Here’s your hill valentine bro

Here’s your hill valentine bro.

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Jillenia Valentino

thats a mug you dont wanna chug OOH

This is actually my favorite movie. Its very kino.

>the rain
>some funny moments
>nothing to scary
>90s soundtrack

Its awesome.

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>Its very kino
It's dogshit.

Sue, please.

Not my Jill.

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La creatura with that said the shooting the zombies in the dark was kino.

I don’t know why studios think that can cram a 8 ( non speed run ) hour game into 90 mins

I feel if it was divided like lord of the rings it would’ve been even more kino

>mogs your amerimutt jill

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What is this? Looks like a pikman

the worst movie I saw in 2021

Fuck you. And die.

its the model reference for nuJill. she is not a pikmin she based and she cute

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Best character by far. He should have lived.

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Looks like a tranny m8.

>Be the second best actor in the film
>Phone it in because he knew it was gonna be bad no matter what

This is so dumb...cops would shoot back if someone started shooting in their direction

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What if someone charged them with a bbc?

Here's your Blair Redfield, bro.

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if you always have trannies on the brain, sure

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Now imagine her getting BLACKED

They don't even bother changing her hairstyle to look like jill.

Jill is too feared and respected for them to dare.

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Afraid of a strong empowered mocha woman, bigot?

Probably my favourite Jill model, despite the lack of much facial movement.

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>It's JILL!
Even the newer games do this now. RE8 is far removed from the core series but they'll have arbitrary references everywhere to old characters or iconography that ultimately means nothing within the game.


Bro it was made for the gamers and had a great ambiance. Its peak kino. Anyone who argues is an npc.

>it was made for the gamers
What does this even mean

Lol. Disgusting casual.

>Anyone who argues is an npc.
A bunch of dumbass fan service doesn't make it good you fucking mongoloid.

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>the soundtrack
>camera angles

Make it peak kino.

>From our understanding, the story takes place over two timelines.

>The first of which involves 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker moving to New Raccoon City. They come to realize that their father may be concealing dark secrets that could destroy the world.

>The second timeline takes place over a decade in the future, where only 15 million humans remain, with over 6 billion animals and people being infected with the T-virus. It follows Jade, now thirty, in her efforts to survive in this world.

The biggest most surprising thing is all of this will be considered canon and some story elements will be introduced for the next Resident Evil game

No will not watch your show.

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Imagine her giving you a foot job

Okay this looks like nigger garbage. Movie was comfy tho. Only one black.

I always wonder how badly the studio edited this thing.
Remember the leaked casting call? The one where Leon was gonna be a drug addict coasting on daddy’s influence?

He was that in the video games too user. At least now his gay bowl cut is gone.

What was your favorite quote? Mine was

“Hi I’m weaker and now I’m bad.”

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I loved the journey scene where chief irons was driving with journey playing after the briefing reference. Was kino. And the rain and shooting and acting. Peak kino.

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This thread is kino and a dubs machine! Hell yeah. LONG NIGHT! ALL NIGHT! BABY HOLD TIGHT! ANYWAY YOU WANT IT THATS THE WAY

In the game he was a casual drunk at times, the transfer was him being a glory hog wanting in on the string of disappearances. The casting call implied he was such a fuck up he killed his fellow officer before the movie and the transfer was to avoid an investigation

But in exchange he was very handsome.

This has to be bait.

Not at all. I took years of film classes. Its a great film. They nailed many things. Just tried to compress stuff to fast.

I bet you thought the witch was a good film too. You gayfore.

The original casting call called for Harris Dickinson as Leon. A dude best known for playing dysfunctional druggies


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What's a gayfore?

Except no one in the cast could say “Harry Dickinson” without breaking out in laughter.

Better than Welcome to Raccoon Village, faggot.

>In the game he was a casual drunk at times
You mean in the non-canon book adaptation

Oh yeah the actress in the witch looks like an ayy lmao and she can live deliciously by talking in a normal voice not a fucking movie that requires a ear horn to hear

No…you mean in the game boy game that was released that referenced him.

Let daddy suck


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Gaiden wasn't even canon, it has Leon and Barry tagteaming on a cruise liner that was never mentioned by anyone again, and arguably ended with Leon being dead

Arguably. Ha. Casual. He lived. Anyone saying otherwise is a clown. You must not have played the extended gaiden where it lets you play as Leon and drink a bunch of jack daniels and beat your gf.

I got your extended gaiden right here *grabs crotch*

Carl. That wasn’t nice.

Imagine her and ada and you isolated in a cabin. And you have an endless supply of viagra and sex toys. God I’d make it so they have to shit into a bag.

As a woman, I get what they were going for. Growing up I got bullied for playing vidya and I loved Jill because she was a strong female I could look up to and relate to in an environment where no one really liked me. If this black Jill does the same for young black girls who also feel out of place then I'm for it

That is lewd af user...

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Yes queen!!!

this is stuck so deep in production limbo it will never come out

You know its a shitter when the first good thing about the movie is "the rain" and the second is "some funny moments". In a fucking Resident Evil movie.

First movie sucked. This is the best one. You just don’t understand atmosphere. Go turn on king of the hill again you burger.

Thanks user. I had to look up jill porn and rub one out.

you are welcome user

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>If this black Jill does the same for young black girls who also feel out of place then I'm for it
But it comes at the cost of young white girls who would have looked up to Jill

It's still a strong female role model, just means black girls who are more alienated than white girls have a role model. There are already tons of white girl role models too, maybe they should have just made a new one instead of capitalizing on an old one sure but theres no real harm in one movie with it

Young white girls are to busy on tik tok all day to enjoy filmography. A lost cause.

>It's still a strong female role model, just means black girls who are more alienated than white girls have a role model.
A black girl can't have a white character as a role model?

No but its one they can more easily relate to and look up to for not only their gender but also their race and skin color