho stereotypes and neonazis"

>RE: And then with this movie, I wasn’t like, “Now I’m going to write a movie about toxic masculinity.” But as I’ve said may times, nothing good happens when two men are trapped in a giant phallus. So obviously that’s what’s going to happen in [the lighthouse].

>AVC: It does seem very inevitable between them. So, you didn’t sit down and go, “I’m going to write a movie about toxic masculinity.” But at what point did you start to recognize that that’s what the story is about in some ways?

>RE: When my brother and I got all the way through [the script] the first time, we were like, “Yeah, that’s what’s going on.”

The marketers are SO desperate they are now recruiting Alfonso Cuaron to put out articles for the movie.

>directors close buddy sees movie
>"Hey alfonso, we're struggling with the test scores on our movie. we're under 65 which means bad word of mouth. I dont know what to do."
>next day

It will be interesting to see what Eggers viral marketing team try next with their guaranteed meme trash flop.

>Make a Viking movie
>No Black characters
>Appeal to far-right audiences
>Is kino
>"b-but muh box office!"
Fucking sub-human kike. Go post in a capeshit thread, faggot.

Jannies must be stopped.

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No one gives a shit about vikings.
That's the only reason.
Every movie would be better and even more successful without propaganda shit.

Focus Features (the company you intern for) was founded by two Jews.

Is it even out yet? I thought it comes out April 22

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>film company is run by jews
Oh no, how will I ever come to terms with this shocking fact?

Vikings are the historical version of African migrants. Why would they appeal to the "far-right"?

>appeal to far-right
idiot, paganism is not far-right

It’s not out yet

>Make a Viking movie
>No Black characters
>be tranny
>cry on Yea Forums how that hurts your MCU universe

you can't pander to us
you need a mindvirus to accept pandering

how will chuds ever recover after A24's worst release revenue ever?

>paganism is not far-right
Extreme traditionalist views aren't far right?

>Appeal to far-right audiences

Reddit movie

why do you wear those faggy rings?

it hasnt even released yet how can it flop

serious, M rated historical dramas quite often don't make that much money anyway. adding niggers to it wouldn't have helped. it would have made even less money.

>make a movie that requires more than a double digit IQ to appreciate
>room temp IQ subhumans don't flock in to see it like they would flavor of the month capeshit
Wow, who saw this coming?
It's a simple fact that if you put any effort at all into creating a story that is appealing to the minority who possess critical thought, you are also freezing out the majority of tasteless retards who are the current cash cow movie companies depend on.


European fantasy/historical movies that have no racial diversity are clearly trying to appeal to the far-right.
I mean I like the Lord of the Rings original trilogy but there's a reason why it's extremely popular with /pol/, Stormfront and other white nationalist communities.
This was clearly made for them.

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Don't bother watching, it's garbage. The mother is revealed to be the mastermind behind killing his father because of some retarded slavery bullshit and he ends up killing his mother then dying himself while killing his uncle. 0/10 cuck fantasy with no happy ending.

Agreed. Minorities should stop taking interest in these things as soon as possible.

Why can't it just be a good historical movie with no weird non-historical diversity casting for once? Do you guys have to go full retard and invoke neo-nazism and altright shit?

there were zero(0) non-white vikings. why is this a problem to accurately portray a culture?

It would be funny if the far-right tried seeing this movie because their subhuman reptile brains wouldn't understand a bit of it

Audiences have different expectations.
People these days want diversity a la Bridgerton.
Why is it OK for people of color to be in Bridgerton but not Northman?

Everyone who writes for or comments at AV Club should be summarily executed.

The only people who watch movies in theaters are black people and women, because they're the only groups left too stupid to pirate anything, and the only two groups bad enough at money management to think spending 30 bucks on tickets when you can just wait a week and get it for free is a good idea.

Extremely disingenuous post.
They force it down your throat and cry out in pain when you object.

Bullshit. The Witcher 3 came out in 2015 and it was so popular, Netflix got to print money from it. Most people don't give a shit about diversity. The only people who like Bridgerton are roasties with bad taste so it is irrelevant.

It's their marketing pitch for promoting it on Yea Forums

i didn't care about viking shit before the culture wars, why should i care now?

because the northman is trying to make something historically authentic, bridgerton is not.

If you like kino it's based on the same story as Hamlet. If you don't like history or mythology kino then fuck you

> vikings are gay
> making movie about them

yep, praising an egalitarian jew cuck is the real far right

No one wants to go to theaters to see shit like this. Theaters are now for Disney movies exclusively. Should have released on streaming.

>Conquer your Fate
The ancients thought you had to submit to fate, not conquer it. This is how you know it's another film with a modern ethos projected onto an ancient setting, with no attempt to reconstruct an ancient world view.

As soon as that rock rolls back he's gonna kick your ass.

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See Shit like this is no better than "capeshit". It's the same exploitative trash selling contemporary ideas with fantasy costumes.

lmao vikings are overrated faggots that worship cum drinking odin!

all these viking larpers make me cringe, fuck all you valhalla worshipping cunts.

norse mythology = overrated

hindu and greek mythology shits on pussy ass norse.

northman is apocalypto wannabe

watch apocalypto instead bros and forget about northman aka pussyman

>The only people who watch movies in theaters are black people and women, because they're the only groups left too stupid to pirate anything, and the only two groups bad enough at money management to think spending 30 bucks on tickets when you can just wait a week and get it for free is a good idea.
Imagine being so low status and broke that $30 is something you even think about at all. If that's the sort of scratch you consider anything more than pocket change, you have been filtered out of life because of obesity, ugliness, trannyism, low ambition, low IQ, or insanity.
I feel very bad for you, man. Things will not turn around though, and you should probably contemplate either suicide, or another lobotomy.

Based street-shitter.

oh yea? tell us what theaters it's currently showing in.

Good morning sirs.

It doesn't matter if it's trying to be authentic.
Movies are first and foremost an artform.
It is important to take artistic liberties here and there.

Guaranteed it wouldn't have flopped if it had a diverse cast of characters.

>reddit spacing

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I don't want to be far-right desu. I don't want to be associated with dead and powerless social hegemonies from 18th century France. Or other articles of the past like the church. To have a literary tradition, to have power, to be able to make kino for ourselves again and not chink markets is what we need to be striving for. Political bickering is quite literally for poor retards.

Hello paan chaud, do you want some pakoreh? or would you like to colonise my cousins instead?

>previous movies didn't make any money
>just give the guy blockbuster budget to make another flop
why do they do this?

look at this viking coper

>Westerners, of all people, were incapable of individual thought
Eggers has some post-Jungian things going on in this movie worth seeing desu. Just because it's not a copy and paste of a saga doesn't mean it's pozzed.

He avenged his father, was taken to valhalla and his blood line continues, how is that not a happy ending?

You know it's true sir...apocalypto is way better than this pussy ass viking film.

Anything that isn't progressive, liberal, woke, LGBTYTREFGBFDS+, inclusive, diverse and all that is branded as appealing for the "far-right".
That's how bad things are in the anglosphere (US/UK).

You have to parrot literal homosexual jewish fanfiction in order to shit on a movie you haven't even seen. You're a christcuck spiritually if not literally. Grandparent cry

>defending reddit

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lmao what a shit story, who wrote this garbage? neil druckmann aka neil drunkman aka neil bitch nigga sex?

The amount of samefagging in this thread holy shit

Hello rabbi

film is shit bro, just accept it.

lmfao why does this movie make people seethe so much? oh wait lol its white. carry on

This movie is not for non-whites, we don’t want you watching it because you won’t understand the themes anyway. It’s an ancestral and spiritual experience, not for jews or shitskins.

defending viking faggotry

na cus its overrated garbage that disguises itself as a masterful revenge film.

you want badass revenge?

- kill bill
- oldboy
- apocalypto
- unforgiven
- gladiator

Joke's on you, I just watched it and I had a blast :)
t. Jewish man

this movie doesn't even release until next friday you fucking retards.