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TRAILER: youtube.com/watch?v=BHhjMjqy7dU

>Nyssa not returning because Chibnall would have to pay royalties to Johnny Byrne's estate
Trakenchads we just can't stop winning...

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Gays already mad. That was quick

>And for the first time since the show returned to BBC One in 2005, The Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen will all feature in one single story.
Oh fuck off

It's pretty obvious the episode will have At Childhood's End in it. It's her job, look at the clothes she's wearing, it has to do with the book. I don't have THAT little faith in Chibs, it'd be difficult to get where here character is at wrong. She's arguably the character with the most development in all of Doctor Who other than the Doctor, for better or for worse.

Chibnall's panicked mess, desperate for fans to tune in.

new queer podcast story thing if you care

You said this last thread.
Most of Ace's development is in the books, comics, and audios. Not some random DVD trailer and spin off book

That's all they're for. Thankfully, the constant stress they put themselves under will start killing them soon.

anyone got an episode link

vna supremacy

Tegan Jovanka has now appeared in as many Doctor Who stories as the Fifth Doctor. (Not counting Five’s appearance in Logopolis because he had no dialogue)

Vinder still gets to be the Doctor's dad guys! Who's on board for DOCTOR TIGMI?

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I want Yaz to stick around for the next doctor just to have a laugh seeing how much character she can develop in a single episode written by someone else

>nobody talking about the Sea Devils episode
>instead just shitting on how bad the next episode looks

What a disaster!

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Episode felt like a fever dream, I have no idea what the fuck happened other than some vaguely Pirates of the Carribean shite and Yaz seething that the Doctor won't munch her fanny. Watching it again would provide no further information.

So surely McCoy’s at least going to cameo in the centennial to round-off Ace’s character

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Just one more episode left.

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What happened to the giant sea monster?


Watching the special now
My god, this is fucking dire. I'm like 10 minutes in and the plot is moving too fast for its own good, the dialogue is horrible, the effects and editing are laughable and I'm just so fucking annoyed by every aspect of this production
Do you think Chibs knew he was fired when he did this one, and made it as shitty as possible on purpose? We've seen how bad he is when he tries, imagine what it's like when he doesn't

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Is this show worth watching at the moment?


lol no


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haha get fucked

The problem with the last episode is it wasn't even bad in a way that you can talk about. It was just so bland and forgettable.

yes, sorry no

Absolutely fucking not

Why the fuck did the cannonballs explode like they're C4? That's not how cannonballs work.

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Does Moffat like selfcest?


>LGBTQ+ fans deserve more than scraps.
Nah, you don't deserve shit nor you are entitled to it.

someone post that video of the doctor murdering people for 10 minutes

So how was the episode Easter themed again?

They're going to confirm Ace as a lesbian on screen, FINALLY

My bad, meant for

shes bi

More importantly, when will us Halloween chads get our own specials?

People are always telling people Yaz she's the greatest person they've ever known

Why were the Doctor and Yaz culturally appropriating South East Asian clothing? Doctor doesn't change her outfit for outer space future times.

Not anymore, start seething

This one?


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You got one and it was shit.


First Graham, now the Doctor. She said Yaz was up there with the likes of her wife (River). I hate River, but at least she did something. What the fuck has Yaz ever done?!

>Cybermen (plus the lone Cyberman)
>The Master
>Kate Stewart (and presumably UNIT)
>Graham (apparently)
>Yaz' departure story (probably)
>Dan's departure story (probably)
>The Thirteenth Doctor's regeneration story
>Plus they're probably going to tie the Timeless Children and Flux into it
How are they going to fit all that shit into one episode?

thank you jay

Westoid r*dditors are so fucking racist they can't believe someone who looks Chinese can have a British accent

Wait till they find out what Britain did during the Chinese century if humiliation

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It'll be a juicy 65 minutes long, and I'm sure it'll be packed full of expository dialogue for you to follow along while you phone-watch.

>new Doctor Who: violence is bad m'kay? #banguns
>classic Doctor Who:

And I only ever looked on Twitter for porn.

They're going to flux it up is how

It’s really impressive how Chibnall’s attempts to be epically progressive end up having the exact opposite message and piss everyone off every time
How does he do it

Honestly, given the way most villains of this era end up just walking off, and the way Graham/Ryan exited, I imagine Dan and Yaz will just get dumped somewhere with some speech about endings (and Yaz will shed a tear), so that's them sorted.

Fuck knows about the rest. Vinder will reveal he had a child, and it's the Master, probably. The Master will have brought along Daleks, Cybermen, and Ashad just for the hell of it.

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Colonisation caused lots of people from Hong Kong to move to the uk.
I found it odd in the episode that Madame Ching kind of accepted the doctor being there even though she's white considering what the east India company did to china

Just finished watching the Flux
Why won't 13 stop yelling at Yaz so much?

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No such thing, fag.

It's like Chibber wants to make his own version of The Daleks' Master Plan, but forgot that Master Plan was a five hour long story (not a one hour long episode), and was written by two of the best Doctor Who writers at the time.

They’ll just end the episode forgetting that they left Yaz behind at some point and she’ll never be mentioned again

13 really is an unlucky number

evil dan

How is Ashad still alive?

>Chibs will deliberately leave Yaz's story unresolved as an unsubtle hint for RTD to take over and include her in the 60th
>RTD will literally just ignore her and leave her on the sidewalk like that fucking Futurama dog.

it will still be a nothing burger, don't worry.

Didn't watch the special - what did I miss?

Same way the Master is.

I'll explain later.

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Boxer Rebellion time, even then the european powers were cowards hiding behind the Indian soldiers who they sent first

Yaz and the doctor had a really steamy sex scene together.

>first Ko Sharmus
>now this
I sure do love it when the Doctor pretends like she's going to sacrifice herself and then a new redshirt comes and says he'll do it for her so she runs off.

Master unshrinks him, or timey wimey

nothing, no really